CSN Newsletter, 7/10/19

CSN Newsletter, 7/10/19

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Last week our citizens celebrated Independence Day, and this week my first article offers some reflections on the birth of our nation. In light of all that Americans are witnessing throughout the country, we hope American citizens can make an honest appraisal and a genuine return to the founding ideals of the Land of the Free in this critical period of time. 

Our writers offer some great articles focusing on the consistent attacks on our rights under the Constitution – Second Amendment, freedom of speech, and freedom of assembly.

Doc Troxel, a Republican leader in Virginia, exposes confrontation to the Bill of Rights, specifically to the Second Amendment. Kathleen Hall, also from Virginia, shares open letter to Virginia Senator Mark Warner. 

Michael Lewinski’s examines California lawmakers who want to dictate what pastors can and can’t say in sermons about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals. We also share a Family Research Council alert on this issue, which is a call for Califonians to take action on Assembly Concurrent Resolution 99. 

My second article gives my perspective on the social media giants who have been caught meddling in and tampering with the upcoming national election. Video Views features an undercover video submitted from Project Veritas that was posted on their website and disseminated over the web, but YouTube took it down almost immediately.

We also want to share two additional links here dealing with the violent protests from Antifa in Portland last week. One of the articles is from Michelle Malkin and the other is from the World Tribune. We also include a link here to a Breitbart article dealing with the dismal week in review for the Democrat contenders: 

We truly hope you will continue to offer your feedback, and if readers want to become more involved in our efforts, either as a writer-contributor, or an online newsletter distributor, or as an activist, please be brave and provide that feedback! 

from Bonnie P. (California) – “As a former teacher, I am appalled at what is being taught to our young people. If we don’t reform our schools and start teaching true history, we will lose our country. Patriotism must be encouraged in our schools and children must be taught to appreciate our history and our freedoms…”

Reflections on the Birth of the Land of Liberty

by Dennis Jamison 7/6/2019

Last week American citizens celebrated the birth of our nation. Reflecting on the significance, on the threshold of the 2020 elections, there is more to the matter than just another observance of fireworks displays. Today, the fireworks are between two growing factions of Americans who are now being pressed to choose between belief and action, between words and deeds. It is a real choice regarding practical application of the ideals interwoven into the founding documents — especially the Declaration of Independence.

I happen to believe that the ideals embedded in the fabric of the Founding Documents were inspired by our Father in Heaven. I also believe that Americans have been tested and our nation have been growing according to our response and desire to protect and to fully establish those fundamental ideals on earth. The point of the Independence Day holiday is to honor those ideals at the bedrock of the Land of the Free. Unfortunately, citizens do not always remember the value and purpose of the day, let alone the value and purpose of the United States of America.

The words of the Declaration were also a powerful explanation to the rest of the world of why freedom itself was so important, and without Thomas Jefferson’s deep philosophical framework of ideals embedded within the Declaration of Independence, there may never have been a nation that valued the pursuit of freedom. Yet, Leftists and Progressives are questioning the value of the beginning of the Declaration, and are attempting to eradicate the “self-evident truths” that the Founders could clearly see.

A Sensible Discussion of Effective Gun Laws

By Steve “Doc” Troxel, Ph.D.

Liberal Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has “summoned” the General Assembly to a special session beginning on Tuesday, July 9, “for the purpose of consideration of legislation related to the emergence of gun violence in the Commonwealth of Virginia.” They will stay in session until the General Assembly decides they are done.

Northam commented, “Let Virginia show the nation that we can respond to tragedy with decisive action.” Unfortunately, Socialist gun-grabbers, like Northam, have the wrong idea of “decisive action.” They will be promoting laws that require universal background checks for all gun transfers public and private, one-handgun-per-month purchase restrictions, “assault weapon” bans, and “Red Flag” laws. All of these laws are an attempt to circumvent our Constitutional protections, and not one of them would have prevented the shootings in Virginia Beach this past May. Northam tried to claim the high road with this statement, “I will be asking for votes and laws, not thoughts and prayers.” However, if our country did more praying and less legislating, then perhaps God would heal the people of our land. No law ever passed by a legislature can change the heart of a murderer.

