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We successfully have been completely successful in the launch of our Citizen Sentinels “Citizen Voice” Live Video Program. As mentioned previously, initial programming of “True U.S. History” lessons will continue and then we will merge into the second phase of the project with relevant interviews of citizen patriots and true public-servant minded leaders. Our first phase will reach completion by Easter, which is next Sunday, and we will then move into the second phase of providing both the history lessons and the interviews on alternate weeks.

For those not yet “plugged-in”  to our video project, the “Citizen Voice” Live Video Program has moved to Mondays! We ask that readers check it out on Monday afternoons during the month of April via live-streamed streamed programs from 1:30 – 2:30pm PDT or 4:30 – 5pm EDT, and all the relative times “in-between in local viewing areas.” We are grateful for our hosts at Wisconsin Christian News network that are projecting the half-hour program on their site. You can tune in next Monday by accessing this link: 

Again, we are growing as a network of committed citizens and we urge newsletter readers to take ownership of the CSN and our efforts! It is truly an effort of “We the People” regaining our lost sovereignty over our nation. As explained, ownership means not just belief or faith in our cause, but it involves substantial ownership as well, if we are to regain our lost sovereignty in America. We are extremely grateful for our compatriots who have given donations to the CSN. We ask all members in the various networks and coalitions that have been established (through the six + years of our volunteer efforts) to contribute a minimum of $1.00 U.S. dollar each month to buy “stock” in our growth and development of all that CSN stands for in such a turbulent time. What we are doing may surprise some, but it is definitely more than just the educational focus of our newsletter.


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In our Citizen Voice Bulletin today, I offer an article on the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom.

I have much more to say about the California governor, but only so much can be stated in a brief article. A great book on this topic, Recall Newsom, written by California legislator Kevin Kiley (yes there are still a few conservatives alive and well behind enemy lines in California), helps readers understand much more why he needs to be removed from office. There is a newly “appointed” POTUS who should be removed from office as well, but that may take more time.

The new feature of the Bulletin, an “Alert,” features an announcement from “1776 Unites,” an effort that was founded by Bob Woodson as a project of the Woodson Center to combat the New York Times’ “1619 Project.” The Woodson Center is quite active, and for those interested there is an upcoming video program titled: “Desegregate Poverty” announced and a link where people can register now.

Additionally, we hope you enjoy all the features we offer in our other three aggregated areas to help our readers get a comprehensive perspective of the news in recent days. Some links take readers to some heavy-duty news; much of it is centered upon the border crisis. But, we ask people to become aware of the nation we live in and not just stop there, but to take well-thought-out actions to stand for the principles embedded in the founding documents, to take a serious stand for the survival of the Republic.

Finally, we thank our committed readers who have already taken ownership as Citizen Sentinels, and who have forwarded appropriate links to articles or relevant videos to our staff, as we have put the ones considered applicable to that particular edition. Continue to send article/video links, or your questions on articles available in exchange for larger donations to


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Newsom is a liar, and a pampered Party oligarch interested mainly in staying in power

Recall Newsom; Recall All Democrat Dictators!

By Dennis Jamison —— Bio and ArchivesMarch 30, 2021

Recall Newsom; Recall All Democrat Dictators!

Last week Governor Gavin Newsom spoke out about the recall effort designed to take his majesty’s title away. Newsom was interviewed by Joy Reid on her program, “The ReidOut,”  and in typical Democrat “Newspeak” reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984, he stated that “We have folks that are literally part of the 3% militia group—right-wing group—that are part of the principal proponents of this effort.” Newsom was referring to the Republican National Convention and certain White supremacist groups as behind the people’s recall effort in California. Of course,  the clever attempt to link Republicans to white supremacy fits with the Democrat/Progressive contemporary mantra and would work to generate sympathy with the lower mental functioning   of those who would watch Joy Reid.

Gavin Newsom is not being recalled because he is as ignorant as his statements make him appear

Yet, it gets better. “Let me be more candid and more direct. The principal sponsor of this recall effort wants to put microchips in immigrant aliens. We have folks that are literally part of the 3% militia group—right-wing group—that are part of the principal proponents of this effort.” There you go, that must be it! Those right wing militia groups that are marching through the American city streets, burning and looting and killing people! My God, such people need to be hunted down and brought before the magistrates! They should not be allowed to go out and collect signatures on the city streets of California! Now, for the same realm of the United States, it is possible to see what California residents have to endure. Of course there are some who are immune from such Newspeak. Those would be the countless number of homeless people that only count when the Democrats need their signatures for elections, or the illegal aliens who are free to rob and murder citizens, or the Chinese spy network that is alive and thriving in California. There are others who are immune, but intelligent readers may get the picture.

