CSN Newsletter – 7/30/2020 – America Being Hit from All Sides

CSN Newsletter – 7/30/2020 – America Being Hit from All Sides

From Our Founder…

Today, before we began the assembly of our news articles and commentaries, we learned that former GOP presidential candidate, Herman Cain, passed away this morning. Mr. Cain was 74, and he died nearly a month after he was hospitalized with COVID-19. It sets the foundation for a somber perspective regarding the COVID-19 disease. On Tuesday CSN news posted a video that we recommended for the readers that had been taken down from Facebook and removed from Twitter. It is par for the course with the “Socialist Social Media Support Network.” 

If readers missed the video, it is quite a significant presentation. Yet, it is  truly sad that truth about the COVID-19 disease is being suppressed for various reasons. It is likely that more lives could be saved with an intelligent, professional approach to the dangers rather than a political and divisive approach. However, George Washington  once stated that “Truth will ultimately prevail where there are pains to bring it to light.” The medical doctors in the video were risking their careers to share the good news regarding the illusions of a deadly disease. It is rare, but in pockets of courage all across the nation, health care professionals are attempting to get the truth out. This is why patriots need to be diligent in seeking the truth.

As I pointed out recently, one of the three major threats facing America is COVID-19, or the fear of the potential harm of this disease. Enough brave and brilliant professionals have provided the truth about COVID-19, so now citizens have to decide who they would rather place their faith in — is faith greater in the “fake news,” and propaganda-riddled mainstream media narratives, or the daring voices of professionals who are risking their careers for sharing their witness to the truth based on their experiences? 

Additionally another suppressed video we offered in recent weeks (“Covid-911: INSURGENCY”), puts events since the beginning of 2020 in proper perspective, even though it is an election promotional. We also recommended the latest video of Attorney General William Barr discussing the rioting and the fake news narrative that the demonstrations are just moms voicing their concerns, and the demonstrations are not violent. Again, citizens have to decide who they would rather place their faith in — whether to trust in the “fake news” or brave and brilliant leaders who are standing up to the corrupt system established by a criminal cabal. CSN strives to clear away the smoke and dust in the midst of the battle for the Soul of America. Thank you for reading what we offer.

Today, we have a strong article from Executive Editor Don Rosenberg on an issue that is not quite on the radar of most citizens: the Democrat dream to abolish the filibuster. We offer an additional article on this issue posted in The Hill from June for review. 

We feature an article from guest writer, A. Dru Kristenev, who goes into greater depth on something Don Rosenberg touches on regarding “education… already under liberal control, but with unlimited power.” Her article offers a widespread perspective of how our education system was transformed into an indoctrination of our young people in the school systems. Her article, “Business Education Hijacked by Anti-Capitalist Marxism” is definitely worth the read. 

We also have two contributions from the DefCon News folks. The first report is on Joe Biden’s call to teach Islam in our schools. Definitely, this is something to be informed about as it seems Obama’s fingerprints all over Biden’s enlightenment on Islam.

The second article is a bit of humor from one of our U.S. Congressmen. In an effort to provoke the “cancel culture Democrats,” Representative Louis Gohmert (R) of Texas. introduced a resolution calling on Congress to ban any political organization or party that has ever held a public position that supported the institution of slavery or the Confederate States of America. Brilliant!

Last but not least in this edition, is Michael Lewinski’s article on “Trump Country,” which explains activism in support of the POTUS as well as a great plug for Bob Woodard’s 1776 project which refutes the false narrative of the 1619 Project that racism is in America’s DNA.

We also have a special recommendation to view the very first video on our list. It is an interview Eric Metaxas has with Bevelyn Beatty, the lady who painted over the Black Lives Matter painting  while declaring “Jesus Matters.” 

Dennis Jamison

The Filibuster Holds America Together. Democrats Want to Abolish It

By Don Rosenberg – 7/24/2020

A very important rule is being considered for change in the U.S. Senate by the Democrats if they win in November.  The “filibuster” has been used throughout our history to delay important legislation.  A member would take the floor and talk with no time limit.  The only way to end the process would be to “invoke cloture” with a three-fifths majority.  In the Senate, this is 60 votes.

The Democrat party has become so militant in the last three years that all bets are off.  If Democrats gain control, they can change the rule so they can push through any legislation they want.  Their plan is to take power and keep it forever, specifically in two ways: by changing voting laws to eliminate safeguards on voter fraud, and by legalizing millions of illegal aliens and giving them the vote — presuming they would favor Democrats.

