CSN Newsletter, 8/11/2020 – White House and the Constitution Both Under Siege

CSN Newsletter, 8/11/2020 – The White House and the Constitution Both Under Siege

From Our Founder…

As we are organizing this edition for posting, we have learned that Joe Biden has picked Kamala Harris as his Vice presidential running mate. We have a FOX News video on this in our Video Views section. 

Despite the lawlessness and criminal activity rampant across America, good people are awakening and beginning to take action against those who hate the law. Support rallies for the police are popping up all over, people are speaking out against the terrorism that is allowed in Democrat controlled cities and states. American citizens are speaking out against the unjust lockdown mandates and feeble response to blatant crime by Democrat “leaders. Of course, not much of the citizen response to these evils is being reported in the useless mainstream media. What is being promoted is an ongoing blare of anti-Trump and anti-American messaging. And, Wolf Blitzer had the audacity to say that the MSM was not the enemy of the people. It was a true statement, but the real problem was that he didn’t identify the people to whom he was referring. 

Certainly, the MSM is the enemy of true American citizens! They have not kept the public trust,and serve no real purpose anymore. IO wrote a number of months ago about social distancing from a toxic media, and over that time, the problem of toxicity has only gotten much worse. Thinking Americans, who have managed to seek out and embrace the truth are not relying on the MSM outlets for fake news. While it may be okay to review some of the MSM articles for perspective, or in the triangulation of factual information, but the inane interpretive efforts that are touted as “news” have little value, and people who accept such interpretations of reality from the MSM “personalities” have no excuse for their own lack of understanding of real clear and present dangers to our Republic — either in the immediate future, or down the road. 

My article today is one which looks at something many Americans would not necessarily have much of an idea about, but there is a Marxist underground out there, and they are seriously active in their attempts to undermine this Constitutional Republic. Many prominent Americans may look at these groups like Antifa or BLM as the evidence of such a reality. But, these are the ones that are visible to the public — as repugnant as they are. My article looks at the Marxists on the surface level, as well as a semi-underground perspective.  

Pastor Earl Wallace, of Liberty Christian Fellowship, who has recently been involved in support the police rallies in New York, offers an article on opening up the country at this time to have an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. He outlines the serious dangers to such an effort in such a time as this.

We also offer an article from writer Jack Meyer from Colorado who presents a great number of clear points to help readers remember the presidency of Donald J. Trump. However, it is lengthy, and we feature his article, which was originally posted in the Communities Digital News,  in two parts (part 2 will appear on Thursday).

Along a different line of thought, Don Rosenberg’s article looks at how great America was before Trump. However, it is an attempt to wake up the rest of the country regarding what Trump has done for the nation. Both Meyer’s and Rosenberg’s articles are helpful in jogging our memories about pre-Trump misery.

Michael Lewinski comes through with his article entitled “Puppet Masters.” In light of the Kamala Harris pick as Biden’s running mate, Lewinski’s article is appropriate. For the Democrats, their history indicates they are the epitome of puppet masters. And now they have one sock puppet and a marionette.

Our recommendation for the video today was posted on Craig Huey’s Election Forum. It was from a segment of “On the Road w/ Steve Harttman” – a moving video on Forgiveness – 8.10.20  

Dennis Jamison  

Plans to Lay Siege to the White House a Ploy to Destroy America

by Dennis Jamison, 8/10/2020

2020 has proven to be quite a turbulent year, and Americans have only passed through half of it. The major political event, the national election, has yet to appear on the immediate horizon, but it seems that it is the major driving reality of this year, especially with so much at stake. At the end of July, Tucker Carlson had a segment on his show in which he made the point that in an election year, everything is about the election. Thus, the idea that there is “So much at stake” seems to be a double- edged sword of sorts, as it is what both the Left and the Right envision. Robert De Niro and other “celebrities” are once again announcing that they really will move out of the country if Donald Trump is re-elected. In reality, they should have moved the first time, and it would have saved us all from a sour “re-run.”

Yet, it is likely that such noteworthy “celebrities,” who would rather move than change their minds or their hearts, will show up at the siege of the White House that is being planned for September 17th. What – no one has heard of the siege of the White House? Well, the word these days may spread slowly, especially if sane people do not read any semi-underground left-leaning online publications. The left-leaning “Adbusters,” has announced a 50-day siege of the White House beginning on September 17th, which is also symbolic since it is Constitution Day. For those not familiar with Adbusters Media Foundation, one simply needs to think of the “Occupy Wallstreet” activity in the summer of 2011.

Why A 28th Amendment Could Totally Destroy the Entire U.S. Constitution

By Earl Wallace – 8/8/2020

We periodically receive an email or other communication that recommends we reel in Congress with a proposed 28th Amendment, the provisions of which would compel our elected officials to behave in an honorable way.  While we all desire to see our elected leaders behave more righteously, here’s why we should not support any constitutional amendments.  Please read to the end for the solution we need, as I believe God will honor it to help us turn around our nation.

