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From Our Founder… 9/3/19

The Labor Day holiday usually represents the last opportunity for families or overworked employees to take a break before diving full pace back into school or work. Unfortunately, there is a serious disconnect with truly acknowledging the genuine roots of this holiday and all that it does entail. Americans should know their history because as George Santayana has predicted: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” My offering this week provides a bit of the history behind Labor Day. It should be eye-opening for American citizens, and could help to connect the dots with what is happening in our contemporary society. 

In fact, readers will find that our entire edition this week features articles that can educate people about the dangers of Marxism-Socialism-Communism. We also feature some links to articles that are well worth the time to read them as a way of becoming more educated about the true nature of Socialism. Our lineup of network writer’s articles continues with an article by Dawn Hoagland who provides a more comprehensive examination of Socialism at it has been practiced. 

Kathleen Hall urges readers to “…Swear Allegiance to a land that’s Free” and notes that the words are from a Jewish, Russian Immigrant, Irving Berlin, in “God Bless America.” And, network writer  Bonnie Parsley provides a perspective on the question of morality that the Left attempts to steal every chance they get. George Washington reminded Americans in his “Farewell Address” that: 

”…let us with caution indulge the supposition, that morality can be maintained without religion. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.”  

CSN also features two additional articles with permission from Canada Free Press where some of my articles will appear. The first of the two is from the editor, Judy McLeod and provides great advice to Democrats still riding on the “Socialist Bus.” The second article is from Ray DiLorenzo and he provides an incredibly insightful breakdown of “Marxism in America: The Final Stages.” Mr. DiLorenzo is a retired pilot and is presently affiliated with Stand Up America founded by Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret).

CSN additionally provides links to relevant articles that have surfaced in the news that are outside of the scope of our network of writers. We offer some recommended links to articles that we consider provocative and relevant weekly news and views. Below we offer this weeks aggregate of links to pertinent articles. These links to the recommended articles will be featured at the end of this message. 

Recommended Reading – follow the links…

From TownHall – Fascism is socialism

From Jay Sekulow’s group American Center for Law and Justice: The Truth About Socialism and the Green New Deal

A previous article appearing in CSN news from our own Karen Cacy: Do You Know What Socialism Is?

TThe Truth about Democratic Socialism from February of 2019:

As the founder of the Citizen Sentinels Network, I hope that the articles we provide, without ads and other obnoxious distractions, can offer our own provocative and relevant weekly news and views. If you have relevant or serious feedback, please submit it. We appreciate your viewpoint as well, especially when additional or alternative perspectives on articles are offered. Right thinking produces right action. It used to be called wisdom, and as this edition illustrates, it is becoming a rare treasure in our nation,

Please share the articles of the writers whose perspectives you appreciate. Spread them around and share the articles with those whom you care about. United “We the People” Stand!

Dennis Jamison



From the Heartland Institute:

Conservative commentator and think tank research fellow Justin Haskins explains what Karl Marx’s socialism is and briefly outlines some of socialism’s biggest flaws. Haskins is the founder of StoppingSocialism.com and the author of Socialism Is Evil: The Moral Case Against Marx’s Radical Dream.

The Seeds of U.S. Socialism Were Planted in the First Labor Day

by Dennis Jamison 9/3/19

On the threshold of the 2020 elections in the United States, the “Democratic” Party is fielding several candidates who have embraced Socialism as the direction America should take in the future. Certainly, President Obama touted socialist policies. Yet, despite being criticized that his administration was pursuing a socialist agenda, Obama pushed back and said, “People call me a socialist sometimes. But, no, you’ve got to meet real socialists. You’ll have a sense of what a socialist is,” Obama stated. “I’m talking about lowering the corporate tax rate. My health-care reform is based on the private marketplace. The stock market is looking pretty good last time I checked.”

Former President Obama’s remarks came in 2013 when he chided business leaders in a meeting of top CEOs hosted by the Wall Street Journal. Obama had attempted to promote the illusion that his White House was pro-business, and focused primarily on creating jobs. However, a different standard of economic health within the nation has disproved a number of Obama’s narratives. It is likely that Obama had someone in mind as he said those interesting words – a mentor perhaps, or a puppet master capable of pulling Obama’s strings. But regardless of who was pulling any strings, a real Socialist, if looking down from “Socialist heaven” would be quite proud of how far and how quickly the “Democratic” Party has “progressed” from Obama to Bernie Sanders to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Millions of people were killed in the 20th century for a utopian socialist dream

By Dawn Hoagland 9/3/19

Why are we even talking about socialism? Why do so many Americans support Bernie Sanders, who is a self-avowed socialist? Who forgot to spread the word that socialism is a dangerous idea that promises utopia but actually delivers death? Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Castro killed millions of their own people to establish their utopian socialist dreams. What a bloody fiasco!

Socialism insists that life would be better for everyone if everybody made roughly the same amount of money. Removing the incentive for individuals to make and keep as much money as they can has been proven over and over to result in an unwillingness to work hard. (Ask any waiter if they prefer pooling tips or keeping their own.) 

The central tenet of socialism that people will work as much as they can and only take what they need goes against human nature. People have different levels of conscientiousness and energy, as well as very different penchants, desires and abilities. They are innovative and productive when they are free.

