CSN Newsletter, 8/25/2020 Convention Fever

CSN Newsletter, 8/25/2020 Convention Fever

From Our Founder…

The Republican Party kicked off its political convention last night and it did not have the same pseudo-sentimental concerns over human lives and the venom dripping from the lips of the politicians on parade at the Democrat Political Convention just last week. Apparently, the fact that President Trump will speak all four nights at the GOP Convention was too much for the hard core Democrat leadership. Just an hour into the first night, it was The New York Times that couldn’t wait to crank out its propaganda. They ran a banner headline stating: “GOP Pushes Falsehoods and Fear at Convention.” They must’ve got their replay equipment showing the Democrat Convention mixed up with the live streaming event.

Ratings for C-Span’s live streaming of the RNC convention were almost six time higher than the first night for the DNC.

In reality, the first day of the convention did not seem to disappoint the faithful who attended the event. The Left and those who have the name of being conservative truly played down the list of those who were to speak. But in Trump tradition, he was lifting up common Americans as well as those in public positions. For the Left, this is absurd because only the Elitists opinions have real value. And when there are common people brought forward, their messages are tinged with or poisoned with resentment and hatred.

Regardless, these two conventions at the end of August, not only mark the end of summer, but they mark the beginning of political battles, as well as literal battling in the streets over the future of America. If citizens have not figured out that this election is a contention over the soul of the America, they must have dug a pretty deep hole to hid in — literally or figuratively. When they wake up or emerge from their bunkers, America will be much different than they remember.

This week at the start of the GOP Convention, my article revisits the Democrat convention of last week. There were some significant moments that demonstrated how shallow and how hollow their words were, from the former first ladies to the current leader of the “resistance.”   

An article by the DefCon crew also addresses the Democrat convention in their article entitled:


Author Kevin McCarthy tackles the strength and power of words, and ultimately recognizes that we all must learn to communicate better with one another — not from a particular political party, or representative of a racial identity, or from the residue of our national roots, but simply as one  human family. 

We are also featuring an article from Michael Lewinski that offers openly his advice to President Trump on what he should say to the American people so that his words won’t be hollow and that they will have meaning to the grassroots of America. 

Our final article is from writer Craig Huey who provides advice of his own to the grassroots. He shares six “shocking reasons your vote may never be counted…” if citizens succumb to the vote by mail campaign of the Democrat Party. It is a good piece to read, and we’ll put in another plug for the MyFaithVotes’ website, which is a good site to become familiar with in this election year. 

There are a few videos we recommend today, most are from the first night of the Republican Convention, so we suggest you see if the names of some of your favorites are included in our listing of videos we recommend. Or, watch them all! 

Dennis Jamison

Reflecting on Democrats and a Convention of Hollow Words

By Dennis Jamison –August 25, 2020

Last week, the Democrat Party pushed out their version of truth, which normal people would call propaganda, but the words spewed out at their convention rang hollow. In fact, anyone suffering from a hangover due to the poisonous propaganda spread across the airwaves should be cured through a good dose of the GOP Convention this week. Yet, some of the propaganda that spewed forth from the “Demorants” at the convention is too hard to not comment on, too hard to pass up, especially speeches given by Hillary Clinton as well as Barack and Michelle Obama.

One of the most startling realities that emerged from the Democrat Convention was Michelle Obama’s remarks in the keynote speech on the opening night were fact-checked by Associated Press, and that left-leaning news source called out Ms. Obama for the lies she tried to get away with as she repeated the outdated Leftist mantra that President Donald Trump was responsible for “ripping migrant children from their parents and throwing them into cages.” This had been   frequently used Democrat propaganda until some intelligent Democrats sorted it out, and were shocked by the lies of their leaders.

Clown Show Democratic National Convention Gives President Trump Yuge Bump in the Polls

By Def-Con News – 8/23/2020

Traditionally in a presidential campaign, there are events that give a candidate a bump in the polls, like selecting a VP and the party convention. Joe Biden had a 14-point lead over Donald Trump and then he picked Kamala Harris to be his running mate, which caused his lead to drop 10 points. Equally as dismal for the democrats, their national convention has actually given President Trump a huge bump with his job approval rating going through the roof. On top of which, both candidates are now in a tie in Minnesota, a state that has gone for the democrats for almost a half-century.

