CSN Sunday – LightWing Messages for 10/17/2021

CSN Sunday – LightWing Messages for 10/17/2021


Moses said to the Lord, “Pardon your servant, Lord. I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue.”

The Lord said to him, “Who gave human beings their mouths? Who makes them deaf or mute? Who gives them sight or makes them blind? Is it not I, the Lord? Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.”

But Moses said, “Pardon your servant, Lord. Please send someone else.”

Then the Lord’s anger burned against Moses and he said, “What about your brother, Aaron the Levite? I know he can speak well. He is already on his way to meet you, and  he will be glad to see you. You shall speak to him and put words in his mouth; I will help both of you speak and will teach you what to do. He will speak to the people for you, and it will be as if he were your mouth and as if you were God to him. But take this staff in your hand so you can perform the signs with it.” Exodus 4:10-17  – New International Version


Have you not known?    Have you not heard?

The everlasting God, the Lord,

The Creator of the ends of the earth,

Neither faints nor is weary.

His understanding is unsearchable.

He gives power to the weak,

And to those who have no might He increases strength.

Even the youths shall faint and be weary,

And the young men shall utterly fall,

But those who wait on the Lord, Shall renew their strength;

They shall mount up with wings like eagles,

They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.

Isaiah 40: 28 – 31  – New King James Version


God has been working with reluctant and rebellious people throughout human history, throughout His Providence. And, as He has spoken the perfect truth through so many, over such a lengthy period of time, some have overcome their own sense of inadequacy, or their fear, or their anger. To seek God was Moses’ intent. He wanted to just see His face. But, in the process of seeking Him, Moses had an incredible personal encounter with God. And, when Heavenly Father tried to give him a mission to free his people, Moses sought some excuse to be excused from such a daunting task. God was simply asking Moses to transform his world and free the slaves under the dominion of the Pharaoh. Moses had direct experience with how powerful the Pharaoh truly was, and could sense God was sending him on an impossible mission. The fact that Moses, who wrote the book of Exodus would write these words, demonstrates his humility before the assignment.

Yet, Moses made the agreement with God, and the rest became history. Yet, this very candid glimpse into the negotiations over the mission provide a perspective of Moses that existed from before he became a providential figure. If one can imagine this scene between Moses and God in a different, more familiar time, like the period before the American Civil War. If one can imagine a former slave from the deep south being asked by God to go before President Andrew Jackson to free the slaves in the nation, this interchange between Moses and God may then take on a more realistic perspective. It was a seemingly impossible mission. Yet, the example could also be extended to such a more recent time. One can imagine God asking Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. to stand up and speak out in the deep south to stand up to the tyrannical government leaders to end segregation and the serious crimes against the Blacks who had been so mistreated for such a long period of time.

What about today? Those of us who actively seek to see God’s face, what if He is trying to give us a seemingly impossible mission? For those of us who actively seek to know God’s Will, what if He is calling us to an impossible mission like He called Moses to take upon himself? Heavenly Father needs arms and legs and voices to speak up and to become more active. Throughout human history, He has sought to work through those who earnestly sought Him. Is He calling to you now? But, more importantly — will you listen; will you take the assignment He seeks to give to you?

This is essentially between each individual and our Heavenly Father, but in so many instances, the need impacts so many others that an assignment from Heaven is not something to be considered lightly. Yet from the many that are called, the seemingly ‘impossible’ missions are truly not easy to accept. Nevertheless, when we pray: “Thy Will be done, on the Earth as it is in Heaven…” who are the ones that answer God’s call to do God’s Will on the Earth. God is a patient parent, and sometimes it is legitimate that certain messaging is beyond our capability to comprehend completely. However, if Moses won the ‘debate’ with God, and had successfully refused Heavenly Father’s assignment, human history would have never turned out the way it has. The world would have developed without the Mosaic Code, and without such a foundation, and it was possible Jesus would not have been able to come upon the earth.

