CSN Sunday – LightWing Messages for 12/12/2021

CSN Sunday – LightWing Messages for 12/12/2021


Judah Maccabee

Judah the Maccabee is the central figure of the Hanukkah story

Then answered the king’s officers, and said to Mattathias on this wise, Thou art a ruler, and an honourable and great man in this city, and strengthened with sons and brethren:

Now therefore come thou first, and fulfil the king’s commandment, like as all the heathen have done, yea, and the men of Judah also, and such as remain at Jerusalem: so shalt thou and thy house be in the number of the king’s friends, and thou and thy children shall be honoured with silver and gold, and many rewards.

Then Mattathias answered and spake with a loud voice, “Though all the nations that are under the king’s dominion obey him, and fall away every one from the religion of their fathers, and give consent to his commandments:

Yet will I and my sons and my brethren walk in the covenant of our fathers.

God forbid that we should forsake the law and the ordinances.

We will not hearken to the king’s words, to go from our religion, either on the right hand, or the left.

Now when he had left speaking these words, there came one of the Jews in the sight of all to sacrifice on the altar which was at Modin, according to the king’s commandment.

Which thing when Mattathias saw, he was inflamed with zeal, and his reins trembled, neither could he forbear to shew his anger according to judgment: wherefore he ran, and slew him upon the altar.

Also the king’s commissioner, who compelled men to sacrifice, he killed at that time, and the altar he pulled down.

Thus dealt he zealously for the law of God like as Phinees did unto Zambri the son of Salom.

And Mattathias cried throughout the city with a loud voice, saying, “Whosoever is zealous of the law, and maintaineth the covenant, let him follow me.

So he and his sons fled into the mountains, and left all that they ever had in the city.

Then many that sought after justice and judgment went down into the wilderness, to dwell there  1 Maccabees 2:17-29 (KJV)


This Sunday’s LightWing edition is offered in the wake of the devastating tornado strikes across a six state area with multiple deaths. It was a horrible situation. Several supplemental entries do touch upon this natural disaster today. Last week we tended to focus upon the Dobbs v. Jackson case, the Mississippi abortion case, the Supreme Court is dealing with currently. In such a time as this, many Christians, conservatives and assorted faith-based and patriot organizations are keenly interested in how the Supreme Court Justices handle the case and whether they will “do the right thing.” This case came before the Supreme Court during the time of Hanukkah, and as mentioned in last Sunday’s edition, it is a celebration of renewal or restoration. Today, we are offering an article relating to Hanukkah, or Chanukah, per Dr. Richard Moss. He is a contributor to the Citizen Voice, and besides having an active medical practice, he is a patriot and activist.

In last week’s introduction, I explained that the pending decision from the high court “may have long lasting impact upon the nation, the real essence of what may be decided before the high court in such a time as this is whether America will be able to endure as a nation of laws rooted in God’s principles, whether our nation will abandon, essentially destroy our ideals.” This same dilemma confronted the Hebrew people at the time of the Maccabean Revolt, which is the basic context behind the story of Hanukkah. “They rescued the law out of the hands of the Gentiles and kings, and they never let the sinner gain the upper hand.” 1 Maccabees 2:48

While we proceed with humility and gratitude before our Heavenly Father during this holiday period, we need to keep our circumstances in proper perspective. We are still fighting in our own Civil War against those who are threatening to tear apart the very fabric of the nation in this time. As I stated before, “all Americans who love Freedom need to make their own individual and collective appeals to Heaven.” There are several historical parallels playing out in the time we find ourselves in at present. Like the Maccabees, like our Pilgrim Fathers, and our Founding Fathers, we need to find within what we honestly believe in, and if we need to fight for the true principles rooted in the foundations of this nation, so be it. “It is fundamentally clear that the intent of the enemy is to divide us to conquer the U.S.” Divided we will fall, UNITED we stand!

As we are within the holiday season, we hope our readers will enjoy the twelve videos for today and all of the other features. Check out our Recommended Reading section, or the Around the Republic section. Our hope is to revive hope in America, and provide one call to action for all of those who can heed the call.


The “Message of Light” endeavor had been part of the “David Project” that originated as a genuine inspiration from our Heavenly Father, initiated to bring Light into the dark in this time. The project developed from 2018, and as we approach our third anniversary of existence, we have formally elevated the “David Project” to the more formal “LightWing Mission,” my personal ministry, which I had announced in previous messages.

These messages are freely offered and sent to you as part of the “LightWing Mission.” Please receive today’s messages as a gift from those who care. They are only words being offered, freely; yet, some contain a deep message of faith, or a much deeper expression of heart that readers can hopefully receive into their lives. As it has been written: “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” Proverbs 29:18 – KJV

May we humble ourselves, seek His face, seek His truth, seek His love, self – reflect, repent, and put on the whole armor of God  in order to end the wicked ways of the world in which we live. In order to thrive in God’s Kingdom, we need to expose and eliminate the culture of evil around us.

