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In our Citizen Voice Bulletin today, the feature article is from A. Dru Kristenev. She is the writer that just experienced the tragic fire and the loss of two dear friends in that unexpected tragedy.  She looks at the fire as such a devastating loss, but in her line of vision, she now sees how the United States is like a house being burnt down. She sends out a call to action for true patriots, those who can take up the call of alarm and become true “firefighters” to save the Republic.

We also continue with the new feature to the Bulletin we added recently, which is an “Alert” feature from our various network affiliates or our coalition partners. Today, we are featuring an important alert from Family Research Council regarding action on the Equality Act.

The Video Views segment features a number of videos dealing with multiple central issues confronting the U.S. in this immediate moment. We hope you enjoy all the features we offer in our three aggregated areas to help our readers get a comprehensive perspective of the news.

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Those of us remaining must battle the fire with all we have before the house is demolished by insatiable flames. If the encroaching blaze isn’t extinguished, the freedom that comprises paradise will be gone

Burning down the house


By A. Dru Kristenev —— Bio and Archives–March 12, 2021

Burning down the house

Standing helpless, watching your home burn to the ground may be one of the most horrific and numbing experiences that could occur in one’s lifetime. Luckily, the number of people who’ve lived through such an event is a small percentage of the population but it doesn’t lessen the emotional devastation and the unutterable sense of loss if family members perished in the blaze.

Forever relegated to memory are the lives of those individuals and items that no longer exist in the natural plane. When recalling incidents, thoughts will turn to memorabilia, both valuable and sentimental, that disappeared in the flames but the importance of the people whose words and actions imbued those effects with significance will not disappear.

We are the foundation of the house

As a recent survivor of a house fire that took the life of the dearest of friends, family really, clarity has come about how that tragedy correlates to what we’re now witnessing on the national scale.

The new administration is burning down our house and attempting to wipe out all memory of what made it our blessed home, a stronghold of true equality of opportunity, not the current fatuous concept of “equity.” Dismantling monuments, rewriting history and overwriting documents, the slimmest of a democrat majority in federal office is bulldozing the frame before the house has been reduced to ash.

The purpose behind usurping the White House and Congress and leveraging the Judiciary is to bury the past beneath detritus created by sowing misinformation and de-educating generations of Americans to forget the nation’s origins. To them, the foundation of America’s house is nothing more than a middens on top of which they’re tacking together a cardboard shack. Reducing everyone to a shared misery of scrabbling for a living in a shantytown erected on a dump is the road they’re laying to create dependence on government largesse that isn’t.

Running out into the street, empty-handed, clad only in pajamas and barefoot, that’s how desperate the democratic machine expects citizens to be. Utterly bereft of all goods, employment and faith to compel reliance on government for succour is the goal.

To achieve this, the fire is fed by demoralizing, defeatist legislation designed to burn the house to the ground, making homeless all who believe in the strength of the foundation that was first laid.

We are the foundation of the house, not Congress, not the presidency and not the Supreme Court. But the fire has already started, sweeping through cities and counties, it must be stamped out and the nation revived using the original architects’ blueprint.

The first match stricken against the house is the coronavirus relief package that relieves no Americans of the financial ruin instituted by progressives’ pressure that closed down the economy for a year, creating desperation among families as they saw the small flame grow.

Another match being lit, attacking God-given rights of equal opportunity to seek prosperity and to express faith and opinion without censure is the “Equality Act” that tears at the First Amendment.

Torching the Second Amendment with two gun control bills, the House is working to forbid individuals from protecting their possessions, including their lives, which a firestorm can quickly suffocate.

Impeding efforts to fight the fire, burning embers of the “For the People Act” prevents escape from the blaze by blocking constitutionally conducted elections that are the best route to freedom.

Other kindling has been ignited that destroys power generation and energy independence, abandoning the house to darkness and defenselessness in the face of the advancing conflagration.

Block by block, the self-caged Congress and White House are razing the carefully constructed national edifice, setting flames at each corner to burn down the whole house in one vast blaze that will discourage the occupants with the specter of loss and, ultimately, death.

This is the call for volunteer firefighters

This is the call for volunteer firefighters to direct the pressurized hoses at Washington, D.C. before the fire builds intensity, the heat driving homeowners from their property and liberty, allowing the scavengers to sift the ash heap to steal what’s left. If we maintain the firebreak that was established by the Founders, the arsonists can and will be caught and penalized.