By the way, Gavin Newsom is not being recalled because he is as ignorant as his statements make him appear. In reality, he is quite a clever aristocrat and usually does what his relatives in the elite Democrat hierarchy tell him to do. If he has been promised a chance to run for the top spot as the Democrat’s choice for POTUS in the future, he will follow the Party mantra and obey as any good soldier in the Party apparatus. In a moment of enlightenment on the Reid program, he did admit that: “It has a lot to do with me, it has a lot to do with everybody watching. It has to do with our values as Democrats. The RNC is the second-largest donor to this effort.” You bet it has a lot to do with his royal highness and a lot to do with the “values” of Democrats. Newsom has acted like a tyrant during his term in office, but isn’t that in the Democrat Party’s playbook?

Democrat Party cannot stand by and let one of their own fellow criminals be so totally rejected by the people in his state, unless his name is Cuomo

Of course, the Democrat Party cannot stand by and let one of their own fellow criminals be so totally rejected by the people in his state, unless his name is Cuomo. But, in their “counterattack,” Democrat leaders have put together a made-for-TV video that has characterized the recall effort as a “power grab” on behalf of a coalition of national Republicans and the dastardly deplorable Trump supporters. The Democrat leaders have to come up with something to say, and why not blame it on Trump and his white supremacist, anti-illegal immigration, and anti-tyranny, and anti-big government extremists? They are also claiming that by overturning Gavin Newsom’s election, it “could threaten California’s efforts to fight COVID-19.”

The propaganda coming from Newsom’s defenders reflects their own mindsets and their own actions of the power grab they just orchestrated in the theft of the 2020 presidential election. It was genius, and it is absurdly in keeping with Saul Alinsky’s “rules” for Democrats that they are accusing their opponents of doing what they have done in the past, and what they continue to do in order to seize and maintain power. Gavin Newsom is just another Democrat who obeys the Party’s dictates, so this recall effort has much more to do with his royal highness and much more to do with the so-called “values” of the Democrat Party as a whole. And, that is just it: the Democrat Party holds no virtuous values any more. Whatever value the Party had embraced has hollowed out by Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders.

The Socialists have taken control, and in their brilliant coup in 2020, they have seized control of the federal government

The Socialists have taken control, and in their brilliant coup in 2020, they have seized control of the federal government. So, the true American people, the true sovereigns of the nation have to revert back to the basics to regain control of the states rather than stand by and watch the entire nation go to Hell in a handbasket. The criminal element within the Democrat Party leadership has shown its true colors during the COVID-related crisis. The manipulation of fear, the tyrant- like tactics of lockdowns and deadly mandates (Cuomo was not the only one who sent elderly patients to their deaths in 2020) stand in stark contrast to other governors of other states that did not employ such draconian tactics of absolutist efforts to suppress and control entire state populations. Newsom is guilty (unfortunately innocent until a judge would be willing to entertain the evidence) of his own share of draconian mandates, and COVID-related excuses for ending people’s livelihoods at minimum, and much more.

One thing that many people may have forgotten since Newsom’s campaign for governor was in 2018, seemingly light years ago, was a deliberate distortion of President Trump’s statements about the criminals coming across the southern border. In 2018, Trump had been holding one of his famous White House roundtable discussions and was dealing with California’s mandated sanctuary laws, when Fresno County Sheriff, Margaret Mims, asked a question of the POTUS regarding the state’s law forbidding state and municipal law officers from sharing their local criminal database information with federal law enforcement officials as well as state restrictions on reporting activities of MS-13 to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) if they did not meet certain state-mandated thresholds.

Newsom is a liar, and a pampered Party oligarch

President Trump responded to Sheriff Mim’s question by stating: “We have people coming into the country, or trying to come in, we’re stopping a lot of them, but we’re taking people out of the country. You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are… These aren’t people. These are animals, and we’re taking them out of the country at a rate that’s never happened before.” 

At the time Newsom, the Lieutenant Governor of California, twisted the quote and tweeted: “Today the President of the United States referred to immigrants as ‘animals.’ Intentionally dehumanizing an entire group of people is something that slave owners and nazis did. It’s the kind of hateful rhetoric that leads to hate crimes and genocides.“ Newsom’s tweet made it around the MSM news circuit and excited his base and supporters, but it was deliberate misinformation, or disinformation, the kind of contorted, distorted information that slave-owners and nazis perpetrated as they marginalized the people they sought to make into victims. It was literally a defense of at least one gang known as MS-13 that has done untold harm to citizens of California under state sanctuary mandates.