One may wonder whether God had asked others to help free the Hebrews before the interaction with Moses. We will never know this because Moses lost the debate he had with God. He ultimately bargained with Heavenly Father, and ultimately made the history we all know. Embracing the truth and accepting one’s assignment is critical if God’s Will can be done in history. Certainly, we know from our American history that several Christian ministers were sought to stand up for freedom in the time of the 1950s in the Deep South, and only a handful were willing to accept such an assignment. One of those became a central figure in the Civil Rights Movement and that was Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. If no one would have stood up, American history would have been much different.

So, in this time, is our Father in Heaven not calling us, His children, to do His Will, to build HIs Kingdom on earth? Do we not have our own excuses not to do what He is asking of us? Are we truly seeking His Kingdom and His righteousness? And once we sense such a quest for righteousness, what then? Do we debate with God over the plans he has for us? Did Jesus not give us the command to us to seek His Kingdom and His righteousness? Is this not His assignment to all Christians? Truly, the hour is late, but not yet impossible…

Once again, today’s message is from Apostle Tim Taylor. It is the second part of the message we shared at the beginning of October. The two messages were originally  delivered in September, one day apart. Apostle Tim Taylor had just wrestled with and claimed victory over COVID. If you missed the first part, go here:


Apostle Tim Taylor is the Founder, and overseer of Kingdom League International & the 1Church1Day strategy. His main message today is via a video presentation and it is quite powerful. We are grateful that we are able to share this messages, as well as other his messages on a somewhat regular basis. Both of these recent messages from Apostle Taylor are quite relevant for such a time as this. Definitely, this is a time in which the entire world’s population needs to be covered in genuine and sincere prayer from all of our Heavenly Father’s children because we truly are one huge family under God, and we have to stick together in times of adversity and challenge. Through such unity of heart and spirit, the communities of faith will move forward and proceed onward and upward. We need God’s guidance and we need each other for support to continue to seek His Kingdom and His righteousness.

In our Video Views section today, we features ten videos, a mixture of music and news or views. There are two videos that feature Sean Feucht, who is becoming more well known from his “Let Us Worship” events all across the nation, which we have been featuring since last year. He has a definite assignment. In keeping with some of the central messaging, there is a great music video of “On Eagles’ Wings.” There is a good group session from the Victory Channel with a Flashpoint Panel, and we offer for review a prophetic word from Jonathan Cahn.

There are also plenty of good articles and other videos in the sections we provide. Our Around the Republic section contains messages from five of the “United States,” but many show how average American citizens are rising to action in such time as this. If you feel the call, it may be your time to arise and join together with those of a like mind and who are serious about taking citizen action to protect our freedoms. We support all who are called to take a stand to demand and exercise our God-given Constitutional rights — while we still have them!


The “Message of Light” endeavor had been part of the “David Project” that originated as a genuine inspiration from our Heavenly Father, initiated to bring Light into the dark in this time. The project developed from 2018, and as we approach our third anniversary of existence, we have formally elevated the “David Project” to the more formal “LightWing Mission,” my personal ministry, which I had announced in previous messages.

These messages are freely offered and sent to you as part of the “LightWing Mission.” Please receive today’s messages as a gift from those who care. They are only words being offered, freely; yet, some contain a deep message of faith, or a much deeper expression of heart that readers can hopefully receive into their lives. As it has been written: “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” Proverbs 29:18 – KJV

May we humble ourselves, seek His face, seek His Will and consider seriously His call to all of us to genuinely seek His Kingdom and His righteousness in all our days in such a time as this. 

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“Teach Us to Number our Days– Part 2!

By Tim Taylor



Yesterday, I shared what God spoke to me as I came out of COVID in “Teach us to Number our Days.”

Today, I’m going to share with you how in a moment, years’ worth of dreams, revelations and visions unfolded before me. God was speaking so powerfully and now many other prophets and apostles and declaring what we’ve been proclaiming for years. My Father’s time is upon us.  Click here.

Do you realize we just entered a Jewish new year?  It’s 5782!  In addition, we are in the midst of the feasts. Now these feasts are not just Jewish feasts. They are the Lord’s feasts and He gave us these to understand the times.

In this Youtube video, I’ll unpack what God is saying through many other prophets now.    I do this to emphasize that what He has shown me for years, what we have worked for and proclaimed for years, is upon us.  Pray with us for the Great Awakening, but also join with us in building our Father’s house through the restoration of David’s tabernacle.  It’s key to the end-time harvest.  Click here for Teach us to Number of Days – Part 2.