So they don’t fear the other side using simple majority rule against them since they don’t ever expect to lose their majority.  By forcing their entire agenda through the House and Senate, they would be free to “transform America” however they want — forever.

Business Education Hijacked by Anti-Capitalist Marxism

By A. Dru Kristenev –July 24, 2020

Education took a drastic twist with the turn of the century. In the works for decades, the very definition of education underwent major overhaul, completing the transformation of teaching into indoctrination.

Education majors watched how programs that once imparted methods of teaching subject matter to pupils refocused on implementation of redefined language – words and phrases corrupted over time to condition thought processes instead of encouraging an exchange of ideas. Retooled teacher training stressed class management techniques (crowd control) and appeasing students and/or parents to avoid litigation. Teaching straightforward content such as math, history, grammar, spelling, etc. got lost in the shuffle.

The steady change in language to suit institutional programming has been wildly successful. Easily influenced non-binary Generation Z (or whatever the ‘newspeak’ has designated 20 to 30-somethings) have had their minds so challenged by educational standards (otherwise referred to as brainwashing) that the level of personal confusion has created a zombie-like herd of social destroyers.

Despite Liberal Media “Fact-Check” Biden Really Does Want Islam Taught to Our Kids

by Def Con News – 7/26/2020

Joe Biden’s got a pretty good racket going with his basement bunker presidential campaign. He only does remote interviews with friendly outlets going off pre-approved questions.  When he messes up and says something stupid, which is constantly, the liberal media ignores it. On those occasions where Biden says something really outrageous, the fake news industry leaps to his defense. He recently said that he wishes Islam was taught to kids in U.S. schools.  His propaganda department in the liberal media is claiming he didn’t mean it, so, therefore, he didn’t say it.

A couple of days ago, Biden Zoomed with something called the Million Muslim Vote Summit, which sounds like both a lie and a terrorist organization. Right off the bat, he said something incredibly stupid, like he‘s actually trying to make President Trump’s campaign videos for him:

“Look, one of the things I think is important is, I wish I wish we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith,” said Biden.

Louie Gohmert Introduces Resolution To Cancel Democratic Party Over Slavery Ties

by Def Con News – 7/25/2020

The Democrats are not only the party of slavery, segregation, KKK, etc…but also of canceling anything with ties to those racist institutions.

In the funniest thing in the history of Congress, Republican Rep. Louis Gohmert introduced a resolution to ban the democratic party for their history of racism, in the same way Democrats have cancelled everything and everyone connected to slavery. With Democrats in control of the House, it’s unlikely this resolution will pass, but it sure does expose them as raging racists and hypocrites, which is why it’s so hilarious.

On Wednesday, the House voted to remove 11 statues from the Capitol of people who were involved with the Confederacy. The bust of the former Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney, who authored the 1857 Dred Scott decision that black people didn’t have rights was also removed. In addition, the legislation instructs that all art work in the Capitol complex that depicts a person with ties to white supremacy shall be banished.

Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert thought this was a good idea, but that it didn’t go far enough. So he introduced a resolution of his own today. Gohmert reeled off a shocking list of the democratic party’s support for slavery, segregation, and white supremacy. With that, he introduced his resolution to cancel the Democrat Party.

Trump Country

By Michael J. Lewinski – 7/30/2020

Lately, Trump 2020 signs are spring up like weeds in Dubois County, Indiana. I have yet to see a single sign for sleepy Joe Biden.

Perhaps it has something to do with President Trump advancing the interests of working people. As a member of the Obama administration, Sleep Joe not only didn’t advance the interest of the working man, but set them far behind, shipping jobs overseas and piling more taxes and regulations on the economy.

President Trump undid all the dirty stuff President Obama and VP Biden did to the working people. They cut their regulations and reduced ordinary people’s taxes. While President Trump honored the workers, the last administration shamed them, leaving those people treading water without any appreciation in their wages.

From The Eric Metaxas Show:  Bevelyn Beatty Painted Over Black Lives Matter While Declaring “Jesus Matters”  – 7.20.20

From Youtube: Joe Biden speaks at Million Muslim Votes Summit – 7/20/20

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From Huckabee’s – My Two Cents: How Do You Find A RELIABLE Fact Checker? – 7.25.20

From Canada Free Press Video: Jerry Nadler Ambushed — ‘Antifa violence is a myth’ – 7.27.20

From Facebook via – Terrence K Williams: Yugoslavian Woman Issues A Warning to Americans – July – 2020

From Dennis Prager: The Rally That Changed My Mind – by Karlyn Borysenko – 7.27.20

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