CSN Newsletter – 7/28/2020 – Can We Win the Fight for Freedom?

CSN Newsletter – 7/28/2020 – Can We Win the Fight for Freedom?

From Our Founder…

Again more violence on the Left Coast in the cities of Portland and Seattle manifested by “weekend warriors” who came to reinforce the ranks of the full time, professional anarchists who kept the image of consistency alive for the real “reality” television audiences. And, as the charades of the “deadliness” of COVID-19 and the terrorism of the anarchist, Antifa, and BLM tri-partite stretch into and beyond the summer months, more citizens may buckle to fear. It is clear that throughout history, the two handmaidens of tyranny have always been ignorance and fear. We have the ingredients all laid out before the people. The real question is: Where are the ones to bake it?     

Last Thursday, I outlined three major threats facing America: 1) a supposed new wave of the COVID-19; 2) the insurgency on America’s city streets through the Marxist triumvirate; and 3) the looming threat of China and other adversaries around the world. To top it all off we are in an election year — probably one that will determine whether America will continue to have free elections, or elections run like those in Iran or Venezuela today. In so many ways, the average citizen may feel overwhelmed by the odds against our nation. 

In such periods of concern, it is important to remember that once America was a simple colony and citizens were treated like second-class citizens of their government. Soldiers of the government were marching in the city streets to oppress the citizens. It is important to remember that once the United States was not so “united.” America was so divided that one political party started a civil war to destroy the Union. In such periods of concern, it is important to remember that once the world was involved in a horrible “world” war centered in Europe, and America was needed to help end the conflict and bring peace. It is important to remember that such a peace was based upon distrust, hatred, and resentment, and the peace did not last. It is important to remember that America was called upon once again to destroy tyranny on a global scale and bring peace.

Today, in the midst of all that is swirling around this nation, it is important to remember that this nation was founded once brave and brilliant leaders took responsibility to fight for what they truly believed in. It is important to remember that God favors freedom, and allows His people to be free if there were brave and brilliant leaders with courageous and faithful supporters. Today, it is important to remember that God helped create the Land of the Free, and He will bless this land if we become the best stewards of freedom that we can be. As Ben Franklin proclaimed – “If we can keep it.” It is our turn to keep it.

Along that line of thinking, in her article writer Karen Cacy asks the provocative question: “Can America win in the fight against a Marxist Revolution?” The article brings out an important issue regarding whether citizens today are able to fight for freedom. It features a great video of Senator Tim Scott from a couple of weeks ago. You need to see it! Karen Cacy shares a quote from Stalin: “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold:  Its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” 

Dr. Robert Owens gives us a more comprehensive perspective of what is going on in this nation. He exhorts readers: “Now is the time for all good citizens to come to the defense of their country.  We’re being assaulted from within. The time to stand up for what we believe is here.  If we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything.” 

Dr. Richard Moss offers a candid look at our GOP leaders and how they are standing up to the Marxist revolutionaries. He gives an insider’s view of how political leaders that are supposed to be trusted to lead us to keep our Republic, but in light of recent turmoil, one is truly justified in questioning whether they are leading the people in the right direction.

My article today focuses on one potential Democrat election plan for 2020. The insurgency on America’s city streets through the Marxist triumvirate may be much more than it appears to be on the surface. After all, it is an election year free-for-all in 2020 in which Democrats have to pull-out-all-the stops to win.

Michael Lewinski offers a glimpse of the “fake news” or the propaganda arm of the Democratic Socialist party that is referred to as the MSM. Lewinski echoes advice that I prescribed back in March in my “Toxic-Media Avoidance” article. He advises that “to defeat the MSM fake news,  we the people Patriots must turn them off and stop reading newspapers that attack President Trump. We must find fair and balanced outlets that do not have an agenda.” I am happy readers trust CSN news as a respected source.

The video we recommend for today is from Attorney General William Barr that provides a clear, up-to-date, view of the war of words as it applies to the battles on America’s streets. 

There is a second game-changing video that was taken down from Facebook after it had 17 million views. It is a group of front line American doctors addressing COVID-19 misinformation.

Dennis Jamison 

Can America win in the fight against a Marxist Revolution?


On the subject of white racism, listen to Senator Tim Scott, R-South Carolina, on the subject:

“’I can’t breathe.’  These words have become all too familiar for me and many other Americans.  This time, these words were choked out by George Floyd, as he lay crushed beneath the weight of three Minneapolis police officers, while a fourth stood by watching.  But these words, which have sparked outrage from the streets of Minneapolis to the of the nation and the world, are not new.’”

Senator Tim Scott has been stopped by police seven times while a U.S. Senator.

