CSN Newsletter, 9/10/2020 – Democrat Victory Using Mind Control?

CSN Newsletter, 9/10/2020 – Democrat Victory Using Mind Control?

From our Executive Editor

Dennis is on the road this month connecting with fellow patriots, so the task of writing the “founder’s message” falls to me today. This entire issue has a disturbing theme, the war for Americans’ minds with the goal to take over our country – permanently – regardless of the true election results in November.

We start with my article that observes that what we are seeing with the Democrats and their media is actually a psychological war of control, using techniques developed and refined over the years.

Yaacov ben Moshe likens the Democrat actions to kabuki theater with the key players cynically violating their own rules while they quest for power.

Dr. Richard Moss points out that the spark for this particular round of outrage, the George Floyd killing, involves manipulation of the facts in order to produce the desired result of painting an isolated event as confirmation of the mythical police war on black men.

Def Con News shares their story about another psyops tactic – demonizing the enemy – as Nancy Pelosi declares the entire Republican Party as an “enemy of the state.”

And finally, our Founder-on-the-road, Dennis Jamison, sums it all up by pointing out that the respect that we show every September 11th for our men and women in uniform, who run towards danger, is being eroded by the constant media narrative that all persons in uniform are inherently racist and the virtuous thing to do is revere the brave members of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Dennis calls this “a shameful display of deception and disinformation.”

If you have any doubts about the goals of our opposition, just look through our Video Views, Recommended Reading, and “Around the Republic” videos and stories below that show what is happening to our country on multiple levels.

The only solution is to win the election in November, but not just in a fair count of electoral votes, but by such a margin that we overcome rampant mail-in voter fraud by the Democrats, as well as by winning enough states early that the magic number of 270 is reached prior to any contested state races. Otherwise the inevitable cheating to manufacture as many “votes” as are needed will flip the necessary close states.

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Don Rosenberg

The Psyops War on America

By Don Rosenberg 8/28/2020

“Psychological operations” have been an integral part of warfare throughout history.  Sun Tzu, Alexander the Great, and Genghis Kahn, as well as scores of other military leaders, have used psychological tactics to confuse, deceive and demoralize their enemies’ leadership as well as their civilian populations.

World War I is considered the start of modern psyops, using news media, posters and leaflets in enemy towns and on the battlefield.  In World War II, radio, cinema, print and broadcast media used direct appeals to the audience as well as subtler approaches to change attitudes.  In fixed position warfare, each side would use intermittent shelling, loud music or flares to deprive the enemy of sleep, or broadcast propaganda to confuse or overwhelm them.

Extensive research has been done to make psyops more effective.  Why spend billions on weapons systems and manpower when you can significantly reduce the enemy’s morale and even convince them to surrender or overthrow their own government with no shots fired?

Apocalypse Kabuki

By Yaacov ben Moshe – 9/82020

Let’s look beyond the hubris and hypocrisy for a moment.

Nancy Pelosi has made her attempt to put SalonGate behind her. She says it was a setup, “…and that’s all I’m going to say about that.” So, while there is very little in this world more pathetic than the spectacle of an eighty-year-old woman fulminating like a cornered gangster in a 1930s B-movie, there is something else, something of greater interest I have realized, thanks to this episode.

It has connected in my mind with two other political oxymorons from recent years. You see, Nancy has been saying all sorts of apocalyptic things about COVID-19. And there she was, flouncing around a hair salon without a mask, breaking rules that she loudly condemned others for infringing.

…They simply do not care if the danger they act out is real, as long as we “the people” get scared into compliance and treat them with the respect and gratitude to which they believe they are entitled. They think of this as leadership. But where are they leading us?

George Floyd: Lies, Myths, and Fraud

By Richard Moss, MD – 9/6/2020

Yes, you’ve heard of George Floyd, the holy, blessed martyr, peace be upon him, newly beatified by the secular pagan church of Anti-racism.  He rests in his misty perch in atheist heaven on God’s right side, gazing benevolently upon us.  Yes, that George Floyd, the one with the rap sheet down to his ankles.  There were eight jail sentences for a variety of charges including drug possession, theft, criminal trespass, and armed robbery during a home invasion.  That latter charge involved holding a loaded firearm against the belly of a pregnant woman after gaining entry by deceiving her while five compatriots then pillaged her home.  Nice, George.

Floyd met his fate, as the entire world knows, on May 25, 2020 in Minneapolis, MN when police were called because he attempted to pass a counterfeit bill.  The initial disturbing video of the encounter with law enforcement showed officer Derek Chauvin holding his knee against the back of Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes.  He was face down on the ground and handcuffed as he called for his “Momma” and said that he could not breathe.  Floyd, indeed, stopped breathing and subsequently died.  We have been living with non-stop mayhem and violence in our cities since.

…The media, Democrats, and their leftist militias, Black Lives Matter and Antifa, hold that the Floyd episode is another example of police racism and brutality targeting blacks.  But the contradictions in the story suggest otherwise.

Nancy Pelosi Labels Republicans as “Enemies of the State”

By Def-Con News – 9/5/2020

In her effort to unite the country and bring much needed relief to Americans suffering from pointless Democratic coronavirus lockdowns, Nancy Pelosi labeled all Republicans “enemies of the state” late last month. Since Democrats are the party of projection and whatever she accuses Republicans of is precisely what she and her co-conspirators are actually doing, for once I finally agree with her –  Democrats truly are the enemy.

Pelosi and the Democrats have been blocking the latest coronavirus relief package for several weeks now, and they are on some kind of conspiracy kick that President Trump is sabotaging the U.S. Postal Service to steal the November election. Pelosi went on MSNBC to deflect from her party’s inherent awfulness by attacking the Republicans – who want nothing more than to get the American people coronavirus relief funds.

In video, Pelosi accuses Trump supporters of essentially killing their own children:

Patriot Day — Does it Still Matter?

By Dennis Jamison – 9/9/2020

Today, on the threshold of Patriot Day, it would be hard to believe that Americans had ever had genuine and sincere respect for the men and women in uniform who gave their lives that others may have lived. Has America forgotten the men and women who are willing to stand in the gap between common criminals and the citizens? At this time in America’s history, there is shame upon our land for the absolute disrespect for the blood that has been spilled, the lives that have been offered sacrifice, for the higher good of entire communities – like so many brave men and women who paid the ultimate cost in helping to save other people’s lives.

The reasons for remembering such unsung heroes on Patriot Day seems but a distant memory. The attempt of the mainstream media to promote the mythology of systemic racism and to provide a false legitimacy to the Marxist group known popularly as Black Lives Matter, and to romanticize the terrorism of BLM and the other BlackShirt fascist group known as Antifa is criminal in and of itself. Free advertising, providing absolutely false narrative, and fomenting violence and terrorism upon the good citizens of America represents crimes against the people. To conspire to promulgate the negative and vile attitudes that are essentially raw hatred against the police in city after city is a shameful display of deception and disinformation.

Are American citizens so aptly gullible that the men and women in uniform are all racists and that because of systemic racism, the police protection in Democrat-run cities should be defunded or eliminated?

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