CSN Newsletter, 8/27/2020, Two Conventions – Clear Choice; End the Emergency! and Who’s Behind the Curtain?

CSN Newsletter, 8/27/2020, Two Conventions – Clear Choice; End the Emergency! and Who’s Behind the Curtain?

From Our Founder…

If readers have not been watching the Republican National Convention, it is too bad because the effort that has gone into this year’s event represents as much as possible the whole of Americans that still love this country and who still have hope for a better future. Eric Golub, a fellow writer at Communities Digital News has offered a great summary of the GOP convention thus far. We posted a link to his article, which includes several good recap videos of those who presented up to his posting date. So, for those who have not been paying attention, it provides a good recap of a portion of the convention.

Our Tuesday edition and last week’s editions touched on the back to back conventions. There is a distinct difference. It is not just between two political platforms this year, which the low-information voters and those without a political perspective have a hard time understanding. This election, as many Americans are realizing, is between a Party promoting law and order for the protection of all citizens and a Party ignoring, or condoning, or even promoting lawlessness. It is an election pitting a Party of the bedrock values of our nation against a Party promoting the Marxist ideology in order to establish Socialism or totalitarian Communism. And Socialism is just the infant or young version of Communism. 

The infiltration has been quite effective, like weeds growing silently and slowly in a vegetable garden. At some point, for the garden to fulfill its own purpose of bearing fruit or vegetables, the weeds must be pulled. This is that time. For the garden to survive, the weeds must be pulled, or the garden itself will die, and those who depend on the garden will suffer the most.  

My article made the Front Page edition of the Canada Free Press, and it provides an answer to why the Democrat Party is so selective in their concept of justice as they embrace lawlessness. For years, Americans have understood that the Republicans have been plagued by those who are Republican in Name Only (RINOs). In my humble estimation, the Democrat Leaders who are in charge of the Party since the Obama Era, have the name of being American only, but they are not Ameircans in the true sense.  

Author Karen Cacy provides a great perspective on the Democrat Party and the Elites behind them. The article is strong and it includes the iconic scene in the movie Network from 1976. Her article is to say the least, “provocative.” Cacy is originally from Portland, so what is happening there is personal to her as she sees what has happened to a once beautiful city.

Equally strong is A. Dru Kristenev’s article titled: “Indeed, We are Enemies of Pelosi’s Communist State.” It is quite brief, but great things come in small packages. Last week, we featured another provocative article from Kristenev that offered a common sense proposal to end the “National Emergency” so the multifaceted benefits could be reaped. Today, we are presenting her very simple proposal to our readers so we can get this message from “We the People” to the POTUS because there would be so many upsides to such a move. We believe this is an idea whose time definitely has come:  

Fully respecting the dignity of Life and the foundations of Liberty, America has been recently ravaged by the loss of thousands of lives due to COVID-19; and currently, Americans are witnessing the killing of innocent people all across the nation due to an undeclared civil war between those who love America and those who hate this nation. While the loss of a single life is truly tragic, too many Americans are suffering in 2020 in health, in spirit, and in their economic well being.

As President Trump has done and continues to do all in his power to battle the coronavirus, the nation must move forward, or it will perish from our lack of vision and wisdom, and paralysis of will. Proverbs 29:18


We, the People, call for the President to make an official end of the Coronavirus National Emergency.

According to all statistics available, the coronavirus has run its course with mortality rates and positive cases numbering far below ANY pandemic of historic nature, and continues on a downward trend. Small outbreaks that may occur are well able to be met with common sense hygiene practices, masks being unnecessary as proven ineffective and hazardous to the well-being of healthy individuals.

Ending the National Emergency will…

• Remove any reason for mail-in voting for the 2020 election, which is vulnerable to extensive fraud.

• Endorse opening the nation’s businesses, schools, churches, government offices and travel without restriction, removing any need for Congress to allocate more Coronavirus relief funds.

• Empower law enforcement faithful to their Oath to focus on deterring criminal activity including insurrection, rioting, looting, murder, fraud, larceny and illegal political schemes; halting infringement of First Amendment rights by enforcing unconstitutional mask mandates and edicts restricting free exercise of religion, speech, assembly and commerce.

COPY and PASTE and SHARE this to all who may be of similar sentiment!