Constitutional Amendments only can be adopted following a “Convention of The States” at which 35 of America’s state legislature bodies would have to agree to ratify a US Constitutional amendment.

A mistaken belief is that a Con-Con only would determine if the 28th Amendment would be approved or disapproved, but once a Con-Con is called, the entire US Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, is up for grabs and can be re-written!

Donald J. Trump: The President America Hates to Love

by Jack Meyer, Aug 10, 2020

WASHINGTON: President Trump has created a nation of schizophrenics. On one hand, it is hard to argue that this results-oriented President has been incredibly successful in many diverse areas of national leadership. At the same time, on any given day, he is able to stir up a frenzy that ranges from bewilderment to anger with a single tweet. Over the past three and a half years, he has checked off as an “accomplished” campaign promise after campaign promise from the 2016 election.

The results have been until the pandemic sidetracked things, a nation with a strong economy and that is recognized as a blatant truth-teller throughout the world.

One has to think hard to remember the challenges facing the nation when Trump was sworn in on January 20, 2017. ISIS, a terrorist group, had taken control of large sections of Syria and proclaimed it a new caliphate. Reckoning back to the “glory days” of Islam. This self-proclaimed nation-state, they claimed, would draw all Muslims together as one, governed not by secular government, but by Islam. Their goal was death to Israel and death to America.

By simply taking the shackles the Obama administration put on the US military off, the territory was liberated quickly. ISIS, while still plotting, has been relegated to hiding in dark corners of the world.

Democrats, Wasn’t Life Great Before Trump?

by Don Rosenberg, 8/4/2020

Before Donald Trump came down his escalator, things were going just fine.  Our economy was growing at a post-modern and sustainable 1.2%.  Deficits were rising, but that was because we were investing to help people. Congress passed the Affordable Care Act that subsidized health care for the poor. We had elected our first black president, and then re-elected him for a second term, a clear signal that the United States was no longer a racist nation. Manufacturing jobs were becoming a thing of the past, but factory work is hot and dangerous.  It’s better to let poorer nations do that for us.

Undocumented workers were coming across the border by the millions, to do the jobs Americans didn’t want to do. Oil prices were at record high levels, so that meant Americans would be encouraged to buy more fuel efficient cars and help the environment.  We signed the historic Paris Climate Accord to stop global warming. China’s economy was doing great.  They were producing what we used to make in this country, and we were saving lots of money in our stores.  Soon they would be the top economy in the world, so other nations wouldn’t fear domination from the U.S. We signed a great deal with Iran and they promised they wouldn’t finish building their nuclear weapons for ten years.

And it looked like former First Lady Hilary Clinton would collect the second big milestone and become the first woman president and continue Obama’s legacy.  There were sixteen do-nothing Republican candidates running against her, and everyone said she was a shoe-in.

And then along came Trump.

puppet master

Puppet Masters

By: Michael J. Lewinski – 8/10/2020

Kevin Mooneyhan recently wrote, “…You may have heard that Angela Davis, the former Communist Party USA Vice Presidential candidate, supplier of the weapon used to murder a judge, former Black Panther, Marxist academic, and known anti-Semite , recently said voting for Joe Biden this November is critical because he is the candidate ‘who can be most effectively pressured by the left.”

One of the people who will manipulate puppet Biden is Rep. Jan Schakowsky with a “…bill that would allow U.S. taxpayer-funded international aid programs (contrary to the Hyde Amendment) to pay for abortion procedures in Africa and other locations around the world.” It seems that black babies don’t matter.

If Joe Biden is elected, they are going to legislate a variation of the Green New Deal driving up our energy costs, making us dependent on our enemies for oil and gas, and destroying millions of good-paying energy jobs. This is in light of the fact that they are going to limit drilling on land and off the coasts.

Breaking From FOX News: Biden taps Kamala Harris as running mate, setting aside tensions from primary – 8.11.20

On the Road w/ Steve Harttman” posted via Craig Huey’s Election Forum:  on Forgiveness  – 8.10.20

From ‘Life, Liberty & Levin’ w/ Mark Levin:  AG Barr: US facing new form of ‘urban guerrilla warfare’ driven by left’s ‘lust for power’ – 8.10.20

From FOX News – Sunday: Mnuchin: Democrats are holding up benefits to hardworking Americans – 8.9.20

From YouTube: Kennedy questions former Attorney General Sally Yates during Senate Judiciary hearing  – 8.5.20

From FOX News: Michael Flynn’s attorney: Sally Yates ‘has a lot of questions to answer’ – 8.4.20

From John Anderson (Australia) : Victor Davis Hanson on Trump, China and Black Lives Matter – 8.2.20

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