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October 27, 2018 Important Saturday Bulletin

Governor Mike Huckabee talks about the importance of voting on November 6th.

Join the Counter-Revolution

By Michael Lewinski 10/21/18

California should not be written off just yet as a new Democrat-Socialist state, with Sanctuary State status and haven for immigrant lawlessness and rampant homelessness. Even though the Democrat-Socialists are deliberately attempting to break the state, Californians are fighting back. There is a network of conservatives and Christians who have come together for the midterm elections in 2018, and they are voicing their dissatisfaction with the one-Party rule in California. They will vote their values, and they are calling on all true Californians to stand up and fight against the one Party system that is trying to break the Golden State. Read excerpts from this letter from Ginny Sand to her patriot network, which is growing like a California wildfire and is sweeping through the state…

What you can do to help now…


1)  Watch the videos on our YouTube channel  (starting with the 3-minute one playing and the one directly beneath it about voting and the 2018 elections)  Then…

2)  Print out this list of CA CANDIDATES WE NEED TO SUPPORT — go online and send each of them a donation of $5 or more — whatever you can afford.

3)  Pick at least one to contact and offer to help — walking precincts and getting the vote out if you’re in their district, if you’re not — even if you’re not in the state — you can still help with phone calls and send the above-mentioned donations. Call and find out what they need, and do whatever you can.

4)  If the most you feel like doing after watching the videos is forwarding this e-mail to everyone on your e-mail list (of disaffected Democrats — reportedly 40% – libertarians, Independents, Decline-to-Staters and Republicans of all stripes), and asking each of them to do the same…

Pastor David Paul Jeremiah of Shadow Mountain Community Church Talks about Christians and Voting

We want to hear from American Christians who have awakened to the need to get involved and vote – ministers, pastors, and everyday Americans.

Christians can share their stories about how they decided to stop sitting on the sidelines and overcame their concerns about voting.

We have created a page where people can send their videos of their determination to take responsibility to vote in 2018. We will use the hashtag #WePrayWeVOtE as the way to share these messages on social media.

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