CSN Newsletter – 6/30/2020 – Freedom, Liberty and Statistics?

CSN Newsletter – 6/30/2020 – Freedom, Liberty and Statistics?

From Our Founder…

Over the past weekend Americans again witnessed demonstrations and rioting in various cities. Even a Democrat legislator was attacked by rioters in Madison, Wisconsin. Of course, as the rioting wanes, the “new wave” of COVID-19 is picking up across the nation, just enough for the Democrat governors, who do little to stop the rioting in their state, to take strong and decisive action against those who violate their mandates. 

Although many states are “re-opening,” the fears of the COVID-19 spread are enough to keep the people under control. Mental manipulation seems to be the major purpose of the mainstream media in their pre-packaged mantras that maintain a population in fear and ignorance. Intelligent American citizens who love this country are being called upon now to stand up and testify to the truth, and to put fears on hold for the sake of restoring and preserving the Republic.

Last week, the Socialists in Seattle in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), or the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) were also the target of attention. There have been multiple shootings and two young people have been shot and killed in this Socialist-Anarhchist zone.

Have BLM or Antifa condemned such actions? Have they been bringing national news crews to  the “insane zone” where they should be so proud of their accomplishments? The better question is whether the Mayor of Seattle or the Governor of the state has condemned such killing? 

Our political leaders in many regions of the United States are afraid of speaking out, let alone taking action. After all, it is an election year! One may be caught saying or doing the wrong thing and political correctness works against a Left that eats its own. 

An article from Judith Rose leads off our lineup today with her stimulating article, “Freedom Is Non-negotiable!” In her defense of freedom she explains: “True liberty, as practiced in the United States of America, is the most difficult form of government to protect–simply because we have so much freedom. Our liberty comes directly from the Constitution and could not have been realized without it…” 

My article examines a similar point about the effort to destroy the  U.S. Constitution, and it addresses what Frederick Douglass believed about it. After all, Douglass, for the historically challenged youth, was a true victim of “systemic racism.” He had a lot to say about it, and no matter which way the Left seeks to twist his words, Douglass was a Christian fighting as best he could, with all the energy he had, to make corrections to the way the people of America chose to interpret the founding documents. 

Dr. Robert Owens offers an article about how President Donald Trump is leading the fight in the present day battles to bring this nation back to its original founding blueprints — especially with regard to religious liberty.

A well researched article from CSN Executive Editor, Don Rosenberg provides an in depth look at the manipulated statistics underlying much of the information regarding COVID-19 and the intent behind the lockdowns throughout the U.S. His article is densely packed with information that the MSM will not report, and that many others will not take the time to research.

Last but not least, we feature a relevant DefCon News article that looks at the Left’s call to remove all statues of Jesus. The points I bring up are very relevant as the defamation and the destruction of statues is not going to stop there. The real targets are what the statues symbolize. All Americans need to open their eyes! 

We have a special recommendation to view the interview that My Faith Votes conducted with their new spokesperson, Col. Allen West. His perceptions are priceless.

Dennis Jamison

Freedom Is Non-Negotiable!

By Judith Rose – 6/30/2020

Antifa and Black Lives Matter are attempting through violence to take away citizens’ rights for what they falsely declare are the equal rights of all. Untrue. How about we equal “responsibilities” for all.  Many protesters in America do not realize that the Marxist ideal is to redistribute all wealth. Most people would then live in near or complete poverty.  In socialist societies, those at the top exercise authority in their own self-interest. Contrary to socialist promises, handouts would not be divided equally. As John W.Gustafson has rightly stated, “Shortages will be divided equally among the people.” Note the current situation of Venezuela, a formerly rich socialist country. Of course, the Fat Cats at the top will be living in luxury.

But socialism can never exist in America unless we are persuaded to give up our rights. Socialists would then force people to give up their property and most of their income. Worst of all, socialism would likely eliminate even the lives of those who chose not to cooperate.

Antifa, BLM, Frederick Douglass, and Defense of the Constitution

By Dennis Jamison – June 30, 2020

America has been on fire in the past month and it has not because of June heat. The fires across the nation have been ostensibly instigated in protest over the murder of George Floyd. Yet, the actual peaceful protests over his murder ended long ago. What has morphed from the legitimate protests over Floyd’s murder is a very different creature. Violent rioting that has been prolonged over a widespread area is not representative of spontaneous demonstrations of anger over police brutality. It bears no resemblance to genuine concerns of American citizens regarding the killing of a black man at the hands of a white police officer.

