CSN Newsletter – 6/4/2020 – Our Religious Liberties are Under Attack

CSN Newsletter – 6/4/2020 – Our Religious Liberties are Under Attack

From Our Founder…

This past weekend’s rioting and violence may have calmed to a certain extent in the light of the day, but the anarchists and insurrectionists behind the lawlessness are still hiding in plain sight because they can. CSN is following the course of events and our writers are seeing some highly disturbing trends in America’s pivotal election year. However, many writers across the country are sounding the alarm. We provided a link to an article in which Rush Limbaugh is quoted as predicting a veritable civil war. Another prescient article we present today is from a guest writer, A. Dru Kristenev, whose article was written 10 days before the murder of George Floyd. But, her question then was: “How far are we from open revolt?” We have her permission to post that article in entirety.

In my Memorial Day article, I asked whether we were not already in another civil war. Certainly, recent events must demonstrate a more substantial and fearful answer to these questions. We are already in a serious battle for the soul of America? It is hard not to see it now. What citizens are witnessing on their televisions or their computer screens is outright subversive activity from a domestic enemy aimed at destroying American values and the foundation of our Republic. My article today addresses the Democrat double standard as it is now well out in the light of day.  

Dr. Robert Owens presents a perspective similar to a video and a “review” article from Dr. Alveda King on the response from people of faith in the midst of this chaos and insurrection. Dr. Owens’ article is titled: “The Peace That Passes Understanding.” it is a very healthy and helpful perspective in such times of tribulation.  

We are also providing an article from another guest writer, Craig Huey, who publishes his own Christian and patriotic newsletter in California. He wrote an article at the end of May addressing the views of the Left toward Christians and the restrictions placed upon church members in their simple desire to exercise their right to freely worship.  

A DefCon News contribution points out that New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo’s passed an order to criminalize enforcing federal immigration law. He has made it a felony for the police to share illegal alien data with the federal authorities. It represents a further favoring non-citizens over law-abiding citizens.

When we supported Dr. Ben Carson for president we were caught up in his common sense way of looking at complex problems. CSN was created to carry on Dr. Carson’s goal of creating a well-informed and educated populace that can reclaim our system of government. We will do what we are capable of to that end. This newsletter is to help inform and educate the American citizens and others who are concerned about holding on to freedom throughout the world. So, the news and information that are outside the scope of our network of writers is presented through our “Video Views” feature and the “Recommended Reading” section, which features an aggregate of top articles that provide the education we believe can help all citizens.

As we did Tuesday, today we are also featuring a good number of videos – many with a direct or indirect focus on the violent rioting. There is a lot of information in the videos and in the reading that we recommend checking that which attracts your attention. A special suggestion is made to check out the video from Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dennis Jamison

How far are we from open revolt?

By A. Dru Kristenev — May 15, 2020

It might be said that we are already there.

Enough Americans are frustrated by the overcautious restrictions government is enforcing due to a virus that indicators show a better than 98% recovery rate in the United States.

The question has got to be… of what are people so afraid? It’s beginning to look like they’re frightened of their own shadows and, as a consequence, are willing to allow the complete dissolution of America’s successful model of individual freedom.

Shake your head in disbelief and disapproval if you will, but gazing into the mirror should be the next action. Anyone “going along to get along,” believing that being compelled to wear a mask (unnecessary for the healthy, according to the surgeon general) and keep their businesses closed for the sake of a mysterious bug that kills so few, has already surrendered to oppression. (Official statistics are inflated by a third with CDC guidelines adding “provisional” cases of coronavirus pumping the number by as much.)

Democrat Leaders: Religious Liberty is Non-Essential, but Violent Rioting is Essential

By Dennis Jamison —June 4, 2020

Joe Biden, that modern miracle of meaningless political rhetoric, was strongly applauded by the mainstream media for mocking President Donald Trump in a speech the other day. Biden mocked President Trump for holding up a Bible in front of the historic St. John’s Episcopal church (adjacent to the White House) after walking across Lafayette Park. The protesters, or what are being referred to as protesters, were dispersed by the local law enforcement officers and Secret Service officers. And, it was not only Biden, but the mainstream media who jumped all over what appeared to be a staged “photo op” for the POTUS.

Yet, the incident, as well as the response to the incident, are most instructional. It is also symbolic of something very simple, yet indicative of something that needs to drastically and fundamentally change in America.

The Peace That Passes Understanding 

by Dr. Robert Owens – 5/31/2020

America teeters on the edge of the abyss.  Professional revolutionaries organized and funded by the Alt-left Progressives seek to provoke the Trump Administration into a response they can label as disproportionate or over-the-top.  As President Trump moves to quell the violence by any means necessary the Democrats who identify as journalists take every opportunity to label his response as disproportionate or over-the-top.  Some go so far as to say President Trump is assuming dictatorial power and that his attempt to restore the rule of law to the burning blue cities is as ruthless as Khrushchev stomping out the revolution in Hungary in 1956 or Brezhnev smothering the Prague Spring of 1968.  This is a stunning bit of hyperbole from the purveyors of fake news.

Here is a truism that has proven itself many times over – violence begets violence or as Jesus put it, “Put your sword in its place, for all who take the sword will perish by the sword.”

There’s nothing easier than to choose a side and if not joining in the assault on the opposing side at least cheering on those who do. What are we as Christians supposed to do?  Whose side are we on? 

“Dangerous Religious Extremists:” Media Says Christian “Zealots” Disobeying Science and Data by Going to Church and Praying and Worshiping…5 Shocking Realities 

by Craig Huey, May 31, 2020

The media has been on a rampage against Christians…because they want to open churches.

Just look at what is being said in their outrage:  They have spread lies, fear, and hate.

  • “the virus is not religious…it won’t respond to prayer”
  • “It’s religion vs. science and data.  These people are insane.”
  • “Church must adjust to ‘new normal’ – no more than 10 people for years to come.”
  • “Pastors are killing people.”
  • “Singing in church must stop.  Praying with people in church can never happen again.  The church should congregate online and not meet as a group.”
  • “Churches, for the safety of its people, should not meet until next year…maybe longer.”

NY Gov. Cuomo Makes It a Felony for Cops to Share Illegal Alien Info

By  Def Con News – 5/31/2020

It’s one thing to be a sanctuary state, like New York is, and another to criminalize enforcing immigration law, as New York now has. Governor Andrew Cuomo snuck a little provision into the state budget that makes it a felony for law enforcement officers to share any illegal alien DMV information with federal immigration officials. The state won’t put illegals in jail for rape or robbery, but intends to throw the book at cops if they try to run the plates of an undocumented criminal.

While the liberal media was busy praising Andrew Cuomo’s chaotic and deadly coronavirus response, the Governor slipped this tidbit into the state’s budget, as ABC 7 reports:

In April, Governor Andrew Cuomo passed the 2020 budget, and in it, an amendment was made to a law that was passed last year allowing undocumented immigrants to get a New York State driver’s license.

The Green Light Law also prohibited the sharing of DMV information to any federal agency in charge of immigration.

Last month, the original law was amended as part of the 2020 budget, now making it an E Felony for any law enforcement officer to share DMV records with another law enforcement agency in charge of immigration like ICE or DHS.

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