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From Our Founder… 12/24/19

Twas the day before Christmas and all through the nation, 

CSN writers were silent this day — all had decided to go on vacation! 

Yet editors were waiting; some tearing their hair, 

hoping and praying that some articles would be there. 


The CSN readers were eagerly searching their e-mail threads,

While visions of writer’s revelations danced in their heads; 

The Editor-in-chief at the ready — poised with laptop on lap,

Had not settled down, nor stop for a nap – still yearning for 

articles she needed to zap!


But, all across the country people started to scatter,

Heading for families and homes; ignoring political matters…

No longer lured by fake news flashes,

Citizens had wearied of the MSM Trump trashes. 


Still, the media spins stories — especially for youth,

False narratives and illusions are portrayed as the truth.

Citizens should beware the outlets of falsehoods and lies; 

Seeking accurate, balanced news sources is much more wise.


Yet, “We the People” are yearning for media to trust.

In the year 2020, well-informed voters will be a must! 

Please know that Citizen Sentinels are here in this time,

And we’ve only got started – just entering our prime!


Rest assured when the holiday spirit and festivities subside, 

The Sentinel’s staff will get back into stride!

Writers at their desktops will start tapping away,

Editors and all hoping Trump’s victory is well on its way!


So for now readers, just enjoy this wonderful holiday season, 

and remember this year to celebrate for the right reason.

For Chrstians, our Father in Heaven gave us a gift of great value.

Now is the time for loving Him and our families, and friends who are true.


Hold on to your faith in these turbulent times and hold tight to the truths that are self-evident!

The Citizen Sentinels Network newsletter has given its writers a break! We only have a few original articles in this edition.

We wish all our readers a very happy holiday season!

This week we have four articles. My article is not focused upon politics, but in honor of the holiday, I offer an article of a spiritual nature — dealing with a journey of faith. Our second article is from CSN Newsletter Executive Editor, Don Rosenberg. He is seriously concerned about reaching out to the “other side,” and is simply sharing the words of author Eric Barker in reference to a new book he is promoting. The book: “Barking up the Wrong Tree” may prove quite helpful in bringing people together.

The third message is from Dr. Robert Owens, one of my fellow writers at Canada Free Press. He writes about the “The Reason for the Reason.” Readers can get more of Dr. Owen’s writing at his blog site: https://drrobertowens.com/

Our final article is from Claire Hickey, one of my fellow writers at Communities Digital News. She offers an interesting comparison between Chanukah and Christmas. She brings readers back to the simple understanding that Jesus was Jewish his entire life, and he never renounced Judaism. Readers can get more of Claire Hickey’s writing at Communities Digital News.  https://www.commdiginews.com/author/claire-hickey/

A Journey of Faith                                                              

by Dennis Jamison – December 8, 2019

As Christmas approaches in 2019, “Wise” people learn of the birth of a child who could become a great king — a king of the people of faith. By searching ancient scriptures and spiritual texts they are able to understand that the child would even be more than a great king – an individual of divinity who could bring great healing and peace to the entire world. Great anticipation would be created in learning this, great hope would exist that the world could be made a better place through such a divine individual. But, they also learn that this unique birth will take place in a foreign land, in a far off nation across the world, in territory occupied by an enemy.

If God sent invitations out to the “Wise” or enlightened people of the day in order to celebrate the birthday of this special child, and you were one to receive the invitation, what would be your response? How far would you be willing to go to meet the one who would become the Savior? — your Savior? Consider how far the “Wise Men,” also known as the Magi, were willing to go to honor the “King of the Jews.”

The story of the “Wise Men” has inspired millions of people throughout the world and throughout time. Their story is more than fiction or fable. Usually, the focus on the story of the Magi is upon the gifts they brought the infant Jesus. However, additional inspiration, beyond the material gifts that were brought, could be derived from a much bigger perspective. A person of faith could also wonder about what drove these “Wise Men,” who were foreigners, to do what they did, which was to undertake a journey of great risk requiring a tremendous amount of faith.

How to Avoid Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Some last minute help for those who will be at the Christmas dinner table with people “from the other side…”

Just got this in my inbox. I’m always looking for ways to reach out to people who may disagree with me. Here’s a note from the author of the new book, “Barking Up the Wrong Tree” that’s chock full of some great ideas. I’m adding this to my Christmas list!

Don Rosenberg, Editor.

This Is How To Change Someone’s Mind: 6 Secrets From Research

If you could only tie that special someone to a chair and force them to listen. Or make them read that one thing that would finally change their stubborn mind. They’d finally see the light…

But that’s never going to happen. And even if that whole “it’s illegal to kidnap and restrain people” part wasn’t an issue, truth is, it wouldn’t work. There are no guarantees when it comes to changing people’s minds. So what does work most often?

Back in the 1970s, Portland State University psychology professor Dr. Frank Wesley, looked into why some US prisoners of war defected to North Korea during the Korean War. And it wasn’t because they were tortured. It was because they were shown kindness.