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A quiz on Hanukkah and Christmas in U.S. history | Opinion - Sun Sentinel

Chanukah, Christmas, and Western Civilization

The Two Holidays Are Central to Understanding America

By Richard Moss, MD

December 24, 2019

Chanukah, the festival of lights, is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the victory of the Maccabees (or Hasmoneans) over the powerful armies of the Seleucid (Greek) Empire under King Antiochus IV. King Antiochus, in 167 BC, in a show of force, forbade important Jewish observances such as keeping the Sabbath and circumcision and dedicated the ancient temple in Jerusalem to Zeus. In the town of Modi’in, Antiochus’ soldiers forced a village elder named Matityahu to sacrifice a pig before a pagan altar. Matityahu refused. When another Jew complied, he killed him and another Greek official. This sparked a three-year rebellion against the Greeks and their Jewish allies, some of whom accepted Greek or Hellenic culture.  Matityahu and his sons, the Maccabees, fought to maintain the ancient ways of the covenant.  At first, the Maccabees and their motley fighters employed guerilla tactics but eventually formed regular forces and routed the Greeks. In 164 BC, the Maccabees entered Jerusalem and rededicated the temple, removing pagan influences, thus the name “Chanukah” or rededication.

It was a most unlikely victory. But because of it Judaism survived. Without this victory, history would have been profoundly altered.  In the absence of Judaism, Christianity, which followed more than a century later, would never have emerged.

Chanukah is a victory of religious liberty, of the weak over the strong, of righteousness over tyranny, of light over darkness, a miracle.  But there was another miracle.  Jewish tradition holds that when it was time to light the Menorah in the Temple, there was only enough pure oil for a single day, but it lasted eight days after which it was replenished.  And the men that had been soldiers and were now priests and scribes knew that their victory over the mighty Greek army was not just by force of arms but through divine providence. That God walked among the defenders of Judaism.

After the Greeks fell away, there was a brief interlude of Jewish independence in Israel but then the Romans conquered the Holy Land in 63 BC (Pompey). Life under Roman rule was difficult and there was another rebellion in 70 AD. General Vespasian destroyed the Jewish kingdom and King David’s ancient capitol fell for a second time. Many Jews died or were enslaved.  There rose again a savior in 135 AD, Bar Kochba, but in the end his rebellion too crumbled before Rome’s might (Emperor Hadrian). Jerusalem and the Temple were ploughed under with salt and hundreds of thousands of Jews were slaughtered. Jerusalem was resettled. Rome renamed Israel, Palestina, reaching back to Israel’s ancient foes the Philistines to conceal its Jewish past. The exiles went forth as slaves and rootless wanderers. And the long night began.

But the Chanukah flame continued to burn in the hearts of the Jewish people who dreamed of returning to Israel and Jerusalem. For 2,000 years it burned in villages and cities across the seas and the continents. And the exiles returned to reclaim their patrimony.  In 1948, out of the ashes of the Holocaust, the modern state of Israel was born, its fledgling forces defeating the five Arab armies that attacked it at the moment of its birth with the intent of annihilation, another miracle. And so the Chanukah lights continued to burn in Israel, sometimes flickering but still illuminating, nearly 70 years later.

With Christmas upon us, there is also a light that burns for Christians, under assault in the West by the secular left and around the globe especially within the Muslim world. It is symbolic that in the darkest time of the year, Christian teaching tells that the logos or the word was made flesh in the form of a newborn baby, the baby Jesus, a Jew, under a star, a light for the world to drive away the darkness and bring redemption and hope.

That Chanukah and Christmas are closely linked in the calendar is fitting for the message they each bring. The two faiths, Judaism and Christianity, taken together as the Judeo-Christian tradition, is the foundation of Western and American civilization. Western nations are the greatest in the world because they are informed by Judeo-Christian principles. It is in the     West where human rights, liberty, the rule of law, democracy, music and the arts, science      and technology have flourished and where slavery was ended. These are the nations that inhabitants from the rest of the world seek to live. It is in Western nations where citizens are most free and enjoy the greatest prosperity. It is not an accident.

We must dedicate ourselves to preserving America, the West, and Western civilization, by preserving its Judeo-Christian tradition. The light of Chanukah and Christmas must continue to burn, and illumine the night, pushing away the darkness that is always present, the norm for most of history. They should guide us and our nation and the West for all time. It distinguishes us from the rest: our values, our devotion to truth, knowledge, goodness, beauty, and reason, the belief in the sanctity of the individual made in the image of God, while rejecting the moral and cultural relativism of the post-modern left and the totalitarian threat of unreformed Islam  and the Chinese Communist Party.  We must rededicate ourselves in our current battle as the Maccabees did against the Greeks and as Israel did against the Arab armies that sought its destruction in 1948 and has done ever since against its many enemies.

The spirit of Chanukah and Christmas should inspire us. Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas to all.

Dr. Richard Moss is a board certified head and neck cancer surgeon and was a candidate for Congress in 2016    and 2018. He graduated from the Indiana University School of Medicine and has been in practice in Jasper and Washington, IN for over 20 years.  He has written A Surgeon’s Odyssey and Matilda’s Triumph available on amazon.com.  Find more of his essays at richardmossmd.com.  Visit Richard Moss, M.D. on Facebook,      Twitter, GAB, GETTR, Parler, and Instagram.


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