CSN Newsletter, 8/18/2020 – DNC Lies, Two Civil Wars, Is Hatred Addictive?

CSN Newsletter, 8/18/2020 – DNC Lies, Two Civil Wars, Is Hatred Addictive?

From Our Founder…

The “Democratic” Party kicked off its political convention last night and there were a couple of noteworthy points. They are definitely appealing to the emotions of the Party faithful as could be evidenced by the carefully scripted presentations. Especially, it surfaced in a heavy speech from a non-elected official, Kristin Urquiza, who blamed President Trump for the death of her 65-year-old father who died recently after a long battle with the CCP-Virus.

What seemed to be supremely ironic is that this individual shared such thoughts in the night’s presentation with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who actually condemned a significant number of elderly citizens to be sent back into infected nursing homes. While there were many shots at President Trump for his response to the CCP-Virus, the fact is that many of the Democrat governors made the same moves in condemning the seniors (like Urquiza’s father), to nursing homes where they were doomed to die.

Appealing on the basis of her dead father, Urquiza stated “His only pre-existing condition was trusting Donald Trump, and for that, he paid with his life… The coronavirus has made it clear that there are two Americas: the America that Donald Trump lives in and the America that my father died in.” While it is sad that his father died of the CCP-Virus, it is clear that President Trump has done all that he can as POTUS to help deal with the disease. As readers can see, he is quite limited in so many ways to even react to the statewide violence that is responsible for killing so many of our innocent children.

The other point was made by Michelle Obama who delivered an emotional appeal to Party faithful to turn out to vote for Joe Biden: ” If we have any hope of ending this chaos, we have got to vote for Joe Biden like our lives depend on it,” she said. Her words were mainly an appeal to return to “empathy,” and on her necklace the word was plainly “vote.”  She attempted to make the point that “Right now, kids in this country are seeing what happens when we stop requiring empathy of one another… They’re looking around wondering if we’ve been lying to them this whole time about who we are and what we truly value.”

An answer to that question is “yes the Democrats have been lying to the American people for a long time about who they are and what they truly believe.” Antifa and BLM are providing a very clear definition for all Americans to see right now in real time. Emotional appeal and distortion of reality are the two key elements that are driving the Democrat Party today, which basically can be encapsulated as temptation for low information voters via fear and ignorance – ignorance of the reality around the nation, and definite ignorance of who the Democrats are truly.

Today, my article offers a perspective on the Democrat convention as being overshadowed by the shadow government of Michelle Obama’s husband. Most of the things that are happening in America today that are outright evil, Obama has had a hand in. If Biden is elected, he will simply be Obama’s sock puppet.

Executive Editor, Don Rosenberg provides a very thought-filled article on the hatred that is being brewed within the Left-leaning realms. It provides genuine insight into what Americans are seeing, when they can access the truth, what is going on around the nation in Democrat-controlled cities. What is truly frightening is that hatred seems to be addictive. 

We are also honored to offer an article from Dr. James Dobson, the founder of Focus on the Family, who presents an historical comparison between what is going on in the United States today and what happened in the election year of 1860. However, it is quite lengthy, and we appreciate the historical clarity of his article, which was picked up from the MyFaithVotes site; so, we will offer this message from Dr. Dobson in two parts (part 2 will appear on Thursday).

A. Dru Kristenev is offering a provocative article, which originally appeared in Canada Free Press. Her perspective is one of common sense, and it is hopeful that promoting the ending of the “National Emergency” could get back to the POTUS because there would be so many upsides to such a move. Watch for future action on this idea whose time definitely has come. 

It is possible that many of our readers have been following the travails with Pastor John MacArthur of California who illegally opened his church. The news has been significant in California as his actions represent direct defiance of Governor Gavin Newsom’s lockdown orders and invasion of the state into religious matters. So where is the separation that the Left is always clamoring about? Read Craig Huey’s piece to follow the radical activity of  MacArthur.

There are two videos we recommend today, but they are not easy to watch for everyone. But, we present these videos that the MSM will not deal with because it is reality. The first is the video and incident that prompted Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland come out of his dystopian bubble and call for an end to violence. The other video is one we featured last week about some of the law enforcement folks in Portland who have to deal with such reality head on. For those who can stomach the reality, both are worth viewing to help one come to grips with raw truth.

Additionally, we want to call readers attention to one of our contributors, Dr. Robert Owens who has published a book that he would like readers to become aware of. Dr. Owens’ Newest Book: https://drrobertowens.com/2020/08/ 

Dennis Jamison

Democrat Convention – Obama’s Socialist Agenda on Steroids

by Dennis Jamison – 8/18/2020

Former President Barack Obama’s shadow government may not have been on display as the Democrats virtual political convention kicked off yesterday, but his nefarious influence permeates the Party. From his former Vice President now holding a proverbial scepter (maybe baton – or maybe just a virtual baton) of power from his old boss, to the corrupt Clintons, to Deep State darlings of the mainstream media, Obama’s influence touches every aspect of the “Democratic” Party. Even the ghost of John McCain may be present via the representative of the Never Trumper team, John Kasich.

