CSN Newsletter 7/2/19

CSN Newsletter 7/2/19

From Our Founder

Last month, we covered a lot of territory in our articles, and the CSN newsletter launched a new feature called “Feedback.” We truly hope this feature will encourage continual comments & feedback from readers. Also, readers can become more involved in our efforts, either as a writer-contributor, or an online newsletter distributor, or as an activist.

This week, in the wake of the violent protests from Antifa over the weekend, our writers offer some great articles for thought about the current state of America on the eve of Independence Day. My article leads off with a perspective to make a new Declaration of Independence. Doc Troxel’s article reinforces this perspective, especially as he makes an excellent persuasive point for Christians to get involved in the political arena. His point is one that is critical if America is to retain the true Judeo-Christian ethics and morality underlying our nation. Michael Lewinski’s article complements this perspective, and the first article of Karen Cacy’s is a good follow through on these primary perspectives. Her initial article is on President Trump’s efforts against the corrupt status quo in the United States; yet, she also asks questions of American citizens. 

Kathleen Hall reminds readers of the ongoing reality of abortion/murder with a Video View from Abby Johnson speaking of her experiences from inside Planned Parenthood.

Karen Cacy’s second article offers a scathing slam at the mainstream media’s anemic coverage of our First Lady, Melania Trump. In the same paragraphs, she provides a great glimpse into the world of Melania Trump.

Additionally, in order to appear that CSN is picking on bench-warming Christians, we feature two links this week to articles dealing with the current Jewish response to the insanity of the Leftists. In case you missed them, both articles are from March of this year; one from Valerie Sobel and the other one is from a millenial named Steve MacDonald.

Please share the articles of the writers whose perspectives you appreciate. Spread them around and share the articles with those whom you care about. United “We the People” Stand!   Dennis Jamison

… from Jesse W. (Iowa) – “…I think that the Border Wall is the most important [Issue] at this time. The President did make a promise to build a wall and I for one I think that he is trying but his emphasis should be on the wall. To prove his commitment to his promise for the people to feel safe.”

Declaring Independence from the Enemy Within

by Dennis Jamison 7/2/19

Have you ever had someone lie to your face, and pretend they were telling the absolute truth?

Have you ever had someone at work shift blame to you or someone else in order to not get into trouble, and for which they should have taken responsibility?

Have you ever witnessed someone being accused of wrongdoing unfairly because of personal jealousy or resentment against the accused person?

Americans often see or witness these types of actions on a regular basis. And, for better or for worse, citizens put up with all kinds of unfair “crap” almost every day. And, some Americans are singled out on a regular basis in such ways. That is actually called discrimination. When it is racially motivated, it is called racism. When it is religiously motivated, it is called religious intolerance.

But when it is politically motivated, it is just called “politics as usual,” and since politics is just another form of warfare, “all is fair in love and war.” Right? No, that is absolutely wrong – in more ways than one!

Being Politically Naïve is no Better than Being a Political Stooge

By Steve “Doc” Troxel, Ph.D. 7/2/2019

The President of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), J.D. Greear, told last week’s annual gathering of SBC church leaders that they should not become a “stooge for one [political] party.” He said, “When we tie our message too closely to a political platform, we put an unnecessary obstacle in the way of the Gospel for half of our mission field.” Let us hope that Christians do not interpret those remarks to mean that they are not to be involved in politics at all, because if Christians fail to be involved with politics then they have by default become stooges for one of the political parties. Now Greear, in an interview last month did clarify that Christians “have to be clear on the things that we disagree with as much as we champion the things that we agree with in our particular candidate.”

Yet I have heard some well-respected Christian leaders say that the church should abandon politics altogether. The liberals in our government sincerely hope that evangelical Christians — who are generally conservative in their views — will do just that so that Christians will not bring their conservative values to the ballot box nor their biblical ideas to the centers of power in our government. Christians desperately need to look at what they stand to lose if they fail to engage as Christians in the political process.

A Fight from the Beginning

By Michael J. Lewinski

President Trump has been at war with the establishment since he first set foot in the White House, and even long before that. He has been engaged by the Fourth Estate which is embedded in the mainstream media and allied with Progressive Democratic Socialists and major social media companies. From within his own party, never-Trump rinos have obstructed many of his plans to stand up for the unprotected American citizens.

The protected elites want to tell the unprotected masses what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. These Progressives don’t believe in limited government, lower taxes, and ending burdensome, job-killing regulations. They believe in higher taxes, an expansive government, and a regulatory state that tells you what to do and not to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

They believe in the right to murder unborn children through abortion. They believe you do not have a constitutional right to own guns for your self-defense under the second amendment. They believe you do not have religious freedom and the right to follow your conscience. They do not believe in individual liberty and are against taking personal responsibility for your actions.

Trump Presidential PC: Before a man can know, he must be willing to know


The politically correct policies of the past.  The demands for doing things as we have done them is going unheeded. President Trump is looking at US foreign adversaries in the eyes and saying “we can all live better, join us.”

Which must be words of comfort to the leader of the hermit kingdom.  And which strike fear in the hearts of Democrats who have long led through fear and divisiveness.

It may not be Presidentially PC, but it seems to be working. Trump going to North Korea is somewhat similar to Nixon going to China. He is boldly moving forward with strategic vision, and accomplishing what others would not have dared to try.

Excuses for Abortion Continue to Ignore Reality

By Kathleen Hall

Last fall, I responded to a column that appeared in the Roanoke Times on abortion and right to life proponents. My reason for sharing this information was to provide more insight about the realities of the abortion industry. I recently saw a powerful video featuring Abby Johnson and share the link to it at the end of this message. Here is my response to the column:

In Ms. Lambert’s “Heaven Help Us All” column on Nov. 7, 2018 — disdain for Rand Paul’s stand for the Right to Life, without regard for the known excruciating pain abortion causes innocent unborn human beings, or the emotional and physical scars that many women carry for a lifetime, argues that to “forget abortion” as suggested, cannot be the answer. It cannot be the answer for women whose “choice” is not their own, but the pressure of others around them, who disregard life and/or opt for quick solutions. If your mother told you, she changed her mind, and got off the abortion table, would it seem so inconsequential?

The lead actress who plays Abby Johnson in the film “Unplanned,” the true story of the former abortion clinic director based on her book, shares such a story about a talk with her mother. If one values all human life, it follows that one values the principles that help all life to thrive — individual freedom, equality under the law, economic freedom, support of the family structure, freedom of religion.

All these children “already born,” have much to gain if we work toward promoting and protecting these life-affirming values. The “children…all over the world” and the world at large, have our example of a life-nurturing society, struggling to keep what we do right and improve where we need to.

God help those who do not care to learn the truth about the abortion industry, and those who do not care when they know it.

Missing Melania Trump: Ignoring FLOTUS is the mainstream media’s loss

COLORADO: A glaring failure of the mainstream media is their inattention to one of the most stunning and charming first ladies ever to grace the White House, Melania Trump.

You will search in vain for a Vogue cover shoot. You won’t find anywhere an in-depth feature on how the first lady manages policy issues while being a charming, multi-lingual representative of the United States of America. There are few serious stories about her personal business pursuits, which have made her the wealthiest First Ladies with a personal net worth of $50,000,000

Melanija Knavs was born in communist Yugoslavia on April 26, 1970, to Victor Knavs and Amalija Ulčnik. They lived in Novo Mesto, in what is now the independent republic of Slovenia. Her mother was a pattern maker, designing children’s clothing.  Her father was a manager for a state-owned automaker.

She was secretly baptized Catholic in a nation ruled by militant atheists.

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