CSN Newsletter – 7/21/2020 – Orwell’s 1984 Doublespeak is Here

CSN Newsletter – 7/21/2020 – Orwell’s 1984 Doublespeak is Here

From Our Founder…

As the nation plods through the summer months, inching day by day ever closer to the most important elections in our lifetimes, Americans are slowly coming to grips with the true realities of a soft, made for television, Marxist revolution. The “powers that be” that are pulling the levers of disinformation about the genuine lethal capability of the COVID disease, that are  soft-peddling the violent, and often deadly, natures of the Antifa and BLM “Brown Shirts” on the march, that are silently plotting to steal the 2020 election, that are truly chopping at the Tree of Liberty, must be proud of their current efforts to undermine the patience and strength of the American people.   

It is being done in this way so as to not awaken the slumbering, lethargic public at large, so as to not alarm the great Silent Majority. In fact, many in the Silent Majority may sense that there is something wrong, but that it doesn’t involve them, or it is better not to get involved with such “stuff” — the dirty work of politics. And the great Silent Majority also have reason to fear the real wrath of the “Brown Shirts” as they are now searching for the enemies of the revolution. People are dying in the streets due to the unrestrained violence in Democrat-run cities in Democrat-led states. 

In this age of “political correct” speech there exists a pervasive fear of being found out for what one really believes – what one truly cares about. How is it that people can continue to rationalize that what is happening before them (minus the fake news reports) doesn’t involve them, or that it is safer not to get involved with the dirty work of politics. Truly, if the Founding generation had owned such an attitude, the present generations would still be struggling under tyranny. This is a time that will be resolved not by what people sit back and think about it, but what good people are willing to do about the “predicament” we are needing to fix.

Our network writers are honest people who are not receiving a dime for what they are sharing. Is it that they are just overly excited? Are they just over exaggerating reality? The CSN takes great pains to provide accurate news stories and honest commentaries on our “predicament” in the Land of the Free. Heed the signs, get prepared for an escalation of the tactics of the Left.

Why? Because, if the organized criminal-political cabal sees that their tactics are not wearing down “We the People,” they will escalate and intensify their activities. There is no incentive for manifesting fear among the population. However, if danger is present, it is a crime to not warn the people who are the ones who will be adversely affected. 

We are offering these articles to awaken and to sound alarm bells to help people to become prepared in mind and heart. What citizens are witnessing is not sports; it is not a reality TV show; it is not “politics as usual.” And the really sad thing is that there are few places to where one can escape to as a way of avoiding involvement in this war for America’s soul. 

Today, Dr. Robert Owens offers a very provocative article about the efforts underway on both sides of this current soft Civil War. He reminds us of President Trump’s resolve and the focus of his 2020 campaign. It is good we all remind ourselves of what is “essential” to the POTUS.

My article focuses on the absolute zero morality of the Black Lives Matter terrorist organization as it is responsible, as well as Antifa, as well as the running dog anarchists who are without much attachment to anything of substance. There is blood on the hands of these people who are directly involved in the rioting, but it also runs back onto the hands of those who support the organizations that are intent on destroying America.

Don Rosenberg offers readers a thoughtful article on how the Left is crafting words to alter one’s point of view because behind the words are not just nice thoughts, but the mantras of the Left and their destructiveness. 

Michael Lewinski offers a succinct article on his perspective that we now are actually living in an Orwellian World. He touches on a number of items many awakened citizens are aware of. The real trick is that we all have to take on the challenge of Winston Smith because there is strength in numbers. But, when people take such responsibility, God will assist to the degree of sincerity and determination applied by the people to the task at hand.

Our final article is submitted by the DecCon News folks. It is looking at how so much of our country has been designated “racist” by the new arbiters of reality. Orwellian, indeed!

And, our video recommendation today, among all the good selections, is the video from the Hoover Institution from the Good Fellows who interview Victor Davis Hanson, Senior Fellow at Stanford talking about the “Cruel Summer: the The Fight to Preserve Freedom of Speech” 

Dennis Jamison

Renewing, Recovering, Restoring, Rebuilding

By Dr. Robert R. Owens —July 20, 2020

Make America Great Again Again!  He did it once and he can do it again.  By taking the shackles off the American people and our economy President Donald Trump in three short years led us from the doldrums of Obama’s New Normal to the greatest economic boom the world has ever seen.  Record growth, record unemployment, and corporations returning from overseas by every metric America was taking off like a rocket.  Then came the Social Security Flu and the pandemic.  Then came the outrage in Minneapolis and the 1619 revolution.

