CSN Newsletter, 8/13/2020 – Let’s Restore Law and Order, What Happens When Biden Quits the Race?

CSN Newsletter, 8/13/2020 – Let’s Restore Law and Order, What Happens When Biden Quits the Race?

From Our Founder…

Big headline shaping news seems to be popping up every day! Today, as we began assembling the layout of our news articles and commentaries, we learned that President Trump, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed, the Deputy Supreme Commander of the United Arab Emirates, agreed to the full normalization of relations between Israel and the UAE. We have an official announcement of this as well as a video to help readers with the breaking news. 

Meanwhile, the battle for the soul of America proceeds. CSN news presents a number of articles and links to videos and articles that attempts to provide a more comprehensive sense of the bigger picture despite our purely volunteer efforts. We will continue because we are not a corporate news outlet, the tool of any political party, nor are we a bunch of naive individuals with a limited grasp upon the realities of our present age.

The writers in our network break the stigma of what the Left would have one believe about Christians or people of faith, or conservatives, or true patriots. We represent real people, most of professionals, who are speaking out to help our nation in this dire time. We need more volunteers to stand up and speak out in such a turbulent time. We need to hold on to our roots as a people, and not allow an illegal occupation of our nation by people who have the name of being American, but who are not. United, “We the People” Will Stand! But now is that time to take a stand, in whatever God is asking of you.

Today, my article is a defense of the basic concept of law and order — not for the sake of promoting law and order, but for the sake of a more peaceful and civil society. Americans must come together in this time to protect one another, to protect our families and loved ones. Police protection is fundamentally the essential line of defense between the citizens and the criminals. It is quite simple in this election year: Democrats want to remove that protection, and most of the GOP candidates have the desire to protect and serve the people and preserve our Republic.   

With the announcement of Kamala Harris as the Democrats vice presidential nominee this past Tuesday, we feature a provocative article from Don Rosenberg on the political shell game that the Democrat National Committee is playing in this year’s election. Citizens have to remember that this group of people have already behaved like the Central Committee of a Communist Party – the “democratic” part of the name is a facade and no longer has relevance. 

We also offer the second part of an article from writer Jack Meyer who presents a great number of clear points to help readers recognize the value of the presidency of Donald J. Trump. Due to its length, however, we presented Part 1 on Tuesday. In case you missed it there is a link at the end of the article to the entire piece that was initially posted in Communities Digital News.

Additionally, from time to time we feature articles from guest writers who provide their blanket permissions to post their articles in our newsletter, and today I offer my gratitude to Dave Hayes, the “Praying Medic,” for agreeing to allow us to post articles from his blog spot. His article is an explanation of the Qanon reality. I realize that many people are “followers” of Q, and although I am not an avid follower, I truly appreciate the Praying Medic’s perspectives on the Q posts. I shared with him an honest appraisal of his efforts to interpret Q that he provides the clearest interpretations, but even more so, he has a humility and a sincerity that allows God to shine through him. If some readers are not familiar with Q, it is never to late to learn. His articles are quite lengthy because he has a lot to say, so we have had to pare down today’s piece but the entire article can be found by following the link after the article. 

Finally, but not least in any way, we offer another article from James Harrison, the founder and leader of the Natural Family Foundation. http://www.naturalfamilystrong.com/  He provides his proposal for a new law, by looking at a very special foundation laid by President Reagan.  

 We also have a special recommendation to view the very first video on our list. It is a FOX news report on Trump’s victory in the ‘Historic Peace Agreement’ between Israel and the UAE as a ‘major victory for US foreign policy.’

Dennis Jamison

Innocent Lives Being Lost Demands Greater Justice, Not Less!

By Dennis Jamison – August 13, 2020

Little 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant did not stand a chance. His two sisters, ages 7 and 8, should have never ever witnessed the bizarre execution of their innocent brother right before their eyes. Cannon’s parents should not have to lose such a precious part of their lives to senseless violence. The loss of a single life can truly affect many, many people in a devastating way – especially if a life is lost in such a meaningless way. The ugly murder of Cannon Hinnant is just the latest tragedy to wrench the hearts of people all across the country who are witnessing America’s young people being killed on a daily basis. Such senseless violence has claimed so many victims in the past months, since Antifa and BLM have legitimized violence and murder just for the hell of it.