Newsom is a liar, and a pampered Party oligarch interested mainly in staying in power and may now get it that the people are fed up with him and the “values” of the Democrat Party. When he is nixed, the people of the United States will realize that they can take back their states from Democrat dictators. Those in each state who love freedom can recall their own tyrants!

CSN Special Announcement —

Dear Citizen Sentinels Network news Readers,

Last week I forwarded a message from Dr. Ben Carson about his new serious and critical mission with the “1776 Action” effort. Here is another program which is worthy of consideration and may be linked to Dr. Ben Carson’s effort. Bob Woodson created the “1776 Unites” program a while ago. I have referred to it in my “True U.S. History” videos. Here is the information from a weekly update from “1776 Unites” and the Woodson Center…


Woodson Center and 1776 Unites


                     WEEKLY UPDATE             MARCH 30, 2021


America is taking huge strides towards racial equality. Why isn’tanyone talking about it?


Wilfred C. Reilly on the good news about race and inequality that’s bad news for grievance mongers
“[P]robably the best and broadest response to the fact that some racism exists in present-day

America is this simple statement: ‘To be sure, but we’ve spent an incredible amount of blood and treasure to counteract it.’ Although this is almost never said openly these days, the Civil War and the civil-rights movement are over, and the good guys won both.

Back in 1954, the Brown v. Board decision brought an end to at least legal de jure segregation, with the government’s writ being enforced, often by armed might. In 1964, the Civil Rights Act made most forms of discrimination civilly if not criminally illegal. Pro-minority affirmative action has been the law of the land since the Philadelphia Plan in 1967. Such diversity-forward programs recently turned 53 years old—and it is rather remarkable how rarely this fact is used as a rebuttal to claims of widespread ‘white privilege.'”

1776 Unites scholar Wilfred C. Reilly examines the real data on race, inequality, and discrimination, to reach some surprisingly hopeful conclusions. Free registration required. (It’s worth it, this is a must-read!)

Read Prof. Reilly’s cover story in Commentary! 

50 Black Scholars and Activists Demand Smith College Apologize NOW for Treatment of Service Workers After Fake Racism Accusations

1776 Unites founder Bob Woodson spoke with Fox & Friends to discuss the open letter he and 49 other prominent Black intellectuals, activists, clergy, and community leaders sent to Smith College. The problem is not just one school’s cowardly administrators, but a culture of entitled elites, white and black, who weaponize the rhetoric of race to attack everyday people.



Read more about the experiences of falsely-accused Smith College service workers, and their response to our 1776 Unites open letter, from Daily Hampshire Gazette reporter Greta Jochem:

“Tracey Putnam Culver is a Smith College alumna who retired last year from a 35-year career at the college doing a number of jobs, including working as a gardener and custodian. She said the 1776 Unites letter ‘hit the nail on the head.’

She went to the anti-bias trainings, which she claims targeted service workers, and said they were ‘humiliating.’ She said she felt the trainers treated service workers poorly. ‘They talked to us like we were 14,’ she said. When asked if there is racism to address on Smith’s campus, she said racism is everywhere. ‘It’s unavoidable. But you don’t make that go away by treating people differently.’

After the 2018 incident, she said, ‘now everybody is afraid of getting too close to a student. They don’t trust that if something happens Smith is going to take the time to hear both sides.’”

Read about our open letter in the Gazette!

Save the Date: April 6, 7:00 – 9:30 PM ET

Desegregate Poverty, a conversation with Clarence Page and J.D. Vance, moderated by Bob Woodson

1776 Unites scholar and journalist Clarence Page and bestselling author J.D. Vance sit down with Bob Woodson to discuss race and class in America. Woodson Center and 1776 Unites are proud to host this urgent conversation. We’re happy to report that over 700 supporters, concerned citizens, and community activists have already registered. Please join us! 

RSVP below to now to join us LIVE:

Voices of Black Mothers United: We’ve Lost Children to Violence, but Don’t Want to Defund Police


From CBN News: “[VBMU director Sylvia Bennett-Stone] says police need black mothers partnering with them when and where deadly crimes happen.

‘That makes a huge difference on that scene,’ she says. ‘It makes a huge difference in terms of how the community is going to respond to the police.’

Retired Police Chief Rodney Monroe, who advises the group, agrees: ‘I’m a firm believer that when you can partner with families during the active investigation of these cases there’s a much greater chance of these cases being resolved faster.’ Monroe said.

‘There’s greater witness cooperation and better coordination with the district attorney offices as it relates to putting these cases together. Support those efforts, not defund the police.'”

Read more about Voices of Black Mothers United, a project of 1776 Unites‘ parent organization, the Woodson Center.


DONATE: 1776 Unites

1776 Unites is a project of Woodson Center, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.



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