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From Our Founder… 

12/31/19 –  As American citizens finish celebrating the end–of-the-year holidays and prepare for a brand new year, it may be important for people to brace themselves for a most momentous and historical conflict.

Although there are those who do not realize it yet, the United States is in an internal state of conflict, that could be compared to a “civil” Civil War. The tragedies of the two dramatic attacks in the final week of 2019 is like a foreshadowing of what people of faith must be prepared for in 2020. Another sign of what is to come in 2020 appeared in the divisive stance that the editor of Christianity Today took towards the Trump impeachment. Christianity is definitely in a state of internal division.  

Another reality in and of itself is the “impeachment” strategy of the Democrat leadership, which is more an indication of their 2020 election strategy than an actual impeachment of the POTUS. However, few people may realize that the Socialist-Democrat leadership is intent upon operating outside the realm of the rule of law in order to undermine the beloved Republic. 

Democrat leaders are displaying their true colors and “they” not blue. And, it seems altogether increasingly apparent that those colors are not honestly red, white, and blue either. Americans need to realize that Democrat leaders have not only been trying to roll back the results of the 2016 presidential election, but their intent is to lay a foundation for a victory in the 2020 elections. This, however, is their “civil” side.  There is a more sinister side as seen in the historical record. However, on the eve of the start of 2020, American citizens are awakening, and they are fighting back against such a “civil” insurrection.

In such times, Americans need to keep their heads on straight and their hearts in the right place. There is more at work here at this time in America’s history than meets the eye. Throughout the course of human history, the way of tyranny in many a time frame included the simple strategy of “divide and conquer.” But, division can also work for the good. It is also a means of separating the “sheep from the goats,” or discovering the true believers throughout biblical history.

In the midst of these turbulent times, the Citizen Sentinels Network will continue to provide clarity and insight for discernment for the deeper issues and implications of this historic showdown. For those who are paying attention, and who understand the current events in relation to history, it will be of value. Certainly, America is in a time of historical transformation. And, for a principled Republic to properly function and to truly thrive, patriots need to awaken and arise. Once awake and alert, each patriot needs to act in accordance with the better guidance of their conscience.  

In light of that, it is important for readers to understand that the Citizen Sentinels Network newsletter is not an attempt at providing a comprehensive effort to cover all the news within the political arena. It is a foundation for our network of writers to provide common sense perspectives on many divisive and raging issues of the day. “We the People” need a foundation for rational thought, not just to think about the events that transpire throughout the nation, but to provide a catalyst for action. Right thinking “produces right action. Right thinking in action used to be called wisdom. It is becoming a rare treasure in our nation.

Our writers were given a break over the holidays, but many will return after the new year begins.

In this edition, therefore, you will find the formatting a bit simpler, and we offer only three articles from writers who decided to write over the holidays. Two offer ways to help equip readers for the 2020 political battleground, which is a continuation from last year’s political “skirmishes.”

And one is a reflection offering a Jewish understanding of the celebration of Hanukah.      

Our first article is from Howard Buchanan, who is another writer we welcome back who used to write more frequently for the Citizen Sentinels.

His article reminds citizens that 2020 is now the “Time For Action.” Bonnie Parker offers an article on what the future has in store in 2020 in her article: “Looking Toward the Future.” And, Dr. Richard Moss’s article from December 25th, originally appeared in the American Thinker. “Chanukah, Christmas, and Western Civilization” offers insight and perspective on the recent holidays. We also provide two links to recommended reading for the new year. One is to an article from Jason Yates of My Faith Votes, who offers his take on the Christianity Today “Never Trump” debacle. The second link leads to a message from Wanda Alger, who is an intercessor and Field Correspondent for Intercessors of America. She had written her article just after Christmas this year, and offers her nine ways of growing more spiritually discerning. Healthy discernment will truly be needed in the coming 2020 elections  all across the United States.  



The Citizen Sentinels Network provides this newsletter for those who are able to consume and digest the truth. We hope that the primary articles we provide (without ads, without subscription fees, without “strings” attached, or any other obnoxious distractions) could be a source of sanity in such times that try good people’s souls. In human history, the pathway of tyranny in many time periods included the simple strategy of “divide and conquer.”  United “We the People” Stand!  

Dennis Jamison, Founder, Citizen Sentinels Network.

Time For Action

By Howard Buchanan

I believe that now is the time to begin our work for the next election in November. The circus on the news about the impeachment has been set up to occupy people’s minds with a diversion from the true items that we need to be looking at. The next important task will involve the Congressional elections. The current crew wants to keep their jobs, of course, so they are drawing attention as far away from that situation as they can.

