CSN Newsletter, 7/7/2020 Attacks on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

CSN Newsletter, 7/7/2020 Attacks on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

From Our Founder…

Over the Independence Day weekend Americans celebrated the birthday of the United States, which is really a celebration of the day the nation was conceived in Liberty. Today, the nation is going through a new battle: the battle for the soul of America! Over the weekend that we celebrate our freedoms – especially those outlined in the Declaration of Independence and protected under the Constitution – Liberty was questioned, and Life was stolen from some, and the Pursuit of Freedom was violated. The Republic is challenged to extract itself from the culture of death that has permeated the land and the people – like a deathly virus itself. 

Citizens have to awaken. Christians and people of faith need to arise. Patriots of Freedom must pro-actively reject those who project and protect such corruption and such a culture of death. All who love the Republic pro-actively proclaim it. Americans need to reaffirm their belief in and adherence to the self-evident truths and our God-given rights. Those are inalienable rights, and no one on the Earth should be allowed to take them from free people! They were gifts from God, and no one has any right to steal them or take them in any way. Yet, Americans need to proudly and pro-actively proclaim this, and true Americans need to take action to reassert those rights!     

Just as America witnessed that responsible representatives of the taxpayers of Seattle realized that they had allowed the claiming of a territory lost to evil, and  realized their mistake, and then reversed their thinking and changed to reaffirm dominion of a free people, it should be an example for all of America. Free people need to drain their respective swamps, remove those  cesspools of corruption in their midst, and regain dominion of a civil society that has been, and always should be, protected by the Law of the Land that exists for the protection of God-given rights and the freedoms of a free people. 

Today, Dr. Robert Owens offers a very provocative article about “The Lessons of History” that causes a serious reader to seriously reflect on America and its place in history — amidst the rise and fall of nations. Owens provokes readers: As you watch the blue cities burn and the blue leaders bow, ask yourself, ‘For whom the bell tolls?’ Is the answer inevitably, ‘It tolls for thee,’” and if so what will anyone do about it?   

CSN offers another great guest blog from Craig Huey, founder and editor of “Reality Alert Newsletter.” He offers a serious introspective query: “Enemy of the State: Are You? Am I?” 

Karen Cacy also has a provocative article that deals with more immediate foreign dangers in her article on “A Chinese Puzzle: Will China invade America’s ally, Taiwan? Right now, in case people missed it there is an oceanic display of force between the U.S. and China in the South China Sea. Her question is very pertinent.

Today, my article is about the moral bankruptcy of the organization known as Black Lives Matter.

Don Rosenberg again offers a well researched article looking more clearly on the COVID-19 surge that is supposed to sweep through the nation again. I urge readers to take their own time to do their homework, and then do the math. The truth will set you free!

Last, but not least we offer a reflection from our interim Editor-In-Chief,Judy Palmer, which is a real good prelude to the video we most recommend this week which is a patriotic tribute to the American flag from the American Rodeo folks.

Dennis Jamison


The Spirit of America

By Judy Palmer

The Spirit of the Lord weaves with the ugliness and destitution . He snatches a whisp here, a whisp there and begins his pattern of anger.

He smiles at kids playing on the swing set and lovers walking hand in hand on the path near the lake. He weaves whispers of their joy.

He sits back and admires as Grandpa ,gasping, reaches out to hold his daughter’s hand. One last love. How humans are determined to pass it on!

The Spirit weaves anger, joy, determination and calls it America.

The Lessons of History

By Dr. Robert Owens – 7/7/2020

Empires rise, and empires fall. They usually end with a whimper.

Revolts become revolutions when those sent by the authorities join the revolt rather than put them down as they have been asked.

Is that what we’re beginning to see as police and National Guard troops kneel in submission before BLM and ANTIFA? Many who railed against those who kneeled for the playing of our national anthem now kneel before those who showed their contempt for America. Are the reins of power about to slip from the limp hands of the descendants of the Minutemen, the Grand Army of the Republic, and all the heroes who’ve won the wars and enforced the peace?  Are the cultural, financial, social, and political structures we’ve known all our lives about to be upended?