Marx loved to talk about “liberty, equality and fraternity,” but in actuality, he didn’t think much of an individual’s desire to be free at all. He was concerned with equality of outcomes, not equal opportunities and free choice. He wanted to erase class divisions, but he didn’t care about individual aspirations. 


by Kathleen Hall 9/3/19
Socialism is the enemy of America; truth is the enemy of the purveyors of Socialism.

Though history shows Socialism’s devastating failures, those who have been sheltered from our true history in our schools, and those who buy the media blackout of the truth about the good things about our country, yesterday and today, are ripe for the lies about how wonderful Socialism in America will be.

Wilfred McClay, Professor of History of Liberty, Univ. OK, shares in this week’s Imprimis publication from Hillsdale College, that the story of America is burdened  with so much ideological baggage, that studying History alienates young Americans from appreciating their past. In his small book “The Student’s Guide to U.S. History for ISI books, “I was unable to include in its bibliography, a high school or college text book on U.S. History, because there was not one suitable for recommendation. ”

Purveyors of Socialism, have such a fear of the truth, they spend 24/7 conniving to shut down truth, wherever it rises up above the muck of Washington and the Democrat press.

Still hoping for what is left of the black vote, the Left must denigrate, and silence people like Candace Owens, Sheriff Joe Clark, Dr. Ben Carson, and many other black conservative who  bring encouragement for black Americans to abandon the Democrat “plantation” and believe in their own worth and abilities to thrive without government “help.”  Help with social programs that have resulted in at least 75% of inner city youth with fatherless families. With gangs and drugs as their alternative when their schools fail, the strong oppositions to School Choice by Democrats, does not waiver.

A Question of Morality

By Bonnie M. Parsley 9/3/19

Progressives have claimed the mantel of morality. They pride themselves on being more tolerant, more inclusive and more virtuous than conservatives. If you do not agree with their progressive ideology, you must be an evil person. Many people accept these very ideas because they want to side with the good people. We must examine history to determine if this claim is true or just a means of gaining power.

Take the southern border for example. All of the Democrats running for president are against building a wall or barrier to help stop illegal immigrants. They and their allies in Congress accuse Republicans of being cruel and heartless because they want to control who comes into our country. However, is it moral to allow some people to break the law by entering the country illegally while others wait in line?  Is it moral to let dangerous drugs flow into our country over an unsecured border and poison thousands of our young people? In 2017, over 70,000 Americans died because of illegal and prescription opioids. Yet Democrats don’t seem to have a problem with that.  

Equally as terrible as the drug deaths is the human trafficking where young girls as young as 12 are being smuggled into the country and trained to be sex slaves. The State Department estimates that as many as 10,000 children are forced into this soul-killing trade every year. This doesn’t even include how many young women are smuggled in for the same purpose. According to Tim Ballard, a former DHS Special Agent and CEO of Operation Underground Railroad, building a border wall is the most effective tool for combating the sex trade. So, what is more moral, leaving the borders unprotected or building a wall?

Get Off The Socialist Bus Before They Throw You Under It

Desperado Dems want you to believe the presidential election—some 15 months away—is already over.

By Judi McLeod —-August 18, 2019

All 20-plus spittle-flecked contenders in the DNC primaries are riding on a bus touting a ‘Utopia or Bust!’ banner.  They’re travelling at break-neck down the road leading to Socialism, confident that they’ve conned the masses into thinking they are ‘progressives’ at heart.

Get off the Democrats’ Socialist bus before they throw you under it.

They’re planning to toss all plebes under the bus as soon as they’re elected.

Down to the last one,  all 20-plus Democratic presidential wannabes promise voters Free Stuff that they’ll NEVER get. ’I couldn’t get enough votes to pass the bill’ will be their collective post-election alibi.

Truth is they’re asking the masses to throw their whole country out for unattainable Free Stuff.

In other words, the Free Stuff they offer comes with a horrible price tag: The tragic end of a sovereign United States of America.

At no other time in Western History has the term ‘Buyers Beware!’ been so meaningful.

Marxism in America The Final Stages

By Ray DiLorenzo —-August 21, 2019

Give these Democrats/Socialists/Communists nothing!…no power, no gun control, no compromise, nothing!

Sit down, focus, and read this tale of woe.

Much of what we see happening all across this country began as a spin off of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia that made its way to Germany and then the United States. These German Marxists, or Communists, started a school of social theory called the Frankfurt School; a school that was dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization.

What they taught was ‘Critical Theory.’ Remember that term for it has guided the Left for generations and has been highly successful. It is defined as a philosophical approach to culture that seeks to confront the social and political forces that constrain society. It all sounds very intellectual and deep thinking, but the essence of it is POWER, the gaining and holding of it. It is all that matters. And with that power destroy the culture, values and political institutions that make Western Civilization and America great.

Their goal is to change society, transform our beliefs from the ground up, leaving fertile ground for communism to grow and flourish. It is what Saul Alinsky practiced and preached to the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and countless others on the Left.

When Hitler threw out these Marxists, not wanting any competition, they made their way to the United States, first finding a home at Columbia University. From there they branched to Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, etc. They are now deeply embedded in our education system from kindergarten on up, our political institutions, Hollywood, and the mass media.

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