CSN Tuesday Bulletin – 5/25/2021  

CSN Tuesday Bulletin – 5/25/2021


Dear CSN newsletter readers,

Next Monday, Memorial Day, we hope to have Pastor Earl Wallace back to take a much closer look at the Biblical Basis of the Bill of Rights. We will be discussing on a deeper level what Pastor Wallace has been teaching local law enforcement officials and regular rank and file police officers in upstate New York. Pastor Wallace did not have the time he needed to also explain what he has been doing in the greater New England area.

Our Citizen Voice interview format is intended to help viewers to connect the dots between our history and the present. We will continue to offer classes on “True U.S. history” that provides the historical foundations, but the fruit of what we are reaping as  a nation at any point were seeds planted in the soil of our past. A deeper grasp of this can give those who are linked to The Citizen Sentinels Network, intellectual ammunition to defend against Progressive Revisionist history currently flooding into public schools.

Tune in Monday afternoons to our Citizen Sentinels “Citizen Voice” Live Video Program.

Check out the half-hour program via live-streamed programs from 1:30 – 2:30 pm PDT or 4:30 – 5 pm EDT, and all the relative times “in-between in local viewing areas.” We thank our hosts at Wisconsin Christian News network that are projecting the half-hour program on their site. You can tune in next Monday by accessing this link:                                                                   https://wcntv.net

If you missed the first interview with Pastor Wallace, you can catch the link to the recording. “Citizen Voice” video program recordings are posted in several places on the internet. They are posted on  the WCN-TV site where they are live-streamed. They are also on the Youmaker site:


and the Strike Force of Prayer site:   https://strikeforceofprayer.tv/video/309/citizen-voice-with-dennis-jamison-%7C-episode-10?channelName=CitizenVoice

However, viewers would be able to see a description of each episode on our Citizen Sentinels Network site: https://citizensentinelsnetwork.com/category/citizen-voice/

In our Citizen Voice Bulletin for this Tuesday, we feature an article written about the recent push from the Biden Administration for everyone to get their COVID-19 vaccine. Writer Jack Gleason delves into the frantic push flowing from Washington that may need some more critical thought. He focuses on the push to vaccinate everyone in light of the rapidly declining popularity of such blind obedience. Gleason explains “most people are beginning to understand that it’s not a good idea to gamble your life on an unproven injection for a disease where the survival rate for people below 70 years old is above 99.5%”

We also feature a related message and appeal from Intercessors for America regarding a simultaneous push for vaccine passports or proof-of-vaccine cards. It always is truly amazing when the Left contradicts itself – in this case, with ID cards. It is not necessary to have an ID to vote in an election – it is a racist requirement; but to buy food, one must show an ID to demonstrate obedience to the state. ???

“We the People” need to wake up! What we are doing definitely goes well beyond the weekly educational focus of our newsletter. Citizen Sentinels are pro-actively working in substantial ways toward the return of our Republic to the original ideals at the heart of the founding of the U.S.A. and the re-building of One Nation Under God.

CSN is truly an effort of “We the People” regaining our lost sovereignty over our divided nation. Ownership does not just imply belief or faith in our cause; but, it involves substantial ownership as well, if we are to regain our lost sovereignty in America. We are extremely grateful for all of our compatriots who have given donations to the CSN.

Take up your watch! Become a Citizen Sentinel! Stand in Service for Freedom!

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People are beginning to understand that it’s not a good idea to gamble your life on an unproven injection for a disease where the survival rate for people below 70 years old is above 99.5%

“Get the Shot, Win the Lottery!”


By Jack Gleason ——Bio and Archives–May 24, 2021

Reports are emerging of side effects not just from taking the COVID injections, but simply by being around someone else who has gotten the shot.  Women, in particular, are reporting horrific side effects such as heavy vaginal bleeding, unusual menstrual cycles, miscarriages and stillbirths just hours or days after being exposed to people who have taken  the shot.  An independent study is under way to quantify these effects.

State leaders across the country are offering incentives to drum up business. “Get a shot, win the lottery!”