Dear Senator Warner,

Thank you for your offer of assistance in so many areas. Most importantly, we need your assistance in working to save the Democrat Party from self-destruction. We need two viable parties that each represent approximately half of the American people to continue as a free, sovereign society.

Infanticide, and policies that control everything in our personal lives, will not do justice to the party of Kennedy, or what was the Democrat party. As independent or Republican voters who strive to support economic freedom, and opportunity for all, we need to have a Democrat party to work with, that we can communicate with, find common ground with, and though we may have different ideas on how to get to the same American goals, we can be one country. 

Censoring Pastors in California

By Michael J. Lewinski  07/04/19

California – the land of nuts and fruits – wants to dictate what pastors can and can’t say from the pulpit. They want to define the politically correct messages pastors and other Christians can make. The state legislature wants to have a say-so in what can be said and not be said in sermons about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals.

Assembly Concurrent Resolution 99, states that pastors, religious workers, institutions, educators, counselors and those who have “great moral influence” should not tell LGBTQ individuals that something is wrong with their identity or behavior. These pastors are forbidden to tell their congregations that God instituted marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

Clearly, parents have great moral influence over their children. Does this mean parents cannot warn their children about the hazards of underage gay sex and its ramifications? What about counselors? Counselors can’t tell an individual that certain sexual habits or behaviors are unsafe.

It’s not surprising that this Progressive policy comes from the land of fruits and nuts. They are intent on eradicating the right to free speech. The only speech they want is their politically correct speech. Nothing else.

Dear Friend,

This Wednesday, July 10th, the California Senate Education Committee will take up AB 493 for consideration. This bill would mandate all junior high and high school teachers in public and charter schools undergo training to affirm LGBT identities and refer students to activist organizations.

It would force Christian public school and charter school teachers in California to promote and approve of the LGBT agenda. Please take a moment now to call Senator Beall to say you oppose the indoctrination of California’s teachers!

Earlier this year parents and students rallied in Sacramento to oppose the state’s new sexually explicit health curriculum, but now the legislature is considering AB 493 – a bill to indoctrinate the state’s teachers to affirm “LGBT” identities and behaviors.

AB 493 would force Christian junior high and high school teachers to affirm LGBT identities despite a lack of medical evidence and counter to their personal beliefs about sex and sexuality. This bill presents a real religious liberty threat to people of faith who simply want to teach children, not become activists for LGBT organizations.

Are Social Media Leviathans Colluding to Undermine the 2020 Elections?

May Heaven help other people of conscience to awaken to the wrongs being committed against the people in this Democratic Republic. It is yet not an oligarchy, and may it continue to remain a Land of Liberty,

By Dennis Jamison July 9, 2019

Apparently, the Obama Administration’s spying on the Trump Campaign in 2016 has not been considered criminal. Also, the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton is not being held liable or accountable for collusion with a British intelligence agent to derail Donald Trump’s campaign, or his legitimate election victory. And, since leaders within the DOJ and the FBI are not accountable for their involvement in the Deep State Coup against the POTUS, other measures are able to be employed. The doors are now wide open for any Trump haters to bring it on in like measure to undermine the democratic process in America.

Last week, ironically as America celebrated the birth of the Land of Liberty, a social media giant was exposed for their plans to tamper with the election process. James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas posted an undercover video of Google officials freely admitting their plans of action to do as much in their power to undermine the 2020 electoral process as possible. The video was posted, but once discovered, it was promptly removed from YouTube. Links were broken.  Nothing to see for a truly unsuspecting general public. Yet, there was much to be hidden from candid disclosure. However, it was fortunate that quick-acting patriots were able to preserve the original video.

Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent “Trump situation” in 2020 on Hidden Cam

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