CSN Newsletter, 9/15/2020 – Will this be our last election?

CSN Newsletter, 9/15/2020 – Will this be our last election?

Dennis remains on the road, so I will be doing the newsletter introductions for a while.

The lies and propaganda continue on all fronts, with alarming reports of specific Democrat plans to steal the election in November and promote their globalist agenda.

Judi McLeod details the Democrat intentions to promote violence in the streets to accompany massive voter fraud efforts and legal actions to overturn Trump’s victory.

Michael Lewinski chimes in on the same topic, bringing up the specter of Blue State secessions and Electoral College shenanigans.

Def Con News shares their article about Mark Zuckerburg and his Axios interview where he lays out the Democrat methods to steal the election and Facebook’s commitment to help in every way possible.

Dennis Jamison points out the absurdity of Democrats pandering to the “Reparations for Slavery” movement in order to gain back a few African-American voters who don’t know better. He suggests that perhaps the Democrats themselves should be paying reparations for their more recent actions that are tearing down our country.

Craig Huey discusses the West Coast wildfires and how the media is lying for their cause – the Green New Deal/Global Warming scam.

Jim Harrison warns us about the upcoming COVID vaccine. Will it be “mandatory?”

These are scary times. Our response must be to get even more involved – as if our lives and freedom depend on it – which they do. Spread the word about what’s happening and bring ten friends to the polls in November. Become a poll watcher and use your cell phone to record and report suspicious activity to the authorities.

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Don Rosenberg, Executive Editor – CSN

A Democrat Coup That Depends on John Podesta Being Joe Biden

By Judi McLeod – September 9, 2020

To millions of still-trying-to-hang-in from-Covid-19-locked-down-Americans, November 3, 2020 is a bona fide general election.  To devious, power-crazed Democrats, it’s an out and out coup geared to defiantly deny the coming landslide re-election of President Donald Trump before going on to fundamentally transform America into a thorough Socialist State.

To pull it all off, the Democrats will need Hillary Clinton voodoo and a lot of the Mumbo Jumbo artifice they’re already putting into play.

Scare mongering is where the Democrats excel, their latest scare tactic being people shouldn’t venture out from lock downs to vote in person because of the politicized pandemic, but should rely on the Michelle Obama-designed Mail-In-Vote instead.

Troubling forecast for the 2020 general election

By Michael J. Lewinski – 9/15/2020

We are increasingly seeing stories about the violence surrounding the upcoming election. And yet, what are these people promoting? How about stealing the election from President Donald Trump?

California, Washington, and Oregon have threatened to secede from the United States, putting pressure on others to contest the election and to not concede to President Trump’s victory. If their side doesn’t win, threats of continued rioting are being issued on the left, and from a few on the right.

There are talks about blue state governors sending Biden electors to the Electoral College count even if President Trump wins the state! This will result in Congress stepping into this mess and choosing the next President of the United States.

Facebook Kingpin Zuckerberg Backstops Stealing Of Election

by Def Con News – 9/8/2020

Big Tech is coming to the aid of the Democrat-Deep State joint venture to steal the election and disenfranchise tens of millions of Americans who will cast their votes for President Trump.

In an announcement that was always imminent, Facebook overlord Mark Zuckerberg is claiming that there is “nothing illegitimate” about the overturning of the election day vote totals by allowing for Democrat ballot harvesting operations to take place until there are enough “votes” to put the corpse Joe Biden into the White House.

A Democrat-backed Lawfare legal SWAT team will fan out across battleground states to muck up the works and delay the certification of ballots until the steal has been complete while ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter thugs will encircle the White House and terrorize citizens across the country.

Democrats & Communists Should Pay Reparations for Their Multiple Crimes

By Dennis Jamison –September 15, 2020

Democrat Party leaders who are proud of their heritage, need to seriously take responsibility for the crimes of their ancestors, which amazingly seems to be what they are calling for as their Party is demanding reparations be paid for the price of slavery – especially that which is “systemic racism.” The free-for-all in the herd of the twenty-odd Democrat “leaders” were clamoring for public attention last year in their “race” to get their Party’s nomination to run for POTUS, were all demanding that reparations be paid to descendants of slaves. What a way to pander to the Blacks for their votes.

This has persisted despite the lack of logic or the nightmarish logistics of such an insane effort. Yet, it could drum up a few votes from those low information voters that still do not know that the major resistance to ending slavery was from the “Democratic” Party that had an entire region of the nation under the domain of slavery – even after most northern states abolished slavery. In fact, the deaths of many white soldiers who fought in the Civil War that slavery would end is on the heads of the Southern Democrats who changed their name to the Confederate States of America, So, if these calls for reparations are real, which it appears they are nothing more than a political tool, the real reparations should also include payment for the lives of those soldiers of the Army of the Republic who died fighting to defend the Constitution and to expand freedom to the Blacks held in slavery by the Democrats of the Deep South.

As long as the Democrat leadership is coming around to accepting financial responsibility for slavery, there are a few other reparations that should be tallied up for the Democrats to be held accountable for as well the “peculiar institution of slavery” as Democrat Alexander Stephens of Georgia referred to it. Stephens was the former Vice President of the Confederate States of the Union, and a serious proponent of institutionalized, systemic racism. The Democrat Party has violence in its political DNA, and the Ku Klux Klan was just a formal terror arm of the defeated Confederacy. Long before the Klan, Southern Democrats were “arranging” for Yankee abolitionists to be threatened, roughed up, or even murdered for their printed opinions against the slave system of the Democrat-run South.

Wildfires Explode: 9 Myths, Distortions, and Lies by the Media and Politicians

By Craig Huey – 9/4/2020

The West is seeing historic, deadly fires. These massive fires are exploding. But you’re not being told why…and that they can be prevented. It’s a nightmare…homes, businesses and churches burnt to the ground. People are dying. Beautiful and historic areas are torched. Why?

It’s not a mystery. But you’re not being told the truth. Google, Facebook, and YouTube are spreading myths. The news media is distorting the truth. The politicians are lying.

Here are nine myths, distortions, and lies so you know what is happening.

Liberty and Freedom: The Cost of Losing the Covid Conflict

By Jim Harrison – 9/14/20

At a Wisconsin rally this past Labor day, the Vice President of the United States all but guaranteed that the U.S. government will eradicate Covid 19 with a vaccine. This declaration was preceded several weeks earlier by a CDC official urging states to prepare for mass vaccine injections starting in less than 60 days! Did I mention that the federal taxpayer has been footing a multi-billion dollar investment partnering with private pharmaceutical companies for Covid 19 vaccine research?

So when the vaccine becomes available and I suspect rather soon, what might that mean to your freedoms and liberties? Specifically, what does that mean with regard to your freedom of choice when it comes to just your healthcare? Will it affect other liberties as well? Perhaps it would be best to continue with a logical question. When it comes to the Covid vaccine, how many of you really think that it will not be mandatory for every American? Remember the Vice President of the US just told you that his administration plans on eradicating Covid 19 and with what – an inventive new mask, herd immunity or perhaps a mandatory 6-foot separation for all Americans? NO! He just told you that he will do it with a vaccine which brings about the obvious question.

How can this new vaccine do its job if everyone doesn’t take it?  Eradicate means “to remove or destroy utterly,” for example, to eradicate smallpox throughout the world.”  For those who still think the eradicator (aka vaccine) will not be mandatory, I pray you soon learn to use your head for something other than a mask holder.

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