This was part 2. If you missed part 1, follow the link to the complete original Part 1 article found below, which is a link to the Kingdom League International Website:

Click here for Teach us to Number our Days – Part 1 recorded the previous day.  


Onward and Upward!             

From Christian Worship MusicPsalm 91 – On Eagles’ Wings – by Shane & Shane (Lyric Video) – 10/5/2017

From Victory Channel – FlashPoint: Citizens Are Waking Up! Donald Trump, Rep. Lauren Boebert, David Harris Jr, Wendy Rogers – 10/15/21

From Beckah Shae – “Awake” by Beckah Shae – (Official Video) – 10/6/20 – twinkling lyric…

From LETUSWORSHIP: Worship is our Weapon – Ministry Now – Sean Feucht – 10/17/21

From Steeljaw Scribe –  YouTube:  “Once to Every Man and Nation”  -5/24/2008   

From Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov: Judge Sides with 16 Unvaccinated Students, Rules Against University Mandate – 10/11/21

From LUC Virtual Music Series: VIRTUAL CHOIR – Hymn To Freedom – 1/31/21

From Ministry Now: The Church Has Left the Building – Marcus & Joni interview with Sean Feucht – 10/15/21

From D’Souza Media: Thousands Protest Against Vaccine Passports In Italy – 10/15/21

Review > From Jonathan CahnProphetic Word: The Ominous Afghanistan Harbinger  [Prophetic Warning] – 10/5/21


Podcast – From Dinesh D’SouzaDIVIDE AND CONQUER – 10/15/21 – In this episode, Dinesh reveals how the clashes over identity politics are creating the recipe for an unworkable society.  Dinesh exposes how the Biden administration is abusing the Patriot Act to go after critics and political dissenters, a tyrannical approach that Democrats have tried before. Dinesh spells out the implications of a federal judge imposing a contempt of court citation on D.C. authorities for violating the civil rights of a January 6 defendant. Historian Victor Davis Hanson joins Dinesh to talk about his new book, “The Dying Citizen.” Dinesh explains why John Adams considered virtue indispensable to the success of a republic, and how he thought it might be cultivated from generation to generation.


American Minute by William J. Federer – American Minute for October 10 – Christopher Columbus faced mutiny after a long and treacherous journey but averted disaster when land was sighted. Hear what he wrote in his diary on this day in 1492.


Recommended Reading – follow the links…

From The Christian Post: The battle for courage — A hill to die on – 10/17/21

From CBN News: ‘Enabling Religious Persecution’: Apple Obeys China’s Communist Regime, Quran and Bible Apps Removed – 10/17/21

From BizPac Review: Judge Jeanine dishes on who’s really running the White House and all fingers point in one direction – 10/17/21

From CBN News: Americans Reject Big Government, ‘Bad News’ for Biden’s Big Plans – 10/15/21

From Real Clear Religion: Choosing a Culture of Prayer Over Isolation – 10/13/21


From the Hoover Institution-

Hoover Institution – ChinaFile: The Man Behind Xi Jinping’s Foreign Policy – 10/7/21

Review > Policy ed (w/ video): Adam White On How The Unelected Judiciary Prevents The Tyranny Of The Majority – 9/27/2018


What affects one, can affect all!  

News From California –

From FOX News: California parents, teachers plan statewide walkout to protest school vaccine mandate – 10/16/21

News from Florida –

DeSantis OBLITERATES Biden Over Mandates: “YOU Are The One That’s Being Divisive About This” – 10/15/21

News From Oregon –  

From Christianity Daily: Oregon Senators Demand Investigation Into CDC, FDA’s Manipulation Of COVID Statistics – 10/13/21

From FOX News: Portland struggles as crime surges: ‘The city is at a breaking point’ – 10/13/21

News From Virginia –

From Christianity Daily: Virginia Father Accuses Loudoun County School Board of Covering Up His Daughter’s Assault By Cross-Dressing Boy – 10/13/21

News From Washington –

From D’Souza Media: Boeing Workers Protest Vaccine Mandate En Masse Outside Washington Factory – 10/15/21

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