It underlines for me a very disturbing realization that nobody in our government has to do anything they don’t want to do. And conversely, they can do whatever they want without any action being taken to stop them. What this means is that there is no one who has the authority to say, “Oh no you’re not, that’s a crime!” I guess I never realized that before…

Bedlam is ruling our federal and, most importantly, our state governments that have decided to follow the lawless route to governing. Apparently, the Legislature and the Governor, or even a Mayor can simply pass any law they want with no recrimination whatsoever. It boggles the mind that the very government we count on to not only enforce, but operate in accordance with the laws and our Constitution, has gone rogue and wayward right in front of us. And furthermore, it appears that our other trusted protectors, like the news media, have taken up the operating procedures traditionally associated with communist dictatorships.

What is required of us now is to become involved in the elections of our legislators. The President will be re-elected. In the same manner that we helped him get elected by taking the Republican seat in the primary despite the fact that 16 current Republicans were also running for that same one, we must seek and support other new souls to take the Republican and the Democratic seats away from the incumbents.

Remember that they all set forth a Federal Budget that funded felonies in the form of assisting illegal aliens to receive benefits, with taxpayer’s money. The President signed it, but they wrote it in broad daylight, knowing full well it was a crime.

The other point that has been buried deep under the cloak of media prevarications is the fact that the only reason the Democrats won so many seats in 2016 was that so many Republicans had to go, and who else was there to vote for other than Democrats? This time we need to find suitable experienced persons to walk up on their own, and with our help, to win the Republican and Democratic primaries and take their places as Constitutional Americans the same way Donald Trump did. Over 150 incumbents were let go in that election. Another fact that was quickly buried and forgotten.

It is my opinion that fraudulent elections present the predominant way any Democrat gets elected at all. We need to push hard for the President to eliminate this scourge before the next election. And if the law was enforced diligently, the Sanctuary Cities would be eliminated and 90 percent of the reason to come here illegally would disappear without the need for a wall that will not stop any persistent criminals anyway.

We have term limits now, if we just make use of them; and the fact that people like Ted Cruz are pushing for them, should say a lot against them. The only people term limits would limit, is us. If we don’t get involved and make sure that good and honest people are running for the offices, the same creeps will line up like they do now. Remember too that after five years in office they get a pension for life, and a Senate full of freshmen would defeat the purpose of having one.

The main point I wish to convey in this article is that we need to look away from the lying prevaricators and stay focused on the real tasks that need to be addressed. God is with us and we will prevail, if we only get involved and speak out as well as participate in our government.

Godspeed to you all! God Bless America! Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

Surprised girl using binoculars

Looking Toward the Future

By Bonnie M. Parsley

2020 will be a decisive year in determining where our country is headed. Will we honor our heritage as free, self-governing people, or will we abandon our principles and vote for socialism? It is disturbing how divided we have become. It brings to mind Abraham Lincoln’s words that a nation divided cannot stand. The idea of America being a melting pot where immigrants become Americans by learning the language, adopting the culture and honoring the constitution has been replaced with multi-culturalism and tribalism.

Political correctness has distorted our view of a united America. Our founding principle of freedom of speech is attacked anytime someone is offended by something that is said. They deem it hate speech and will protest anyone who doesn’t agree with what they believe. Our universities are indoctrinating students rather than educating them. Our mainstream media is nothing more than an arm of the Democratic Party. Looking to the year ahead is truly unsettling as conflict between two visions for America are debated by politicians running for office.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have undoubtedly damaged us. They have weakened our national defense by refusing to secure our border.

They have made a mockery of our system with their partisan impeachment of President Trump. The hate and anger directed at the president and his supporters is quite disturbing. Their accusations of racism, bigotry, xenophobia and more are fueling protests and rioting around the country.

It is difficult not to view the year ahead with trepidation. Is the violence going to increase as we get closer to the election? What will happen if President Trump is re-elected when the Democrats have still not accepted the results of the 2016 election? Is there a chance we can come together as a country once the 2020 election is decided?

One way Americans can let go of their fear of what lies ahead in 2020 is to focus on what is right about the country. If we assume an attitude of gratitude for our freedoms as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights; if we can focus on our families, our communities and our military, and be thankful for them, the year ahead will not be so scary. Yes, we need to continue to be informed and stay involved in politics, but not to let it ruin our peace of mind. We must remember America has gone through many difficult times and has come out stronger than before.

So, believe that 2020 is going to be a great year. Pray that we will rise above our differences and repair the tear in our society. Believe that patriotism will be restored, and love of country will come before division. Know that truth and justice will prevail, and a united America will stand together to keep our country strong, and free.

