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6/4/19 –  As Americans enter the month of June, there can be seen a great deal of political posturing and maneuvering for leverage in the upcoming 2020 elections. The articles this week offer the writers’ perspectives of “Political reality USA in 2019.” We feature an article from Larry Horist at http://punchingbagpost.com/ Horist explains why Trump’s support base is unshakable (even though the Left labels them as “deplorables.” Steve “Doc” Troxel, the  Chairman of the Lynchburg (Virginia) Republican City Committee, takes aim at Socialism and Communism. Michael Lewinski shares Tom DeWeese’s perception that “the Green New Deal is nothing more than a hyped up version of Agenda 21.”

Additionally, I offer an article in honor of those who sacrificed their lives on D-Day, but also make a comparison between that time and now as America has become occupied by an even more insidious enemy. Tim Taylor, of the Kingdom League International, shares a very insightful, spiritual perspective on why God helped President Trump win the presidential election in 2016. What Tim Taylor shares many citizens do not know about with regard to U.S. meddling in Israel’s election. I wrote an article on this in January of 2017 to help Americans understand what had happened under President Obama. 

Politics in the U.S. seems dismal, but there is hope. We have a POTUS who is serious about his actions to “Make America Great Again.” And, American citizens are creating grassroots efforts of resistance to the political criminal element within our great country. Citizen Sentinels Network is proud to be one of those efforts to liberate an America that has been occupied by enemy operatives. This is not a game. This is about America’s future and the future of the Free World.

Our Video Views feature video this week is an interview of Michelle Bachman by Jason Yates of My Faith Votes, which occurred earlier this year. The interview shows how a concerned parent could no longer tolerate what the public schools were ramming down our children’s throats. See the interview to understand what common folks can do to take our nation back.

Finally, we also offer a link to an article regarding the persecution of Christians in China, which we are informed, according to the Democrats, is not a threat to the U.S. or the world community.

Read the article to see if you agree.

Please share the articles of the writers whose perspectives you appreciate. Spread them around and share the articles with those whom you care about. United, “We the People” Stand!

HORIST: Helping the left understand why people don’t join the Trump Resistance Movement

Will they understand the words that are coming out of our mouths???

by Larry Horist  June 3, 2019

Virtually every left-wing personality and panelist on CNN and MSNBC wonders why so many Americans do not join their hate-Trump party – why we are not part of the political vigilante impeachment movement.  Allow me to offer an answer.

Anyone who follows my commentaries knows that I am no fan of Donald Trump’s pugnacious personality.  In short, Trump is a classic bull pooper – and not a good one, at that.  If he was a good one, it would not be so obvious.  His tendency to describe himself and the events around him in superlatives – the first, the only, the greatest, the most, the biggest – is not only shameless bragging, it is too often provably wrong.

Yes, I am one of those who rolls his eyes at some of those tweets but smiles when I think of all those strict constructionist judges filling the vacancies on the federal courts.  We like what Trump’s conservative agenda is doing for America – fighting to secure the border, defeating ISIS caliphate, withdrawing from bad international deals, re-negotiating trade agreements, cutting taxes, economic growth, record low unemployment, soaring stock market, rising wages, getting our NATO allies to pay their fair share,  providing better medical care for veterans, putting in a real effort to eliminate nukes on the Korean peninsula, pushing back at Russian influence in the Middle East and ending Vladimir Putin’s efforts to take over the entire Ukraine.  We applaud his efforts to end Iranian support of international terrorism, and his firm support for Israel.

Reviving the Spirit of D-Day!

By Dennis Jamison 6/4/2019

Those brave American boys and men who gave their lives on June 6, 1944 should never be forgotten. Those of the “greatest generation” who served their country in World War II, should    be remembered for sacrificing their lives that Freedom could survive. They gave their lives that people under the tyrannical grip of Nazi military might could be liberated. Yet today, although the world is very, very different than it was so long ago, it seems all too clear that Freedom is ever threatened. Yet, the people of the world must hope that all those heroes who lost their lives in   the most horrible global war in history shall not have died in vain. The people of the world must hope that the United States of America that offered her heroes in the battle between tyranny and freedom must still carry the torch of Freedom for the world.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world, with its growing generations of youth, have not really passed on the understanding of the value of such a huge price to pay to protect Freedom for all humanity. And the rest of the world does not now realize that the nation that was able to end the horrible war that threatened to subject the world to global tyranny is threatened from within. The U.S. has been attacked by individuals who have no real regard for Freedom or civil rights endowed to humanity from the Creator. And, this is not simply a reference to the international Islamist terrorists. Citizens in America are only waking up to the reality that their nation has been under attack from its birth.

Socialism & Communism and what the Bible says

By Steve “Doc” Troxel, Ph.D.

As one of the Sixth District’s elected representatives to the State Central Committee, I make a point of traveling across the district talking to Republicans so I can know the people I was elected to represent. As a result, I get to meet a lot of wonderful people who have unknown talents.

One such individual is Mary Beth Swemba, a young grandmother from Augusta County. Mary Beth is modest about herself, but she has a degree in Russian history, culture and politics. In fact, while she was in college, she took every course Penn State offered on Russia including Russian language classes. Her father had some of the classic Russian novels in his library. She read Tolstoy, Puskin and Dostoyevsky as she was growing up. These panoramic stories of the Russian people fed her desire to learn as much as she could about the long, turbulent history of our one-time, Cold War enemy.

Agenda 21 Warmed Over

By Michael J. Lewinski

Tom DeWeese, a defender of liberty for many years, made these observations recently. “The Green New Deal will destroy the very concept of our Constitutional Republic, eliminating private property, locally elected representative government, free markets and individual freedom. All decisions in our lives will be made for us by the government…” He says the Green New Deal is nothing more than a hyped up version of Agenda 21 issued by the United Nations in the last century.

He then laid out his case. “I warned that Agenda 21 would control every aspect of our lives, including how and where we live, the jobs we have, the mode of transportation available to us, and even what we eat. The Green New Deal is a tax on everything we do, make, wear, eat, drink, drive, import, export and even breathe.”

An Oft Ignored Spiritual Law Invited God to Interfere with the 2016 Election!

Tim Taylor  12 July, 2016

The Times of Israel reported in US funds aided 2015 campaign to oust Netanyahu, Senate probe finds “the US government supported a group that tried to unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in their election year to the tune of nearly $350,000..”   This act triggered a oft ignored spiritual law found in Genesis 12:1-3 that invited God Himself to interfere with the United States 2016 presidential election.

My friends, spiritual laws work like the natural law of gravity.  They are always there.  They always work.  If you are wise you work with them.  If you are foolish or ignorant then you will suffer the consequences. If you are smart, you work with them.

Jason Yates of My Faith Votes talks with Michele Bachmann

by Don Rosenberg 6/4/2019

In early February, Jason Yates of My Faith Votes interviewed former congresswoman and presidential candidate Michele Bachman about culture, faith and how to hold elected officials accountable.

The discussion started about culture and its effect on our children. It used to be that our job as a culture was to protect the innocence of our children, “today it’s no longer about protecting the innocence of little children. It is almost about violating the innocence of little children and that has me profoundly concerned about this next generation.”

Asked what can someone do as a parent she discussed how she first got involved with her local schools and then at the state and federal level. That led to her running for Minnesota state senate and then the US Congress.

How can we hold politicians accountable? “Vote then out of office.” Run yourself or find someone you believe in who can run and then support them.

Please share the articles of the writers whose perspectives you appreciate. Spread them around and share the articles with those whom you care about. United, “We the People” Stand! Join here.


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