CSN Newsletter, 9/17/2020 – CSN Newsletter, 9/17/2020 – Understanding the Democrats’ Plans and How to Fight Back

CSN Newsletter, 9/17/2020 – Understanding the Democrats’ Plans and How to Fight Back

From the Editor

Today is Constitution Day and our newsletter starts out with an article by Dennis Jamison warning us how far the Democrats have come in their desire to negate our founding documents and take full control of our country.

I continue with how the social media giants have decided to shape the outcome of the coming election, the techniques they have been using, and specific recommendations on what the average patriotic citizen can do to fight back.

Voting is the most important way to take back control of our country, but 25 million registered Christians do not vote and there are 15 million Christians who are not even registered to vote. We share an article on the subject from My Faith Votes and why voting is essential from a Christian perspective.

Dru Kristenev demonstrates how government agencies and the media exaggerate news stories into major crises in order to panic citizens into accepting more and more control over their lives.

Michael Lewinski rounds out our newsletter with his opinions about Democratic Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak and how blue states want to take their upside down view of America to the rest of the country, whether we want it or not.

Don Rosenberg, Executive Editor, CSN

“We the People” Need to Fight for a More Perfect Union!

By Dennis Jamison – 9/17/2020

Today is Constitution Day, also known as Citizenship Day. Yet, those good citizens who diligently obey the law and seek for an orderly and civil society are the ones who seem to be lost in the polarization and extreme divisiveness of the two major political parties. The flagrant violation of the rule of law is seen in the rise of anarchism on America’s city streets. What might be the stimulus behind that increase of young people marching or committing acts of violence against innocent civilians? Could it be an election year, and one intent of one Party is to bully and scare people to act against the goodness of their consciences — or to do nothing in the face of danger?

By the time of Constitution Day in 2020, citizens have witnessed in awe, the violation of the Constitution on a regular basis as Democrat leaders in cities and the Democrat state governors have violated the First Amendment rights of the citizens in their regions via the COVID-based lockdown orders. In hindsight, the draconian lockdowns may have helped limit the spread of the China virus initially, but scientific evidence revealed the virus is not as deadly as first feared. The false data collected by hospitals and medical authorities that led to false reporting of the death rate due to the China virus is appalling and has generated inaccurate public perceptions of danger.

Betrayed by Social Media – Learn How to Fight Back

By Don Rosenberg – 9/17/2020

The Internet and social media have been a boon to modern life. Search engines give us instant information on every possible subject, and social media allow us to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.

As the number of users of social media have swelled, so have the heads of the leaders of the social media platforms. They sense the power they control and it has turned them into tyrants. They think they are so smart they should determine our country’s and our planet’s future, but they are so stupid that they think they can manipulate us undetected and unpunished.

In a sampling of ninety groups supporting President Trump, Christianity, gun rights, and individual liberties, nine groups, with members totaling over 300,000, have recently been deleted from Facebook. This is the early result of an organized campaign by Facebook to use “fact checkers” and ever-restrictive policies as an excuse to silence conservative speech.

By My Faith Votes – SEPTEMBER 14, 2020

A Letter to Pastors on a Biblical Requirement to Vote

Dear Pastor & Leader,

God has given America a uniquely biblical and constitutional foundation which provides us with the liberty and affluence to be the nation with the greatest opportunity to spread the Gospel.

America comprises only 4.2% of the world’s population but sends forth more Christian missionaries and resources than any other nation (35%). I am sure you will agree that our God-given liberty and influence are worth praying for, working for, and fighting to preserve!

Advancing Judeo-Christian values in every arena is not politically partisan or divisive, rather, it is a loving, moral, and a biblical pursuit that benefits Americans and people across the globe.

God created three institutions, each with a distinct purpose – Family, Church, and Civil Government. Each of these institutions functions best when Biblical principles serve as their foundation.

Biblical principles serving as the foundation does not imply a compelled faith perspective. However, the undeniable reality is that wherever true biblical values govern, people of all faiths enjoy security, life, liberty, and happiness.

Government habitually inflates disasters, hides adverse consequences

By A. Dru Kristenev – September 16, 2020

In the usual way that government authoritarians strive to “never let a crisis go to waste,” as we recall Rahm Emanuel’s words, when it comes to natural (and unnatural) disasters, it’s a numbers game. Don’t be deceived, to them it is a game… a power game, if the average citizen listens to the pervasive narrative, where the people are the losers emotionally, economically and intellectually.

Not a novel concept among ambitious politicians, stripping the electorate of self-determination is core to data collection methodology devised by subservient government employees who’ve been coddled to believe they’re in charge. To understand this scheme, it helps to comb through the statistics published by administrative agencies such as the CDC and Oregon Office of Emergency Management.

Watch the manipulation of statistics by the Center for Disease Control regarding the Covid-19 crisis of death certificate guidelines the agency distributed to doctors pressuring them to attribute virtually any death to the virus. The totals that a couple weeks ago hovered at 200,000 fatalities in the United States were revised without fanfare to reveal the vast majority of deaths (94%) were resultant of co-morbidities and even included intentional poisonings and road accidents. Not to diminish the losses suffered by families whose members died from complications due to other serious health issues, but the plain, true statistics indicate that the intensity of the crisis was misrepresented and intentionally inflated by dishonest agencies and media. Purposefully overlooking the discrepancy, scare tactics continue in an effort to will the populace to continue self-induced isolation.

Blue Stupidity

By Michael J. Lewinski – 9/17/2020

In his essay, Wayne Allen Root observes and commends the brilliant things humans have and are accomplishing. But then, he says,

“First, I have to tell you about Democratic Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak. The “D” isn’t just for a Democrat. It stands for DUMB, as in clueless, ignorant, blind, deaf, and very dumb.”

He actually began the article with, “So. Much. Stupid.” He has perfectly identified the tenor of the times in the blue lands. It’s an upside-down idiotic world with no rhyme, no reason, no common sense, nor logic involved, whatsoever.

He says that if Biden and Harris are elected, they are going to bring the mess that is Las Vegas to all of America. He described the election of Governor Steve Sisolak as the winning of the reverse lottery for Nevada. The lottery you never want to win.

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