The fundamental premise for the morphed, vengeful and vicious creature roaming inner city streets and terrorizing good people is that systemic racism exists today in America. An irony is that this sudden rise or release of anger among the vocal realm of anarchists and Marxists is also responsible for the destruction of property and the vandalism of statues and other monuments devoted to remembering the history of the United States. Another irony in such outbursts is that people who do not really know history, or have no regard for it, are dictating to people what is important about America’s history.

President Trump Stands Up For Religious Liberty

by Dr. Robert Owens – 6/30/2020

President Trump addressed a United Nations Event on Religious Freedom. In his speech he boldly spoke up for religious freedom and against religious persecution saying, “The United States is founded on the principle that our rights do not come from government; they come from God.  This immortal truth is proclaimed in our Declaration of Independence and enshrined in the First Amendment to our Constitution’s Bill of Rights.  Our Founders understood that no right is more fundamental to a peaceful, prosperous, and virtuous society than the right to follow one’s religious convictions.

The religious freedom enjoyed by American citizens is rare in the world.  Approximately 80% of the world’s population live in countries where religious liberty is restricted, or even banned.  The United States calls upon the nations of the world to end religious persecution.  To stop the crimes against people of faith, release prisoners of conscience, repeal laws restricting freedom of religion and belief, protect the vulnerable, and the oppressed, America stands with believers in every country who ask only for the freedom to live according to the faith that is within their own hearts.”

They are Lying with Statistics

By Don Rosenberg – 6/30/2020

Modern day statistics is extremely complicated. You have to believe what “the experts” say. The more complex the problem, the easier it is to manipulate the data. This is what is happening with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Decisions about grocery shopping, restaurants or mask usage become life and death matters. And what should government policy be? Our leaders need to know…

  • What are someone’s chances of getting COVID-19?
  • How many cases show no symptoms?
  • If someone shows no symptoms, are they still infectious?
  • How many people have died from COVID-19?
  • What are the mortality rates?
  • How many new COVID-19 hospital cases are there in the country and in different regions?
  • Are state lockdowns a good idea?

Each question involves the collection of data and the forming of conclusions that affect millions of lives…

Left Demands Destruction of “White European” Jesus Statues

By Def-Con News – 6/28/2020

First, they came for the Confederates, then, the Founding Fathers, and now, the left has turned its rage against Jesus. A white guy who makes a living pretending he’s black is demanding that all statues and images of “white European Jesus” be destroyed because they are tools of white supremacy and black oppression. For those who have been asking “where does it end?” – it doesn’t end. Leftists won’t be happy until they’ve destroyed everything in Western civilization and this culture..

Shaun King is a major Black Lives Matter activist despite his not-so-secret identity as a white person. It’s unclear if he was asked a question or just offered an unprovoked answer, but this is what he thinks needs to be done to truly stop racism:

From Huckabee: Dr. Ben Carson Has A BRILLIANT Alternative To DESTROYING Statues  6.28.20

My Faith Votes National Spokesperson, Lt. Col. Allen West – June 2020

From CBN News: Trump’s Faith Advisor Says ‘Millions of People’ Heard His Message – 6/22/20

From the Hoover Institution – Uncommon Knowledge: The Case against Revolution with Ayaan Hirsi Ali – 6/30/20

From Huckabee’s BREAKDOWN: Project Veritas EXPOSES Facebook & Gov Whitmer Gets Shut Down: 6.26.20

From The Eric Metaxas Show: Jenna Ellis on Shaun King and BLM – 6.24.20

From Fox News: Greg erupts on Juan in heated argument over Democrat run cities – 6.26.20

Recommended Reading…

From Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (w/ video) – Assembly Republican leaders on the damage to the Capitol grounds – 6.24.20

From Washington Examiner: Ducey re-closes bars, gyms, waterparks, theaters amid COVID-19 spike– 6/30/20

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From the New York Post: China is biggest US threat, engaged in rampant espionage, says FBI Director Wray – 6/24/20

From the New York Times: Another Fatal Shooting in Seattle’s ‘CHOP’ Protest Zone – 6/29/20

From Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Madison police rank-and-file and leaders differ on what their marching orders were during night of upheaval – 6.28.20

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