Young Cannon was executed by a black man who lived next door to his family. So, by contrast to the media hype and public outrage, where were all the white people that banded together to march in protest over the needless murder of this innocent child? Why didn’t throngs of people form, moving through the streets of Wilson, North Carolina in anger? Where were the sympathetic protest marches that should be springing up across the country? No White Lives Matter movement?

No. No mass movement will be organized. Most conservatives and Christians don’t even think of rampaging through city streets intent on destroying other people’s lives or other people’s property. They realize this was a senseless killing perpetrated by some strange motivation. Conservatives and Christians normally have a serious respect for the law, and trust the representatives of the law to carry out justice. Yet, they often suffer in silence. And his life mattered – especially to those who loved Cannon.

What Will Happen When Biden Withdraws from the Race for President?

by Don Rosenberg 8/14/2020

This year’s Democrat primary can be summed up this way… “in a country made up of midgets, the tallest midget is king.” This year’s crop of candidates was so devoid of talent, and the media coverage was so biased, that the few candidates with an ounce of sense were quickly dispatched, while the survivors stumbled onward to gain delegates.  At the end of the primary season we were left with just two aging white guys in the “party of diversity.”

So why did the Democrat Party put the screws to their second tier candidates to drop out and endorse Biden before “Super Thursday?”  Did they really think Biden could serve as President?

They usually prefer to pretend to be “compassionate liberals” who “just want the best for the average American,” get control of power and keep it once and for all.  Only occasionally do they disclose their plans to “fundamentally change the United States.”  But, as we are seeing with their support of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, their pretending might now be over.

Donald J Trump: The President American’s Hate to Love (Part 2)

By Jack Meyer, 8/10/2020

President Trump has created a nation of people feeling like schizophrenics.  On one hand, it is hard to argue that this results-oriented president has been incredibly successful in many diverse areas of national leadership.  At the same time, on any given day, he is able to stir up a frenzy that ranges from bewilderment to anger with a single tweet.  Over the past three and a half years, he has checked off as “accomplished” campaign promise after campaign promise from the 2016 election.  The results have been, until the pandemic side tracked things, a nation with a strong economy and that is recognized as a blatant truth teller throughout the world…

The Trump administration re-invested in the military.  Under the Obama administration, weapons had become obsolete. Equipment was not properly maintained and sat unusable for a lack of spare parts. Training had been reduced to meet an artificial spending limit. Those issues are no longer a problem.

An Analysis of Concerns About Qanon

By Praying Medic – Dave Hayes – Aug 3, 2020

During the last few months, I’ve been bombarded with messages from friends. The messages contain links to articles and videos where religious leaders have insisted that Q’s operation is intended to lead people away from God. A number of separate but related concerns have been expressed about Q. In this article, I’ll address them one by one.

If I were to pass a law it would look like this

By James Harrison, 8/1/2020

Here’s a law whose time has come.

Imagine America with a law in place that uses the natural family as a foundational model. Any laws past or present must assure the protection of the natural family and comply with its precise definition – That definition being one biologically born man , one woman, lifelong relationship with their children with penalties for going outside of that natural institution.  Divorce is unheard of, children are encouraged and lots of them ( no abortion).  A nation where the fathers, not the government is expected to be the head of the family. A nation where the education , health and spiritual development of children is the responsibility of the parents.

Alongside this national requirement we as well must pass just one other law and that is a rigorous adherence to the 10 commandments. As with the family we list the commandments, explain them and apply appropriate penalties and rewards for activities relating to them.  With these two laws you have satisfied the letter of the law with the family institution definition  and the spirit of the law with the 10 commandments.

Breaking From FOX News: Israel-UAE peace deal a ‘major victory for US foreign policy’ w/ Walid Phares – 8/13/20

From FOX News: Chicago Black Lives Matter organizer who called looting ‘reparations’ dismisses peaceful protesting – 8/13/20

From KGW News (full video): The most horrific displays of hate I’ve ever seen’ | Portland police describe protests – 8.6.20

From FOX News: Huckabee rejects narrative that Kamala Harris is moderate – 8/13/20

Review: From John “TIG” Tiegen on FB: “This video filmed in 1969 will shock you at how relevant and effectively exposes what certain groups are trying again to do.”

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From UPI: USDA finds noxious weeds, bug larva in unsolicited seeds from China – 8.13.20

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