CSN Newsletter – 7/8/21 – Sabotaging Freedom

CSN Newsletter – 7/8/21 – Sabotaging Freedom

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Biden halting Keystone opens the door wider for sabotage

By A. Dru Kristenev —July 8, 2021

Biden sending shock troops door-to-door to force vaccinations

By Def-Con News – 7/6/21

Biden fell short of his goal to have 70 percent of the adult population vaccinated by the 4th of July, but it doesn’t means he’s given up. Taking a page form the Despot’s Handbook, Biden will be sending people door-to-door to “encourage” the unvaccinated to get the jab. It’s unclear who these vaccination shock troops will be or what kind of encouragement they will be administering, but the optics of this is terrifying.

During her daily press briefing, White House press secretary Jen Psaki outlined Biden’s new COVID-19 plan of action: “The president will outline five areas his team will focus on to get more Americans vaccinated. One, uh targeted community by community door-to-door outreach to get remaining Americans vaccinated,” Psaki said…  Biden is going to send people door-to-door to “get” remaining unvaccinated Americans vaccinated. Again, who are these people knocking on the doors and what are they authorized to do to force the unvaccinated into getting jabbed?

Vaccine propaganda and injection indecision

By Jack Gleason – 7/3/21
How do you make decisions in our new internet world?  Most of us just go to Google and type in the question: “Is it safe to get the COVID-19 vaccine?”  The overwhelming response is “Yes!” Every entry below has the same strangely similar results.  “Side effects are minor and common.”  “Side effects are a sign that your vaccine is working properly.” When you visit YouTube and do the same search, again, you see a consistent theme.  “The risk from the COVID outweigh the risks from the vaccines,” and “vaccine side effects are actually a good thing.”

Check for yourself. But when you go to an uncensored video website like Bitchute.com or Rumble.com, you see a totally different result: scores of doctors and scientists warning about the danger from the shots, and hundreds of videos from real people who have had horrific side effects from their injections, and most were at extremely low risk for dying from COVID.

Implications of the Equality Act for Christian Businesses and Nonprofits

My Faith Votes – June 26/2021

The so-called “Equality Act,” HR 5 will have a significant impact on employers, workers, non-profits, and schools. Here are some specific ways in which this bill will influence these areas of our society.

The Equality Act adds “sexual orientation and gender identity” to prohibited classes of discrimination in public accommodations [see HR5, Sec. 3, (a) (1)]. A “public accommodation” is “any establishment that provides a good, service, or program….” [HR5, Sec. 3, (a) (4)]

The so-called “Equality Act,” HR 5, will prevent churches and faith-based non-profits that follow sexual morality as taught by Moses and Jesus Christ from obtaining commercial bank loans.

L.A. Times Opposes Election Integrity

By Jonus Freeman – 7/6/21

Just before the fireworks on the 4th of July, there were some fireworks down in southern California of a different sort. On June 25, the behemoth Los Angeles Times attempted to trash the noble efforts of the California-based Election Integrity Project-Ca. The timing of two articles was no doubt set to cast doubt upon the efforts of the volunteer election watchdog group that had just released some astounding information about the voter rolls and the recent election in 2020. The two “hit-piece” type articles appeared shortly after EIP-Ca sent a letter to California’s Secretary of State with their findings that the state has 1.8 million more registered voters than it has eligible citizens to vote. Additionally, EIP-Ca pointed out that there were nearly 124,000 more votes were counted in California’s 2020 general election than actual voters who had been recorded as voting in that election.


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