Much as the title of this column brings to mind the popular song by the Talking Heads (aptly named considering the pundits that share in this arson), so do the Joni Mitchell lyrics describe what’s occurring if the blaze isn’t doused now – “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone – they paved paradise, put up a parking lot.”

Soon, I will be combing through what’s left of a house fire that consumed my belongings, but more crushing, it took the lives of my friends. They are released from this natural world ridden with politically-driven hate devised to separate a nation and consolidate power among a few. Those of us remaining must battle the fire with all we have before the house is demolished by insatiable flames. If the encroaching blaze isn’t extinguished, the freedom that comprises paradise will be gone.

Original article:


CSN Special Action Alert —


Dear Citizen Sentinels Network news Readers,

In case you don’t receive information from Pastor Steven Andrew, I’m forwarding this message from him on election integrity, which I believe is the central issue of our time. If we cannot keep our ballot box as a fair and honest way to express our voice in who we want as leaders of our nation, we do not have a Constitutional Republic. We support his efforts in this next 40 day period to save our American Republic. Here is the press release from Pastor Andrew…


Please forward this to your family and friends:

Election Integrity. Analysis Shows President Trump Is President!  Democrats Are Destroying America.

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Saving America                                                   Steven Andrew is leading the nation to reaffirm covenant that the USA follows Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches covenant is the most important action to save lives, restore safety, strengthen the church, and raise godly generations.

Election Integrity President Trump Is President

Like us USA.Life

40 Days to Save America. March 21 – April 30.

National Emergency. Save Lives. Lawfully Act. Pray and fast.

“We must unite as a nation, turn to God and demand election integrity to save America. Join me daily from March 21 to April 30. Without truth our nation cannot survive.” – Pastor Steven Andrew

(Press Release, 3/16/21) Below is an important letter from Steven Andrew calling for election integrity so we save America. Andrew asks people to daily get involved for 40 days, from March 21 to April 30.

Dear fellow Americans,

Does God want election integrity or dishonesty? Millions of people believe President Trump already won on Election Day, as the videos “Unmasked” and “Absolute Proof,” Sydney Powell, Peter Navarro and other reports prove. God wants the truth. I am Steven Andrew. Will you join me for truth? God commands we demand justice and “justify the righteous:” President Trump. (Deuteronomy 25:1).

After President Trump won, many believe the USA was invaded by a socialist-marxist coup by lies and “stopping the counting” to add more fraudulent votes. Massive fraud occurred before. They violated election laws. Have you seen the analysis? Reports show foreign and domestic enemies in the Democrat Party, big media “fake news,” the deep state and many RINOs and courts block evidence, commit treason and collude with China, Iran…

Do we want freedom or tyranny? President Trump loves America and honors God, but these traitors hate America, ruin the economy and violate the Constitution, attacking free speech, freedom of the press, the free exercise of Christianity, elections and women’s rights. They bring in thousands of Covid-19 infected illegal aliens, child smugglers and criminal cartels and lock children in border cages. They are destroying the USA, as they plunder our money, use communist cancel culture, falsely call us “racist” and create division. Will you demand a transparent election audit?

America’s enemies are “haters of the LORD” (Psalm 81:15). Democrats removed God from the Pledge of Allegiance, leave babies to die who survive abortion, cause poverty and said, “God’s will is no concern”. They “bear false witness” against innocent President Trump and patriotic Americans (Ex. 20:16). CNN and NBC paid an Antifa leader $70,000 who broke into the Capitol dressed as a President Trump supporter. They falsely blame President Trump and patriots, but Democrats refused President Trump’s call for more security. Democrats refuse to condemn Antifa and violent groups causing over $2 billion in damages. They made up Russia collusion lies and hid Hunter and Joe Biden’s $billions in foreign money.

Election integrity matters. Are we honest? What is God’s will for us?

HOPE: Restore God’s Protection and Favor. What Sins Can You Turn From?

God says the real reason for enemies invading is our sins brought judgment on the nation with “they that hate you shall reign over you” (Lev. 26:14-17).“Israel went into captivity for their iniquity” (Ez. 39:23).

Our only hope is to turn to God. We see about 96% of the captivity judgment for the sins God destroyed Judah for. If we don’t repent of corruption, the full judgment is families taken away, losing homes, poverty and millions killed. America won’t be saved unless we agree we are a Christian nation, are pro-life and have traditional marriage only. Will you daily repent of your sins? If we “help the ungodly” Democrats and traitors, God’s “wrath” is upon us (2 Chron. 19:2).                        

The answer to find God’s mercy is:

  1. Get right with God to end God’s judgment.

  2. Demand election integrity.


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