CSN Newsletter – 8/5/21 – Our Country, Attacked and Betrayed

CSN Newsletter – 8/5/21 – Our Country, Attacked and Betrayed

From the Editor…

Our country is under attack from multiple corners and our writers today point out just a few.

Jack Gleason in “How Those COVID Charts Are Lying” shows how we are literally being frightened to death by information that is manipulated to scare us into getting our shots. He shows some common charts and comes up with one of his own to illustrate what’s really happening in the COVID “pandemic.”

Judi McLeod takes a similar angle, in “It Ain’t Over Until Marxist Covid Swings,” blaming most Western governments for their complicity in the panic and their desire to control all aspects of their citizens’ lives.

“Red Chinese Inroads” by Jim Bratten, points out that the Chinese have been waging a “covert war” on the United States for decades, “three major areas: 1) Subversion; 2) Drugs; and 3) Disease.”

Ray DiLorenzo, in “The Joker As President,” argues that the Biden “administration” and the Democrat Party are nothing more than a crime syndicate and are systematically destroying our country.

Michael Lewinski ends on a positive note, showing how average Americans can fight back in “Be Tenacious” and mentions Teddy Daniels who is running for Congress in Pennsylvania as an example of ordinary Americans we can get behind politically and financially.

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How Those COVID Charts Are Lying

By Jack Gleason – 8/5/21
It’s clear that the Propaganda Media and the Big Tech giants are working with the current administration to generate as much panic as possible.  But Americans with simple common sense realize that the vaccine is worse than the disease it’s supposed to cure and are not rolling over and rolling up their sleeves.

So it’s all panic all the time, most of it fueled by out-and-out lies.  “Ninety-nine point five percent of the people dying from the delta variant are unvaccinated.”  Not true.  “If you got your shots, you won’t get the delta variant.”  Another lie.  “If you got your shots, you’ll protect your loved ones because you won’t spread COVID.”  Not.

They tried panic at the beginning — “take the shots or you’ll die” — then guilt — “take the shots or you’ll kill your grandmother.” Didn’t work. Then they tried incentives, all the way from discounts on doughnuts to free million-dollar lottery tickets. Didn’t work, either.

Their new plan is…


The Government HATES You! Never let an unloving, uncaring government coerce you into anything

It Ain’t Over Until Marxist Covid Swings

by Judi McLeod – 8/1/21

It’s time to face up to the harsh and unrelenting reality of our day: Western Governments, here and overseas, not only wish ill will on their own people, but keep working on ways to frighten and panic them into compliance. Governments, worldwide message the masses by day through hyped up media that COVID, like Google, is forever; that if it or its experimental vaxx doesn’t maim or kill you, its next variant, and its vaxx, WILL.

After a long year and a half of hoping and praying for the return of better days, mandatory masks are back; restive children about to lose…


Red Chinese Inroads

By Jim Bratten – 8/2/2021

Communist China has been conducting a “covert war” with the United States for decades, but we aren’t at war with them. They have been pursuing this covert war in three major areas: 1) Subversion; 2) Drugs; and 3) Disease.

Red China has been working its strategy of subversion within our nation for several decades –  extensive, multi-level tactics employed throughout the United States. One cell of an expansive intelligence collection operation was discovered recently in Houston, Texas during the Trump administration, as was a data gathering system inside the social media platform of the Communist Chinese social media company, TikTok. Internet platform provider and cellular communication company Huawei was found to be intimately tied to (controlled by) the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which is also a heavy donor to Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa, providing funding for last summer’s riots in over 200 American cities, millions going to BLM.

The CCP has been discovered shipping millions in counterfeit U.S. dollars of various denominations into…


The Joker As President

By Ray DiLorenzo –August 5, 2021

When the Democrats came back into the White House they brought with them more than the usual pandering, tax hikes, and promises of paradise. They also delivered chaos, crime, corruption, and control in abundance. The Democrat Party is more like a crime syndicate than a political entity, and Joe Biden is at its head. It would be easy to convince any level-headed person that we are much worse off now than when Trump was president. We are no longer energy independent. Prices on gasoline are almost double what they were just two years ago.

Inflation is back with a vengeance. Food prices, especially beef, bacon, bread, dairy, just about everything, are rising fast. The Fed is printing money as quickly as they can, fueling even more inflation. What the Fed told us would be a minor inflation cycle will actually be an embedded cycle for a long time. They just weren’t going to tell us.

The Democrats have always known their true calling, but for the first time in many years they are now able to achieve it…


Be Tenacious

By Michael Lewinski – 8/3/21

Recently, I listened to Dr. Ben Carson speaking on Newt Gingrich’s show. Afterward, I wrote him a letter. “I was one of your early supporters, passed out fliers, wrote letters to the editor and planted yard signs in five counties in Southern Indiana. I was devastated when you dropped out of the race … I began doing the same for President Trump … for the 2020 campaign. In retrospect, I am glad you dropped out of the campaign. Only President Trump could handle the things the Progressive, Socialist Democrats threw at him.

In the revolutionary times we are experiencing, we as a people must be tenacious and always combat evil, no matter what the odds. Sometimes, we must lose the battle in order to win the war. It was hard to see Dr. Carson leave his campaign, but as I noted, it was all for the good. We must always appeal to God for wisdom and mercy.

Think about what these Progressive Marxists and Democratic Socialists are trying to achieve. They want to destroy the nuclear family. They want to reinstate racism and go against Martin Luther King’s beliefs by teaching our children, our workers in big corporations and people in the military that all that matters is…

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