CSN Newsletter 7/9/2020

CSN Newsletter 7/9/2020 – Understanding is Power

From Our Founder…

Today, in the wake of the Independence Day holiday, our newsletter has a number of articles referencing the attacks on our First Amendment rights. These attacks are even more insidious than the mob violence in the street, which is a reality TV designed effort to create the fear and panic in people so that they will freely and foolishly give up their God-given rights of their own accord. This is ridiculous, but fear and ignorance are very powerful forces in the world and sources of evil and destruction know this. Divide and conquer has been effective utilized for thousands of years. Our intent in calling attention to the erosion of our freedoms is not to wring our hands in despair, but to make citizens aware.

It is our land that our Founding Fathers claimed in God’s name — not their own, and this year represents the anniversary of the Pilgrims landing on the shores of what we know as the state of Massachusetts 400 hundred years ago. They may have had to rearrange the legal permissions for settling in this land, but their foremost effort was to build a colony where they could worship God freely. That is why they suffered and endured all of the trials they willingly suffered through.

Jamestown was different experience — focused on investment for monetary gain and profit. The two major British seeds were sown in American soil for two different reasons. Our American War for Independence was predicated upon the foundation of the Declaration of Independence. That document proclaimed all people are endowed with God-given rights. Today, those rights are the exact cause for which patriots must suffer over, and fight for, and secure once again.

Today, CSN Executive Editor, Don Rosenberg provides an article that follows up on a video we provided a link to in our July 2nd edition that shows us a better mental framework to understand what is going on in America from the perspective of a KGB defector. This is information that is extremely relevant as we have arrived at the point where the Soviet Union intended to push America those many years ago when Nikita Kruschev proclaimed: “We will bury you.” 

My article today delves into the current battle for America’s soul that has to do with the attacks, both overt and covert against citizen’s God-given rights — these rights have not expired, so the American citizens, “We the People” need to stop acting as if they have.

Karen Cacy offers readers a tribute to the freedom of speech in her comparison between two strong journalists, Stone and Tucker Carlson. It is quite provocative: “Free speech is not negotiable notwithstanding the many incursions into its sanctity. ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.’ That 1950’s schoolyard taunt reflected a stronger, more honest time.” 

We are also offering a recent article from guest writer, Judi McLeod. She examines the Kamala Harris saga and her recent efforts to “reform” or sanitize her past exploits on Wikipedia and her current efforts to push “drive-through voting.” It represents another effort to dilute citizens’ power at the ballot box. A mass of Democrat supporters are behind the effort, or using Harris’ name to sanction the effort via http://WWW.STOP-REPUBLICANS.ORG

Our final selection is an article from writer Michael Lewinski from one written after Independence Day. As always Lewinski is brief, but he offers action plans. As a former teacher he tells teachers “to shine a bright light on how different life would be if we lost our right of conscience, self-defense, and the right to pursue economic gain…”

We offer a lot of great videos in our selection list today, but our video recommendation for a must watch is a video in which local Dallas, Texas, talk show host Debbie Georgatos interviews Dr. Richard Bartlett of Odessa, who claims to have found a remedy for COVID-19!

Dennis Jamison

The Reason for the Sudden Attack on Law and Order

by Don Rosenberg – 7/9/2020

Protests, riots, organized looting, destruction of our historical treasures, and socialist radicals taking over an entire political party. How did this happen so quickly?Actually, these may be the results of plans put in place over forty years ago. A video on “UGETube,” a censorship free video channel created by the Utah Gun Exchange, combined two interviews, the first with Malcom X and the second with KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov.

In 1963, Malcom X describes the way the Democrats were using black Americans as pawns for their political gain. He explains that the “white liberal has perfected the art of posing as the Negro’s friend and benefactor… The white liberal is able to use the Negro as a pawn or a weapon in this political football game that is constantly raging between the white liberals and the white conservatives.”

It seems as if the entire Black Lives Matter movement is under Marxist control with protests, demands and riots that have very little to do with preserving black lives and everything to do with dismantling our western society. The irony is that they now control the Democrat party, who will do anything in order to get power.

There Is No Expiration Date on God-Given Rights!

By Dennis Jamison —July 9, 2020

This year’s Independence Day celebrations were tainted by the poisonous divisiveness of political posturing since it is an election year. But, 2020 is unlike any other election year—it represents a turning point in the history of the United States of America. What exists at the heart of all of the nasty division, which may not be easily seen with all of the anarchists and Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioting across the country, is the core of the battle for the soul of America.

It is likely that America’s legacy further into the 21st century, and possibly its future survival, will be decided from the outcome of this election. That is not an exaggeration. Already anarchists and Marxists are attempting to abort history through tearing down the statues of historical figures. Yet, tearing down the statues represents “symbolic” actions aimed at much bigger targets. Such targeted statues were not only national heroes—heroes of the ending of slavery, heroes who fought to preserve the Union, but also religious symbols—such as tearing down statues of white Jesus, as commentator and BLM advocate Shaun King demanded in June:

“All murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends should also come down,” King wrote in a second tweet. “They are a gross form of white supremacy.”

Fox’s Tucker Carlson: An Inconvenient Man, Like Isidore Feinstein Stone

by Karen Hagestad Cacy Jul 8, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS: For  those who do not watch Fox News, they have missed Tucker Carlson, a muckraking journalist working today in the image of Isadore Feinstein (I.F.) Stone. Both reporters, although on opposite sides of the political spectrum are fearless in their pursuit of the truth.

I.F. Stone, original name Isidor Feinstein, (born Dec. 24, 1907, died June 18, 1989), was a spirited and unconventional American journalist whose newsletter, I.F. Stone’s Weekly captivated readers by the author’s unique blend of wit, erudition, humanitarianism, and pointed political commentary.

Stone was politically progressive.

Now With A Sanitized Wikipedia Page, Kamala Harris Touting A Drive-Thru Vote

By Judi McLeod –July 7, 2020

With ditzy Joe Biden still hiding out in the basement of his Delaware home—never more to be seen in public—presumptive vice president pick Senator Kamala Harris is coming down the pike.

Like Biden, Harris is trying to play it in-the-bag safe.

‘Kamala Harris’ Wikipedia page scrubbed of information amid veepstakes, igniting online fight’ (Fox News, July 6, 2020.)

“An online battle has erupted over the Wikipedia page for Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., with a significant uptick in edits that reflects a pattern that’s been seen ahead of past vice-presidential announcements and led Wikipedia to put the page under “discretionary sanctions.”

“The trend was first reported last week by The Intercept. According to the revision history of the Harris article on Wikipedia, there have been 500 revisions to the page since May 9, most of which have been made by one highly prolific editor.

To Foil The Progressive Revolution

By Michael J. Lewinski 07/08/20

It is long past the time for Americans to awake from their slumber and do something to foil the Progressive revolution that is under way and threatening our American way of life. We must do more than just talk about it; we must do something to actively try and stop the tyranny they want to impose on us.

What would this look like? The teachers in our schools should engage their students in discussions about the political revolution that is under way. As a former social studies teacher I can tell you there are numerous ways to address this. Teachers need to discuss what rights our Constitution allow us to exercise, and what life would be like without those opportunities. They would affect our material life, our safety, our spiritual life and our family life.

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