Chanukah, Christmas, and Western Civilization

By Richard Moss December 25, 2019

Chanukah, the festival of lights, is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the victory of the Maccabees (or Hasmoneans) over the powerful armies of the Seleucid (Greek) Empire under King Antiochus IV. King Antiochus, in 167 BC, in a show of force, forbade important Jewish observances such as keeping the Sabbath and circumcision and dedicated the ancient temple in Jerusalem to Zeus. In the town of Modi’in, Antiochus’ soldiers forced a village elder named Matityahu to sacrifice a pig before a pagan altar. Matityahu refused. When another Jew complied, he killed him and another Greek official. This sparked a three-year rebellion against the Greeks and their Jewish allies, some of whom accepted Greek or Hellenic culture. Matityahu and his sons, the Maccabees, fought to maintain the ancient ways of the covenant. At first, the Maccabees and their motley fighters employed guerilla tactics but eventually formed regular forces and routed the Greeks. In 164 BC, the Maccabees entered Jerusalem and rededicated the temple, removing pagan influences, thus the name “Chanukah” or rededication.

It was a most unlikely victory. But because of it Judaism survived. Without this victory, history would have been profoundly altered. In the absence of Judaism, Christianity, which followed more than a century later, would never have emerged.

Chanukah is a victory of religious liberty, of the weak over the strong, of righteousness over tyranny, of light over darkness, a miracle. But there was another miracle. Jewish tradition holds that when it was time to light the Menorah in the Temple, there was only enough pure oil for a single day, but it lasted eight days after which it was replenished. And the men that had been soldiers and were now priests and scribes knew that their victory over the mighty Greek army was not just by force of arms but through divine providence. That God walked among the defenders of Judaism.

After the Greeks fell away, there was a brief interlude of Jewish independence in Israel but then the Romans conquered the Holy Land in 63 BC (Pompey). Life under Roman rule was difficult and there was another rebellion in 70 AD. General Vespasian destroyed the Jewish kingdom and King David’s ancient capital fell for a second time. Many Jews died or were enslaved. There rose again a savior in 135 AD, Bar Kochba, but in the end his rebellion too crumbled before Rome’s might (Emperor Hadrian). Jerusalem and the Temple were ploughed under with salt and hundreds of thousands of Jews were slaughtered. Jerusalem was resettled. Rome renamed Israel, Palestina, reaching back to Israel’s ancient foes the Philistines to conceal its Jewish past. The exiles went forth as slaves and rootless wanderers. And the long night began.

But the Chanukah flame continued to burn in the hearts of the Jewish people who dreamed of returning to Israel and Jerusalem. For 2,000 years it burned in villages and cities across the seas and the continents. And the exiles returned to reclaim their patrimony.  In 1948, out of the ashes of the Holocaust, the modern state of Israel was born, its fledgling forces defeating the five Arab armies that attacked it at the moment of its birth with the intent of annihilation, another miracle. And so the Chanukah lights continued to burn in Israel, sometimes flickering but still illuminating, nearly 70 years later.

With Christmas upon us, there is also a light that burns for Christians, under assault in the West by the secular left and around the globe especially within the Muslim world. It is symbolic that in the darkest time of the year, Christian teaching tells that the logos or the word was made flesh in the form of a newborn baby, the baby Jesus, a Jew, under a star, a light for the world to drive away the darkness and bring redemption and hope.

That Chanukah and Christmas are closely linked in the calendar is fitting for the message they each bring. The two faiths, Judaism and Christianity, taken together as the Judeo-Christian tradition, is the foundation of Western and American civilization. Western nations are the greatest in the world because they are informed by Judeo-Christian principles. It is in the West where human rights, liberty, the rule of law, democracy, music and the arts, science and technology have flourished and where slavery was ended. These are the nations that inhabitants from the rest of the world seek to live. It is in Western nations where citizens are most free and enjoy the greatest prosperity. It is not an accident.

We must dedicate ourselves to preserving America, the West, and Western civilization, by preserving its Judeo-Christian tradition. The light of Chanukah and Christmas must continue to burn, and illumine the night, pushing away the darkness that is always present, the norm for most of history. They should guide us and our nation and the West for all time. It is what distinguishes us from the rest, our values, our devotion to truth, knowledge, goodness, beauty, and reason, the belief in the sanctity of the individual made in the image of God, rejecting the moral and cultural relativism of the post-modern left and the totalitarian threat of unreformed Islam. We must rededicate ourselves in our current battle as the Maccabees did against the Greeks and as Israel did against the Arab armies that sought its destruction in 1948 and has done ever since against its many enemies.

The spirit of Chanukah and Christmas should inspire us.

Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas to all.

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