Of  course, it was Kasich’s “conscience” that motivated him to speak at this week’s “Democratic” Party’s convention. Kasich was an embarrassment to the GOP when he attempted to get his Party’s nomination to run for president in 2016, and now he still shows up as an embarrassment to the GOP, but if he is claiming that his conscience made him do it, keen observers may need to evaluate on what he has based his own definition of conscience. It used to be a term to indicate a discernment of the difference between good and evil. While every man, woman, and child has a conscience, the jury is still out on how healthy a conscience Kasich possesses.

Honestly, for those who are still clinging to some hope that the “Democratic” Party is the same political party as when Truman or Kennedy were alive, those folks need to move beyond their disbelief and acute denial of the fundamental transformation of their Party. However, it is likely that the MSM has done all too great a great job of brainwashing some American citizens that they, and people like Kasich, believe the Democrats have been maligned and are continually under verbal assault from the primary evil on the horizon, and that would be Donald J. Trump. If one buys the MSM mantra, Trump does not deserve to be POTUS because of all the lies that have been invented and accepted as factually accurate news. These people need to move beyond their dystopian bubble.

Are Liberals Literally Addicted to Hatred?

by Don Rosenberg – 8/17/2020

Enthusiasm and passion have been a hallmark of political action over all of history.  Stating something strongly and with conviction gets attention and forces people to listen. But the last three years have seen political passion turn into an explosion of hatred and anger like never before.  Why is this?

Psychologists say that anger arises when we have an unmet demand.  Some angry reactions are reasonable, such as objecting to bad service at an expensive restaurant, or protesting against an injustice, but others are irrational, such as shooting a gun at someone who just cut you off in traffic.

We use emotions such as anger to help us survive in difficult situations.  Scientists have found that all emotions cause neuro-chemical changes in the brain, and hate and anger have the largest impact.

Jean Kim, M.D., a psychiatrist and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at George Washington University, says, “Anger overrides all other moral and rational brakes in the brain because it originates from our primordial, original limbic system: the brain center of our most automatic emotions like fear and desire… While anger feels good in the moment, it is in fact deeply illogical and destructive; it overrides all other moral and rational brakes in the brain.”

America’s Civil Wars – Then and Now

By Dr. James Dobson, 8/10/2020

As I write this newsletter, voters across this nation are only a few short months away from the next general election. What an ominous time this is for our 244-year-old republic. Its future hangs in the balance. The choices we make on November 3rd will send this nation down one of two dramatically different paths. The wrong decision will be catastrophic. I agree with former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, who said recently that the next election will be “the most important since 1860.” He also warned that if we appease or ignore the violence and anarchy occurring in the streets, it might be the end of civilization as we have known it. Those are sobering words coming from a man who has stood at the pinnacle of national power.

Mr. Gingrich referred to the significance of 1860 because that was the year Abraham Lincoln was elected president. I’m sure the Speaker would agree that the following election of 1864 was also critical to the future of the nation. Lincoln and his opponent, Maj. Gen. George McClellan, were in a hotly contested campaign for the White House that could have gone either way. The “war between the states,” as it was called, had been raging for three ghastly years, and the entire nation was staggered by reports from the bloody battlefield.

The time has arrived: End the National Emergency

By  – August 14, 2020

With the executive orders signed by President Trump August 8, 2020, he put into action what Congress was unable to accomplish due to intransigence of House democrats, most still hiding out in their personal, protected compounds.

Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) have done their damnedest to limit and prevent America’s healing process, refusing to assist entrepreneurs and employees unless incompetent mayors are bailed-out from their self-inflicted jams.

Backing-up, it’s pertinent to examine the purpose of the national emergency proclamation made March 13. The president took the step in order to reduce the suffering caused by forced business, school and government office closures related to a perceived onslaught of a virus evidently introduced by the Chinese. It was made to free up funds to get citizens over the hump until the nation could return to “business as usual,” but it’s been used by congressional democrats to inflict as much chaos as possible.


Pastor John MacArthur Under Fire: Stands Firm

by Craig Huey – August 15, 2020

Pastor John MacArthur stood firm. When he announced he was opening his church “illegally” the forces of evil blew up.

· The media attacked him

· The politicians and bureaucrats attacked him.

· Even some “Christian” pastors attacked him.

But he stood firm. Remember, Dr. MacArthur, joining thousands of other churches opening their doors in the face of anti-Christian politicians and bureaucrats did so knowing he was being thrown into politics. Politics is something he avoided for years.

But, no more. Watch this powerful video – about 3 minutes. Where he explains…

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