As you watch the blue cities burn and the blue leaders bow, ask yourself, “For whom the bell tolls?” Is the answer inevitably, “It tolls for thee.” And if it is, what then shall we do? Sit on our hands, quarantined in our homes, wearing our masks, watching in disbelief as thugs take over the streets, as the police are disbanded, waiting for Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, and the rest of the millionaire plutocrats to raise the red flag from the White House?

Enemy of the State: Are You? Am I?

by Craig Huey – July 2, 2020

I have been called by some an Enemy of The People.

What they mean is I am an enemy of those who promote socialist and collectivist ideas and policies.

I am an enemy of those who want to destroy our constitutional protections and individual liberty.

I am an enemy of those who wish to destroy the free enterprise system and impose socialism and more control.

I am an enemy of those opposed to Christianity and faith and want the government to be the object of worship.

Let me explain.

  • The government declared my business “non-essential.”

  • The government said I could not attend church.

  • The government said I could not travel or fly on airplanes.

But I did not obey the government.  I have to admit it.

A Chinese Puzzle: Will China invade America’s ally, Taiwan?


Added to that cock-eyed optimism is a national predilection, reinforced by today’s media to look at human events separately, one by one.  Most Americans do not spend their time connecting the dots of seemingly disparate news points.  Busy people have little time or patience for public policy puzzle solving.

The foregoing being the case, let us put forth some loosely connected facts about China from the cheap seats of America:

BLM: A Morally Bankrupt Front for Democrats and Destruction

By Dennis Jamison —July 7, 2020

recent article in Townhall, from writer Kevin McCoullough, breaks down 600 murders in six major cities in just six weeks. He briefly explains the decisions of the Democrat city mayors to defund their police forces. From another serious article in Townhall, ten of the 600 people murdered were innocent children killed just since the beginning of July. The tragic report details the murders of ten innocent kids. Their stories are heartbreaking.

Where was BLM to protest the black children who were senselessly murdered? Black lives matter? Where were the marches? Where were the protesters in the cities where such senseless killings took place? One man in Minneapolis with a criminal background was murdered and the whole nation is in an uproar. Ten innocent children were murdered and not a peep out of BLM, or Democrat supporters of BLM. Who cares?

Who cries for these innocent children? Who will make their names ring out loudly for true justice in this country?

If Black lives matter, how much more outrageous could the massacre of innocents be? Not a peep came from BLM, or Democrat supporters of BLM, or Democrat leaders. Who truly cares? Yet, who cries for the innocent children whose lives were destroyed all too early? There apparently is no value in crying over murdered children. In essence, BLM supports the murder of babies in the wombs of would be mothers, so morality is not a real issue here. For Antifa and BLM, it is more about raising hell rather than genuine concern for human life—except when an occasional black guy is killed by a white cop.

The “Surge” That Never Happened

By Don Rosenberg 7/6/2020

We are being bombarded with frantic reports that there is a “surge in cases” or a “spike in cases,” with calls to “pull the emergency break” on our efforts to reopen the country.

But death rates have dropped considerably, despite this new “surge.”

April 27,2020 was the deadliest day for coronavirus in the U.S. (2,352) Reported cases were 29,625, but we should really go back ten days – 29,679, because, on average, it takes that amount of time for a reported case to lead to death. Contrast that with July 5th with 683 deaths, and 29,850 reported cases ten days earlier.

In April, 7.92% of reported cases lead to deaths, but now only 2.28% of cases lead to death. That’s 1,682 or 71% fewer deaths than we might expect.

Science Alert came out today with an article discussing the lack of deaths and gamely trying to explain why there’s still a reason to panic…

From RFD TV:  The last of the cowboys The Patriotic Tribute from The American rodeo “Why I Stand” 2.25.2018

From ABC News – ICYMI – in FULL: White House Independence Day Celebration – Trump hosts Salute to America – July 4, 2020

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From The USAF Band: God Bless the U.S.A featuring Lee Greenwood, Home Free and The Singing Sergeants 6.30.20

From The Eric Metaxas Radio Show – featuring David Barton of Wallbuilders7.3.20

From Whatfinger Video – Mark Dice interview: Facebook Insider Comes Forward. Just WOW!  – 7/6/20

Review From Sun Politics (British view): Rita Panahi on the left’s ‘cultural revolution.’ media bias & ‘coward’ conservatives – 6/24/20

Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

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