CSN Newsletter 7/15/2021 – Doublethink is Everywhere

CSN Newsletter 7/15/2021 – Doublethink is Everywhere

Today’s Citizen Voice Newsletter features the third installment, of a four-part article from MyFaithVotes that examines the “Equality” Act.

Jonus Freeman examines Joe Biden’s perceptions of election integrity.

Jack Gleason offers another article on the COVID vaccines, but this time he looks at the legal case against forcing or incentivizing someone to take an experimental drug.

Stephanie Mann reveals a personal story of her experience in “What I Learned from the Homeless That Can Save Lives! It expresses her own encounter with homeless street people that transformed people’s lives.

Our final article is from Jim Bratten who tackles “The New Normal,” which is a new video series from The Washington Post. Bratten examines this program that is an effort to broadcast “The Shame of Whiteness.” This series seems to be aimed at portraying the problems of “white privilege,” which is a dimension of Critical Race Theory that is spreading incessantly throughout the United States as a way of dividing the Union.

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The Equality Act’s Attack on Women and Girls

My Faith Votes – 6/30/21

(This is the third in a series of four articles on the Equality Act)

“Transgender discrimination” is the “Civil Rights issue of our time,” according to President Biden.

“Equality” in sports for President Biden and Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi means allowing a 260-pound male high school football lineman to ram any 118 pound Sally Smith flat on her back on the Soccer field. President Biden and Speaker Pelosi are pushing HR 5, the so-called “Equality Act,” which will make “transgender females” (males who “identify” as female) play on previously female-only sports teams.

Biden’s Bizarre Distortion of the Reality of Voting Rights

by Jonus Freeman – 7/14/21

Joe Biden went to Pennsylvania this past Tuesday and gave a speech at the National Constitution Center, near Independence Hall. However, he must have received most of his talking points from Al Sharpton, who recently visited the White House (apparently to ‘prep’ his boy for his trip to Philadelphia). Sure enough, Biden not only called attention to Sharpton in his speech, he declared that “The “The 21st century Jim Crow assault is real. It’s unrelenting. We’re gonna challenge it, vigorously.” He is a bit late; his Party should have challenged it before it had to be ended after the Civil Rights Movement and after such brutal violence and lynchings by his Party’s terrorist arm, the Ku Klux Klan. It is such a farce that the Democrats are using the terms today that they invented to limit Black citizens’ right to vote in the Solid South.

Yet, intelligent people who remember the source of the Jim Crow laws are probably just as astounded as intelligent Black people who endured such laws, unless they became Democrats through an easy, fast-tracked path to power via the Democrat Party. Today, the Democrat Party, as Biden indicated in his speech, is attempting to do on a national level what they had done on a regional level after the Civil War. After Reconstruction in the Deep South, and that is to manipulate and control the vote so thoroughly of a class and race of people that they could retain power in the South for decades. HR/S 1 are the equivalent of disenfranchising low population states to the benefit of the high-density populations centered in major metropolitan areas. It is the same objective, just a larger scale of control the Democrats are trying to get away with at this time.

Are Mandatory Vaccines a Violation of International Law?

By Jack Gleason – 7/15/21

“Can a government entity force someone to take a vaccine against their will?”  is a question dominating Internet searches with the introduction of the concept of a “Vaccine Passport.” Opinions differ, but there are examples in the past of vaccines being required for international travel, for attendance in schools and colleges, and service in the military.  But these cases are for vaccines that have been proven safe and effective and received official FDA approval after years of trials.

There is no precedent for forcing someone to take an EXPERIMENTAL vaccine, which is the case with the COVID vaccines, which the FDA admitted in their “Emergency Use Authorization…”The FDA has not been able to approve the vaccines because the clinical trials have not concluded.  And, very importantly, they continue… “including that there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives.”

What I Learned from the Homeless That Can Save Lives!

By Stephanie L. Mann – 7/11/21

America has been a free society since 1776 when the Constitution was signed by our Founding Fathers. Our basic freedoms include freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the right to peaceably assemble. However, today our freedoms are threatened by politicians seeking power and control over our American way of life. A recent poll stated only 36 percent of young adults 18 to 24 are proud to be Americans. What happened?

When society fails to make children a national priority, and “we the people” don’t work together in our homes, neighborhoods, schools and communities to improve children’s lives, we should expect a decline in our Democratic way of life. Today, taxpayers spend a staggering $80 billion a year on child abuse and neglect without investing or discussing prevention. Over the decades, youth grew up with abuse of drugs and sex with increasing problems with gangs, violence and homelessness. No wonder many young adults are no longer proud to be an American. Working with the homeless showed me why we see a decline in America and how we can create change.

Curse of ‘Whiteness’

By Jim Bratten – 7/12/21

The Washington Post has a new video series called “The New Normal.” In the first episode, “The Shame of Whiteness,” host Nicole Ellis explained that, for the first time, “White people are becoming aware of their ‘whiteness’ and the systemic ways in which white supremacy affects all of us… In this episode, we’re tackling white racial identity, and why understanding your whiteness is integral to becoming self aware as a white person. I’m Nicole Ellis and this is The New Normal.”

The series features different panelists who participate in a discussion of the topic chosen for that episode. In the first, Ilyse Kennedy, a trauma therapist, gave her concerns about her whiteness: “We’re unpacking wrong things we’ve been taught in history class. I realized that I needed to go back and unpack and reorganize everything that I had learned, because it was completely through a white lens … Most of us, in doing this work, have experiences where there’s a period of deep shame for being white and acknowledging the harms that our ancestors have caused …”


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