We also provide another article from Dave Hughes, “The Praying Medic,” who provides a brief update on the MSM’s effort to extinguish the voice of “QAnon.” One of the reasons CSN is posting Hughes’ articles is because the Social Media Moguls have declared war on free speech. It is not right. We will share his articles until we are taken out because as our masthead boldly proclaims: “Freedom of Speech – Freedom of Religion – Freedom of the Press.” It is not just a slogan on our masthead, it is what we absolutely believe in and what we will defend!

Our last article from our network writers, is Michael Lewinski on “Corporate Suicide.” It touches on a different angle regarding what Americans are having to endure in this time. It is also brief, but it is cogent, and worth the small amount of time required to read it. 

Invest a few minutes to watch the new, must watch video from Executive Editor, Don Rosenberg. It shows the plans of the globalist Elitists in their own words and why they hate Donald Trump. It puts all our turmoil over the last three years into a clear perspective.

Dennis Jamison

Why Democrats Favor Lawlessness and Terrorism Over Donald J. Trump

By Dennis JamisonAugust 27, 2020

Looking backward with the part of 2020 that is in the rear view mirror, it is quite amazing that as the United States plunged further into the new year, the Democrat leadership digressed further and further from rational thought or intelligent expression. The year began with the Democrat leadership siding with the terrorists who honored and praised General Soleimani. In fact, the American citizens received a prelude to what would be coming out of Democrats for the entire year. It was not just the Democrat leadership, but the minions in the mainstream media and Hollywood elitists who demonstrated they did not just hate Donald Trump, they showed a higher regard for recognized terrorists who are responsible for the killing of thousands of people than any respect for an American president.

The Democrat leadership was distracted with impeachment proceedings during the time, but not long after President Trump made the decision to restrict incoming travel from Communist China, many Democrat leaders, including Joe Biden, second guessed the president and said it was not necessary and that he was overreacting. Biden even took the opportunity by attacking what the former Vice President referred to as Trump’s “record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear mongering.” Biden went so far at the time as to say that President Trump “is the worst possible person to lead our country through a global health emergency.” The Democrats are still attacking Trump’s efforts on his Administration’s response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. But, now they are saying he did not do enough.

Liberal Elites: They can all go to Hell because I’m done here!


All of them can go straight to hell.

Qanon Strategic and Tactical Update

by Praying Medic – Dave Hughes – August 25, 2020

The media’s public war against Qanon has escalated. In the last two weeks, members of the press have asked President Trump and people close to him to denounce Qanon. The list of people includes White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Vice-President Mike Pence, House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Melania Trump’s spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham, and acting head of Homeland Security Chad Wolf.

The tactic being used by the media is to demand that Qanon be denounced. If the individual doesn’t comply, they’re confronted with the unproven claim that the FBI labeled Qanon a terror threat. The decision to interrogate people close to the President about Qanon appears to be a coordinated strategy employed by multiple news networks. This tactic reveals the goals of the corporate media complex, and it allows us to identify our own goals.

Corporate Suicide

By Michael J. Lewinski 07/10/20

Black Life Matter is a terrorist Communist group that is being funded by American corporations and others. This gives credence to the declaration made by Russian leaders in the 1960s. They said “We will bury America and give us the rope with which we will hang ourselves.”

There are many corporations that gave millions of dollars. Here is a list of some of these companies that collaborate with Black Lives Matter Communist organization. Ganni is a clothing company that donated $75,000. DoorDash donated a half-million dollars. Amazon is donating ten million dollars to 12 groups which included Black Life Matter. Gatorade is giving Black Life Matter a half-million dollars. Microsoft is giving $250,000. Ritz Crackers is donating $500,000,

What is it with all these private companies wanting to usher in a Communist government? Do they have a death wish? Do they not have any concern at all for their shareholders and their families?

From CSN Executive Editor, Don Rosenberg: Globalists tell you exactly what their plans are, and why they need to defeat Trump in 2020  August 2020

From Communities Digital News (w/ multiple videos): Showcasing a Land of Opportunity at the Republican National Convention – 8/26/20

Mike Pence delivers speech at the Republican National Convention (2020 RNC Night 3)

Jack Brewer’s full speech at the Republican National Convention (2020 RNC Night 3)

Madison Cawthorn – to inspire young conservatives (2020 RNC Night 3)

Burgess Owens’ full speech at the Republican National Convention (2020 RNC Night 3)

Clarence Henderson’s full remarks at the GOP Convention (2020 RNC Night 3)

Sister Dede Byrne’s full speech at the Republican National Convention (2020 RNC Night 3)

Rand Paul: Trump is the first president in a generation to seek to end war (2020 RNC Night 2)

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