CSN Newsletter – 7/16/2020 – America Under Hostile Rule

CSN Newsletter – 7/16/2020 – America Under Hostile Rule

From Our Founder…

This week while we have been scrambling to get the CSN newsletters out in a timely manner, CSN Executive Editor, Don Rosenberg is preparing this issue while on vacation in Minnesota. However, the news keeps popping up everywhere, everyday. Funny how that seems to happen each week.

While rioting seems to have subsided, the COVID-19 stories linger and tend to create confusion over what is real and what is not — what is serious and what is not. It is truly advisable to read, research, or do one’s homework diligently to remain informed, so everyone can make decisions about their lives based on truth and not lies and facts and not fiction. At CSN, we strive to do our due diligence in our news stories and commentaries. We appreciate our readers – if our readers appreciate CSN, spread the newsletter around to those you feel truly need it.  

Today, we are starting the edition off with a recent article from guest writer, Judi McLeod. She takes aim at the BLM movement, and the current effort of “cancel culture” to replace the nation’s national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Guest writer Craig Huey ’s article reveals the current efforts to oppress the church in America – especially in the existing Socialist states. In essence, many churches are opening illegally – hard to even believe I’m writing this – in defiance of Big Brother and government mandates to restrict or suppress freedom of religion.

My article asks the question whether the French Revolution supplies an ancient blueprint for what citizens are witnessing in this nation in 2020. The historical parallels are not perfectly matching, but the actions show a tendency or “trendancy” toward an even darker time in the U.S.A. But, it is important to remember it is always darkest before the dawn, and the light is forthcoming — just as surely as daybreak itself.

Michael Lewinski’s article today also asks a question: “Who are the Radicals?” Lewinski, as always is clear in his targeting of the key issues true Americans are being challenged with, and as always, he does not let us forget that this is and election year and there are great candidates running for office who deserve the support of true American citizens.

Last but not least, we are offering a posting from the White House which shares news that is too healthy for the MSM to release. It is a “behind the scenes” look at good stuff happening in the U.S.A.

Our video recommendation for today is one that Don Rosenberg put together (in his spare time – while not on vacation). It is entitled: “Where’s the Land of the Free?” It does make one think.

Dennis Jamison

Can’t Lean On Black Lives Matter, Only Kneel Before Them

By  —July 15, 2020

bad idea whose time has come: It started when Black Lives Matter protesters began temporarily suspending their signature chants, screeches and wailings during protests to sing super talented Bill Wither’s song,’Lean on Me’—an idea that crash landed at the L.A. Times with a suggestion that the song should replace the National Anthem.

But Baby, It’s Gotta’ Be Cold Outside’ when a catchy, hand-clapping tune can replace the 206-year-old ‘Star-Spangled Banner!

“An op-ed from The Los Angeles Times raised eyebrows for calling on “The Star-Spangled Banner” to be canceled as the national anthem. (Fox News, July 14, 2020)

“Contributing writer Jody Rosen began his column by slamming a San Francisco monument of Francis Scott Key, who famously wrote the lyrics to “The Star-Spangled Banner,” as “imposing and fussy.”

“After noting that the Key statue had been taken down by rioters, Rosen appeared to offer a justification for the vandalism as he, too, was a slaveowner.”

Rosen authored the book ‘White Christmas: The Story of an American Song’.  How long before the revisionist culture delists the song because of its first word?

New Government Order: Worship and Singing Banned in Church…

Craig Huey – July 10, 2020

New Government Order: Worship and Singing Banned in Church…

You can sing and scream in protests. But not in church. Hypocrisy. Yes.

But that is the latest dictate from California Governor Newsom as he is joining other states in their assault on church and people of faith.

The new command: Singing and worship is now banned in churches in California where only a small gathering is allowed now making it impossible to meet for most churches.

The spiritual dynamics of closing the churches have been rationalized, justified and excused by pastors and church leaders…and applauded by those seeking to destroy the churches especially in an election year.

Reflections on the French Revolution: A Model for U.S. Civil War?

By Dennis Jamison —July 16, 2020


Contrary to the romanticized European notions and the intellectually fraudulent myth that the French Revolution was a victory for a people striving for freedom, the truth is finally coming to light. The holiday normally celebrated in France as a revered holiday, known as Bastille Day, being the spark that ignited France’s march to freedom is an illusion. Unfortunately, European Marxists had long held that the French Revolution was a real victory for the people—the proletariat. Yet, after centuries, French writers are beginning to honestly look at this tragic European history as a failure to provide freedom in France.

While the storming of the Bastille is renowned as the key event that sparked the French Revolution, within four years, the ideals espoused in the more formal Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen in August of 1789 had been hijacked by the Friends of the Constitution that later morphed into the Society of the Jacobins. The Jacobins used their previous name to disguise their true intent to manipulate or dominate the development of the French Constitution and to ultimately execute the king.

Who Are The Radicals?

By: Michael J. Lewinski 7/16/2020

The radicals your Democratic friends support are the source of the scourges that our country faces. Recently, AOC mocked Senator Ted Cruz for calling the Democrats radical. You can decide if what the Democrats Socialist have plans for is truly radical.

They support a series of radical positions. They support tearing down the statues of our Founding Fathers and Abraham Lincoln. Some politicians support the destroying of Mount Rushmore. In cities with rising crime and murder rates, they have defunded their police departments.

As for “abolishing the police,” this nightmare scenario has already become a reality in New York City and Minneapolis, as both cities have decided to slash their police departments and budgets fully or in part.

The White House • July 13, 2020

The stories the media doesn’t tell

President Trump holds a roundtable on the impact of law enforcement – July 13, 2020

Last June, Kemira Boyd’s 12-day-old baby suddenly began to choke. In distress, Boyd jumped into her car, speeding to get help as quickly as possible.

Deputy William Kimbro, a South Carolina police officer, pulled over Boyd for a routine traffic stop when he saw her vehicle. After finding the frantic mother and child inside, he immediately went to work, clearing the baby’s windpipe and helping her to begin breathing again until an emergency medical team arrived. Kimbro saved the child’s life.

Today, Boyd’s child is now Deputy Kimbro’s goddaughter.

America’s police officers aren’t the enemy. The vast majority of our country’s law enforcement heroes honor their uniforms each day by saving countless lives and keeping our neighborhoods free from drugs, theft, and violence.

Yet in recent weeks, the men and women in blue have faced attacks from rioters and hostility from leftwing pundits and politicians. Radical Democrats in both Congress and city halls across our country have echoed calls to defund or even abolish police forces.

“Where’s the Land of the Free?”

You went to bed free and woke up enslaved.

Follow the arrows, you must behave.

They track where we go and record all our phones

They scan all our foreheads, and watch us with drones

Welcome to life in our socialist state

Where’s the land of the free and the home of the brave?

From The Epoch Times: Chinese Virologist Reveals WHO Colluded With the CCP in COVID-19 Cover-Up – 7.16.20 https://www.theepochtimes.com/chinese-virologist-reveals-who-colluded-with-the-ccp-in-covid-19-cover-up_3426652.html

Explosive & Educational> From Candace Owens Show: Candace Owens v Hawk Newsome – Black Lives Matter – NYC – 7.16.20     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AED03qCVITM

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Review> From the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL):  The Truth About ‘Black Lives Matter’ – The Truth of It – 6.15.20       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0qyI0NIvg0

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From MyFaithVotes: The SCOTUS Watch from 7.10.20 (good review of information on the Supreme Court decisions)   https://www.myfaithvotes.org/scotus/scotus-watch-july-10-2020

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