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From our Editor 8/20/19

This week’s issue covers several issues, but they all relate to how the Left is trying to reshape America by any means necessary. Dennis Jamison feels that the corruption at Google knows no limits – even to the extent that they’re willing to manipulate voters in order to shape our elections.

Bonnie Parsley discusses how utopias have been promised around the world and the disastrous results. Mike Lewinski goes back in history to show how the Jacobins of France tried their version of revolution and how it is happening in this country right now. 

And finally, Dawn Hoagland reviews the Jeffrey Epstein death and discusses the reasons why important people from the Left feared his testimony and that “death by suicide” might not be an accurate conclusion. 

We’ve included some links to some excellent articles related to the Google story…

Articles on the Google whistleblower

There’s even a video view of his interview with Project Veritas.

Don Rosenberg, Editor, CSN

Zachary Vorhies – Revealing Google and YouTube

“Things are about to get a lot hotter in Silicon Valley, and it has nothing to do the climate change scam. Per investigative reporter  Sara Carter,and Project Veritas are reporting thanks to a whistleblower we may finally have the evidence needed to hold Google accountable for the skewing of results they do to hurt conservatives.”

Google Under Suspicion of Manipulating the Results of US Elections

Machinations of Google’s Manipulations

By Dennis Jamison – August 20, 2019

“Imagine that cops came to your house. Imagine you knew your rights and didn’t answer the door. Then imagine that law enforcement unilaterally escalated to the point that a bomb squad was called in.” Would blocking off streets and evacuating a nearby theater really be necessary if all you had done was to reveal some strange things going on inside the corporation where you had been employed? The first sentence above is not the beginning of some contemporary spy novel; It is a Tweet from former Google employee, Zach Vorhies, who blew the whistle on Google as he believed that they were intending to tamper with elections in the United States.

Leftists Want to Reconstruct America

By Bonnie M. Parsley

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, progressives have worked to undermine our history, our values and our freedom. These ideologues would destroy our country because they believe that they can construct a nation that will offer total equality, perfect peace and social justice for all its citizens. This is the utopian dream that those on the left have promoted despite the facts from history that prove this is an impossible dream.

In every society where this has been tried, the result has been a totalitarian, authoritarian dictatorship. Freedom has been extinguished and human potential has been squandered. All you have to do is look at the history of Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, or other communist nations. Leftists can no more create their utopian system than they can make humans look the same, have the same intelligence, have the same incentive for achievement or the same creative spirit. The only way this can be achieved is to replace humans with soulless robots.

Look at North Korea as an example of robotic humans. Individualism is not allowed, not in thought or deed. They march like robots. They clap on cue. They are programmed, starting at birth, to worship the “dear leader” and to hate America.

The American Jacobin Revolution

By Michael J. Lewinski  08/06/19

I have spoken before about the revolution cycle, which breaks out about every 250 years. The last time it erupted, we experienced the American Revolution and the French Jacobin Revolution. There is now an American Jacobin Revolution breaking out, which is sponsored by the progressive socialist Democrats.

Their shock troops, which are spearheading this revolution, is Antifa. We have seen their violence in California and Oregon. They are now planning to bring it to Texas. The shooter in Ohio was a big fan of Antifa.

Look at the objectives of the progressive socialist Democrats. They want to turn America into the antithesis of what has been the American experience.

Jeffrey Epstein will not stand trial. We may never know why.

By Dawn Hoagland

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on July 6, 2019, at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey on federal charges of the sex trafficking of minor girls in New York and Florida. The Miami Herald petitioned the court to release documents pertaining to a lawsuit brought by one of Epstein’s victims that had been settled before trial. It was only a few days after these documents were published that Epstein was picked up by the police.

The court documents revealed that Epstein and his former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, had been sex trafficking hundreds of girls as young as 14. The girls were flown on Epstein’s private jet, “The Lolita Express,” to his private island in the Caribbean. Bill Clinton was listed as a passenger on the flight logs to “Orgy Island” 26 times. He admits flying on the plane four times but says he never went to the island.

Who went to the parties on Orgy Island?

Young girls visited Epstein’s mansion in Palm Beach and his mansion worth $56 million in New York City. Epstein had a ranch in New Mexico and a house in Paris where a constant stream of young girls has also been documented. One victim, Virginia Giuffre, has stated that Bill Clinton was on Epstein’s private island. She has a distinct memory of Clinton walking off into the sunset with a girl on each arm after a dinner party.

A lawyer for several of Epstein’s victims, Bradley Edwards, stated that Donald Trump was the only person who he contacted or subpoenaed in 2009 in an effort to gather information about Jeffrey Epstein who actually picked up the phone. Edwards said that Trump was very cooperative and generously offered as much time as was needed.

Trump provided helpful information for Edward’s case against Epstein. The media tries to paint Trump as Epstein’s current friend, but Trump banned him from Mar-a Lago years ago for sexually assaulting the daughter of a guest at the resort. He has not had any contact with him for over 15 years.

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