Like a one-two punch these twin catastrophes have America reeling on the edge of the abyss.  The Democrat Party is all in with BLM and ANTIFA.  They cheer as the outrages and demands grow into the shrill cries of America-as-we-have-known-her hating revolutionaries on the barricades of autonomous no-go zones.  Labeling anyone who gets in the way of their takeover as racists, these black shirted thugs operate as the military arm of the socialists attempting to remake America in the image of their revered Cuba and Venezuela.

Revealing the Moral Bankruptcy of BLM

By Dennis Jamison —-July 21, 2020

The blatant violence in a majority of cities in the United States in the wake of the murder of George Floyd was supposed to be the moral foundation for protesting the wrongful murder of George Floyd. But, this is an illusion. A horrible illusion. If all Black Lives Matter, where are the serious nationwide protests over the 20 million+ black babies that have been killed since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision? There is no one in the Black Lives Matter terrorist organization that has even uttered any credible concern over the genocide of aborting black babies. Likely, they would not because both Black Lives Matter and Planned Parenthood are funded heavily by George Soros, and even an evil house divided cannot stand. But, this is an absolutely blatant hypocrisy and it demonstrates zero moral integrity.

If all black lives do not matter to Black Lives Matter members and supporters (yes supporters, as in those corporations that donate to BLM) then the name is as fake as the cause. It is quite possible to justify a lie by stating that the opposition to your cause is “conservative,” or “white hate speech,” or “corrupt white privilege advocates,” or “Nazis,” or whatever the buzz words may be that are designed to initiate an emotional distrust, or outright hatred of the “opposition.” It is not actually a justification of the lie, but rather a justification for lying by marginalizing one’s opponents—clever communist tactic. If all black lives, or all lives do truly matter, why leave anyone out? If all black lives do not matter to Black Lives Matter members, the name is as   fake as the “cause.”

Words Matter

by Don Rosenberg – 7/21/2020

On a recent trip to Minnesota, I saw yard signs scattered lightly through the neighborhood. I had a long talk with two of the owners. They “like the words” from the sign, but admit they don’t know what the various groups represented actually stand for.

Who can disagree with the phrase “black lives matter?” Of course they do. But when you put a sign in your yard, you’re not just sharing nice words, you’re promoting political groups with very specific agendas that go far beyond nice phrases.

“Black Lives Matter” actually means black lives matter more than other lives. If you say “all lives matter,” you’re a racist. But it’s not black lives that matter to this group, only black lives taken by the police, either by accident, in a justified shooting where the officer’s life was in danger, or in cases where the officer crossed the line and killed an innocent man.

We Live In An Orwellian World

By Michael J. Lewinski 07/09/20

That we live in an upside-down world is a fact. The government has shut down businesses and peaceful protests, while violent rioting and the business of murdering the unborn flourish. These are tough times for America.

We’re bombarded with Orwellian doublespeak in the form of “political correctness.” Being white is racist. Having exclusive black dorms is not a form of segregation. Worshiping is bad, protesting against the murder of George Floyd, with its attendant looting and setting fires to buildings, is good.

For Progressives, everything is about gaining more power. Orwell observed,“The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power.” The Progressive, Democratic Socialist party care nothing about America. Their only focus is on controlling people like you and me.

Take Note: Classical Music, Opera, and Improv Comedy are Racist

By Def-Con News, 7/16/2020

According to liberals, everything is racist. The left has slowly been cataloging everything as racist but ,thanks to the George Floyd riots, they’ve expedited this effort. In recent days, we have learned that foodchess, and sleep are racist and now we are learning that improv comedy, classical music, and opera are also white supremacist hate crimes. I’m still waiting for them to proclaim racism is racist, but they have hundreds of millions of things to get through before that.

First up, The Washington Post has proclaimed classical music racist:

  The Washington Post

Perspective: That sound you’re hearing is classical music’s long overdue reckoning with racism

From FOX News:  Gutfeld on Portland’s 50 days of violence – 7.20.20

From Bill Whittle: Bari Weiss Quits: Blisters New York Times Diversity-Hostile Opinion Culture – 7.15.20

From FOX News: New York Times opinion editor Bari Weiss resigns – 7.14.20

From the Hoover Institution – Good Fellows w/ Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Institution Senior Fellow, on the Cruel Summer: The Fight to Preserve Freedom of Speech   – 7.15.20

From FOX News: Mike Pompeo – China, WHO denied the world knowledge needed to combat coronavirus –  7.16.20

From The Right to Believe: Virtual Rally to Defend Religious Freedom –  7.16.20

From FB:  Rally To Save Emancipation Memorial at Lincoln Park – 7.14.20

Review From Sky News Australia (“Outsiders”): w/  Katie Hopkins on Freedom of speech ‘no longer exists’ in Australia and the UK – 2.29.20

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