A CNN poll taken after Biden picked Harris, but before the DNC shows that Crazy Joe’s 14-point national lead went down to 4 points:

Just as Black Lives Matter, so do Words

By Kevin McCarthy – 8/24/2020

The words we use can mean one thing to the speaker, while to the one who hears those words, an entirely different, even opposite, meaning can be understood.

That is the basic premise of the book “4 Essential Keys to Effective Communication” by Bento Leal III. Leal makes the point that the words we use and when we use them can easily miscommunicate what we are intending to say. A subtle change of verbiage and pacing can open up doors of communication that previously seemed impenetrable.

Today we see the issue of racial strife dominate the national consciousness. The death of George Floyd was the catalyst igniting a powder keg of pent-up frustrations, anger, and resentments. The ensuing narratives that were formed were fraught with examples of what happens when the inability to express thoughts clearly, runs headlong into the inability to listen carefully. It is a microcosm of what consistently derails racial harmony in America.

A Citizen’s Advice for President Trump

By Michael J. Lewinski – 8/24/2020

When addressing voters during the last month of the campaign, President Trump should tell the American people the following things…

We are a blessed people and a cursed nation. We’re going after one another like the other side is the devil from hell. Yet, we see people who are caring for others and behaving as Jesus requires us to love one another.

I suggest the American people choose those who are doing the good deeds and reject those who, while professing to lift people up, but rather are acting to keep people down. It is mostly Democrats who are keeping people down. Rather than giving parents the right to educate their children as they choose, they only want to give your children a government-sponsored education. This type of education fails so many our children, denying them many more economic opportunities than a more efficient educational system could provide.

Voting by Mail: 6 Shocking Reasons Your Vote May Never be Counted

by Craig Huey – August 20, 2020

Voting by mail does not guarantee your will vote will ever be counted. Voting by mail actually increases the possibility that your vote will not count. Some must vote by mail, there is no other way. But those who can vote in person should do so.

You Should Know:

1. If you put a stamp onto your ballot envelope and mail it, it does not guarantee it will arrive to the voter registration office. In fact, between an estimated 2 – 4% of all first-class mail disappears. It’s been that way for at least 40 years, maybe longer.

It’s not Trump.

It’s not the Postmaster General.

It’s not removing inefficient and antiquated machines.

It’s the bloated postal bureaucracy.

From Huckabee: Over 10 MILLION VIEWS! Kim Klacik Is Taking The US By STORM With This Ad – 8/22/20

Kim Klacik’s full speech at the Republican National Convention (2020 RNC Night 1)

Tim Scott’s full speech at the Republican National Convention (2020 RNC Night 1)

Nikki Haley’s full speech at the Republican National Convention (2020 RNC Night 1)

Father of school shooting victim criticizes Obama-era policies on school discipline (2020 RNC Night 1)

Herschel Walker’s full speech at the Republican National Convention (2020 RNC Night 1)

Maximo Alvarez’s full speech at the Republican National Convention  (2020 RNC Night 1)

Sean Parnell’s full speech at the Republican National Convention (2020 RNC Night 1)

From The Gateway Pundit: BUSTED – Joe Biden Delivered the Same Speech in 2020 He Gave in 2008 – Same Old Lies in Rehashed Speech ( w/ VIDEO) – 8/22/20

Recommended Reading… 

From Red State: Barack Obama Says the Quiet Part Out Loud About Joe Biden, and You Should Listen – 8/23/20

From the Wall Street Journal: The Post Office’s Problem Isn’t Trump – 8/13/20

Review From The Hill: Ron Johnson signals some GOP senators concerned about his Obama-era probes – 8/12/20

Review From FOX News: Gov. Noem explains how South Dakota kept COVID cases low without locking down – 8/4/20

Video from Wisconsin: From American Action News – Elderly Man Assaulted for Defending His Store – 8/25/20

From New York: Armed civilians defend Kenosha gas station from arsonists amid Jacob Blake protests

Video from South Carolina: – From The Gateway Pundit: FAKE HATE: Black Democrat Faked and FILMED her Own Beating and Kidnapping… WTH? And She Did it For Votes — She Even Posted It Online! – 8/21/20

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