From How to Have Impossible Conversations:

His research showed that virtually all of the defectors came from a single US training camp. As part of their training, they had been taught that the North Koreans were cruel, heartless barbarians who despised the United States and single-mindedly sought its destruction. But when those POWs were shown kindness by their captors, their initial indoctrination unraveled. They became far more likely to defect than those POWs who either hadn’t been told anything about the North Koreans or had been given more neutral accounts of them.

Unexpected kindness, not restraints, changed minds.

The Reason for the Reason

By  –December 16, 2019

Frosty the Snowman asked Rudolph the Reindeer, “Do you think Christmas is too commercialized?”  The Elf on the Shelf interjected, “Is the Pope Catholic?”  Santa put down his milk and cookies and added, “Ho, Ho, Ho.”

As loyal media mavens of 21st Century America pop culture our perceptions of the Christmas season have been shaped as much by George running down the main street of Bedford Falls and Scrooge buying the biggest goose in town as by anything in the Bible.  We spend our time driving the kids around to see the lights, decorating the tree, and shopping with precious little time left to even mention Jesus or the significance of His birth.

Seeking shelter from a crass and crude culture degenerating from indifference to outright hostility to God many of us retreat into a warm and fuzzy Currier and Ives Norman Rockwell bubble of accepted Christmas traditions based more in a Dr. Seuss Disney media than reality.  To ward off the Black Friday commercialism that consumes us, we duck behind the “Jesus is the reason for the season,” mantra.  As if this alone was enough to lead us not into temptation.

As we hide behind our little Jesus catch phrase with pious feelings, even this fleeting mention of the Name of Jesus inspires, and we should ask ourselves how often this spiritual sleight of hand gives us an opportunity to share the reality of Christmas.  Or has it merely become the Christian version of the oft repeated insincerely asked “Hi, how are you?” catch phrase of ‘Xmas’?  Is it time we admit this verbal deflection is more about making us feel like we’re doing something to combat the conquest of Christmas by the grasping spirit of conspicuous consumption by making a dent in the cacophony of crass commercialism?

Defeating darkness: Chanukah and Christmas

FORT WORTH, Texas: Christmas may define December in the minds of many. But it also hosts Chanukah, or theFestival of Lights. This year, Chanukah began at sundown on December 22nd. It would seem that Chanukah and Christmas have nothing to do with each other. But that isn’t so.

Raised as a Christian around Christians, my knowledge of Judaism is limited. The Jewish stories that came my way explained that when forbidden to live and practice their faith, the Jews rebelled. The then-reigning Greek king, Antiochus, demanded they worship the pagan Greek gods, but the Jewish people refused. They would not sin against God. The king then gave the Jewish people an ultimatum: either give up their Jewish customs or face death. He marched his troops into Jerusalem and, while trying to destroy the Jewish people, desecrated their holy temple.

The Maccabee family, led by Judah, revolted against the enemy and took back the Temple. In the midst of its restoration, they found the menorah on the altar was empty, while there was only enough consecrated oil to burn for a single day. The miracle of Chanukah is that this one day’s worth of oil kept the lamps lit for eight days: just the amount of time it takes to consecrate more holy oil.

That amazing event made me want to know more. Research took me to Destination Yisra’el. Among the things I learned was that the American Founding Fathers were great admirers of Judah and the Maccabees.

My good friend and colleague Caryn FitzGerald is Jewish and also an invaluable source of information about the Festival of Lights too. She shared her own Chanukah memories and traditions with me.

It would seem and Chanukah and Christmas have nothing to do with each other. But that isn’t necessarily so.

Our main content this week is via our video views and recommended reading links. Our Video Views this week features a Christmas theme. We are repeating a video from last week from President Trump at the National Tree Lighting ceremony.

From You Tube – The First Family hosts a Hanukkah Reception

From You Tube – Merry Christmas from President Trump and the First Lady

From You Tube – President Trump – The Cross of Jesus Christ Reminds Us of the True Meaning of Christmas

From You Tube – President Trump – Trump Sings All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey

From You Tube – One Solitary Life from President Ronald Reagan

From My Faith Votes – Chairman Mike Huckabee – a special Christmas message

From You Tube – Paul Harvey – A Christmas Story: The Man and the Birds

Two token political videos:

From FOX News – McConnell on remaining partial in impeachment: ‘Let’s quit the charade’

Congressman Matt Gaetz: The entire impeachment inquiry was for television 

Recommended Reading

From Townhall – Why the Left Doesn’t Like Christmas by Dennis Prager

Canada Free Press – Inconvenient Anti Socialism Video Banned by Social Media Censors with

Donald Trump, Jr. (+ video)

From Townhall – Retiring Democrat: Endless Trump Investigations Are Wearing on the Souls of Americans But…

From The Heartland Freedom Pub – Governor Newsom Doubling Down to Dismantle the California Economy

From WND – Report: Chinese officials caught infiltrating U.S. military base

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