Defending American History

by Dr. Robert Owens – 7/26/2020

Every revolution seeks to distort, tarnish, and destroy any sign of the positive accomplishments of the society they seek to replace.  During our own Revolution, our ancestors tore down statues of George III and melted them down to make bullets and cannons.  Therefore, it’s no surprise that during the current Democrat led revolt the military wings of the party, BLM and ANTIFA, seek to desecrate and destroy the monuments raised by generations of patriotic Americans celebrating our shared culture.

The first cases of this iconoclastic frenzy were aimed at heroes of the Confederacy.  The fact that they were slave owners is used as justification for their fall from the pedestal.  The same logic is applied to Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and others among our most prominent Founders and Framers.  Christopher Columbus is attacked for the crime of bringing Western Civilization to the Americas.  All of this has blazed across our screens.

Now they are coming for President Lincoln because though he was anti-slavery for his entire public career and even took a bullet in the head because he freed the slaves, he wasn’t pro-black enough for BLM.

BLM Republicans

By Richard Moss, MD, 7/22/20

I watched the interview of my friend and former political opponent, Senator Mike Braun, Republican of Indiana, on the Tucker Carlson show recently regarding the topic of BLM and police reform.  I know Senator Braun because we are both from Jasper, Indiana, a small town in south-central Indiana.  He attended my children’s bar and bat mitzvahs.  He is an immensely successful businessman whose company employs more than 600 individuals. I came to know Mike when we ran against one another for the state representative seat for Indiana’s 63rd district in 2014 in the Republican primary. We spoke before the same audiences and sat at the same tables. We discussed issues and philosophies.  He defeated me handily.

I would not describe him as a movement conservative, which meant that after winning the Senate seat in 2018, he was likely to move leftward once ensconced in D.C.  He favored lower taxes and large deductibles for health insurance coverage.  All well and good, but limited.  Beyond that, I felt he was not well grounded on national or international matters, on energy or immigration.  Nor on cultural issues, which Republicans have ignored, to the nation’s detriment, for decades. Braun provided a clue of the direction he would take when in his very first year in the Senate he joined with Senator Chris Coons, D-DE to form the first Senate bipartisan caucus on “finding solutions to ‘climate change.’”  Not a good start, Mike.  Still, I thought, in most ways, at least, he would have conservative, common sense instincts as a Jasper man, Midwesterner, and successful businessman.

Democrat Leaders’ Plans: Violence vs. Voting?

By Dennis Jamison –July 27, 2020

The recent violence in Portland, Oregon, supported by Mayor Ted Wheeler and Governor Kate Brown is a definitive demonstration of Democrat condoned violence.  The recent violence in Seattle, Washington, and the staged takeover of a portion of the city proper, initially ignored by Mayor Jenny Durkan and Governor Jay R. Inslee, shows blatant indifference toward anarchistic and terrorist-oriented violence.

However, the new efforts of Durkan and Wheeler, along with four other Democrat mayors who are asking Congress to restrict the deployment of federal forces to their cities, smacks of state-condoned terrorism at the expense of the majority of the residents in their cities.

In addition to Durkan and Wheeler, Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Kansas City Mayor Quint and Kansas City Mayor Quinton D. Lucas all agreed with their Party Overseers to call upon Congress “…to swiftly pass legislation to block the administration from sending unwanted and unidentified federal agents to our cities.”

Fake News

By Michael J. Lewinski – 07/12/20

The Mainstream Media is going to be responsible for the downfall of the United States of America. With their fake news stories, they promote every single issue they raise that the hate Trump crowd promotes.

The MSM is the propaganda arm of the Democratic Socialist party. They promote the never-Trump Republican RINO’s messages. They amplify the voices of Black Lives Matter with their anti-American Communist agenda.

We have seen broadcast journalists standing in front of burning buildings while declaring the rioting is a mostly peaceful protest. These are the kind of lies they are feeding to the American people.


WASHINGTON, D.C. – From the steps of the US Supreme Court, a group of doctors calling themselves “America’s Frontline Doctors,” are speaking out as physicians from around the country, addressing the American people about COVID-19 and what they are calling a “massive disinformation campaign” as COVID-19 is keeping  businesses closed and schools planning to remain closed this coming September. The event is being widely recognized as a “White Coat Summit” on Capitol Hill which is scheduled to be a two-day event.

Interestingly, the forty-five-minute video is not easy to find through normal channels such as YouTube, Google News, and other ordinary search services. It was live streamed on Facebook and is now removed from breitbart.com. Article and Video Here

Also, read this transcript.

From FOX 10 News/Phoenix: “STRAIGHT FACTS”: A.G. William Barr UNLOADS On Democrats That Say Police ARE BRINGING VIOLENCE – 7.28.20

From Dennis Prager:  “Expect Chaos If You Defund the Police” – 7.23.20

From Sun Politics (British): Ben Shapiro on ‘How to Destroy America’, rewriting history & Trump’s biggest problem –  7.24.20

Review: Black Lives Matter CALLED OUT By African Americans –  7.7.20

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