People have been told they need to take the injection so they can hug their grandmothers, but what if they knew there was a chance their shot could cause their unborn child to be miscarried?

Now the CDC is reporting a steady decline for the injections since March 31st.

Shots have declined from 4,304,851 on April 1st, to 1,111,141 on May 21st, a 74% drop in just 50 days.

So state leaders across the country are offering incentives to drum up business. “Get a shot, win the lottery!”

If you live in Kentucky, get your COVID shot at a Walmart or Kroger store and you’ll receive a free lottery ticket for a statewide nightly drawing of $225,000.

New York State is offering free lottery tickets to those who agree to get the shot, starting Monday.  The top prize is $5 million.

Not to be outdone, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced the launch of a $1 million lottery for residents of the state who get the shot.  There will be five “Ohio Vax-a-Million” drawings in the state.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is giving all vaccinated residents a chance to win $40,000, starting May 25.  The Maryland lottery will randomly select and award the prize every day to a vaccinated resident.  Drawings will continue each day until the Fourth of July, when one resident will win a grand prize of $400,000.

Compared to New York and Ohio, other states are being cheapskates.  In Maine, you can get a park pass, fishing or hunting license or a $20 LL Bean gift card.  Alabama offered a chance to drive your car two laps at Talladega, and Connecticut will give you a free drink.

The odds of winning the cash or prizes vary among the different states, but the odds of coming in second are clearly understood.

VAERS.com is a government website that tracks adverse side effects from getting the shot.  And OpenVAERS.com summarizes the results.

So while you might have a 1 in 100,000 chance of winning a state lottery after your injection, here are your odds of a different kind of second-place prize…

  • A trip to Urgent Care – 133 in 1,000

  • Getting Hospitalized – 60 in 1,000

  • A Severe Allergic Reaction – 40 in 1,000

  • A Heart Attack – 7 in 1,000

  • Bell’s Palsy – 6 in 1,000

  • Anaphylactic Shock – 5 in 1,000

  • A Miscarriage – 1 in 1,000

And the grand prize?

  • Sudden Death – 21 in 1,000

So if you’re moved by the offer of free lottery tickets, or two laps at Talladega, that’s fine, but the reason vaccine injections are rapidly declining in popularity is that most people are beginning to understand that it’s not a good idea to gamble your life on an unproven injection for a disease where the survival rate for people below 70 years old is above 99.5%


To help with the Covid Study…

Go Here:     https://covidstudy1.com/survey/


Intercessors for AmericaIntercessors for America (IFA) is a 501(c)(3) ministry organization and was founded in 1973 when God impressed upon the hearts of a group of godly, respected men the necessity of prayer and fasting.


The Left is at it again. I thought the threat of controlling Leftists forcing Americans like you and me to show a “Vaccine Passport” in order to participate in normal society had passed…

…but now I’m hearing stories of restaurants requiring customers to show their “Vaccine Card” in order to receive a wristband marking them “safe” and allowed to enter the restaurant.

…and I’m hearing of governors advising small businesses in their states to require “Vaccine Passports” from potential customers…

I talked to Governor Ron DeSantis from Florida when the Vaccine Passport threat first became an issue. But if you didn’t see my earlier email about that, I’ve included it below for you.

Dennis, this is an issue for Christians like you and me.

Forcing Americans to receive a vaccine that uses aborted baby parts is absolutely unacceptable.

Will you help IFA in the fight against this ungodly proposal with a $25 donation today?

Begin Forwarded Email:

From: Dave Kubal

Subject: A message from Governor Ron DeSantis

Dear Readers,

I hope you saw my email about the looming threat of the “Vaccine Passport” Biden wants to force on Americans like you and me.

President Biden and his fellow Leftists have admitted they want to force all American citizens to get the COVID-19 vaccine AND carry around a “vaccine passport” to participate in normal activities like grocery shopping and attending church.

This would be an unprecedented attack on religious liberties and every notion of individual freedom you and I currently enjoy.

That’s why I’m asking you to make a generous tax-deductible $25 donation so IFA can fight against this unbiblical idea.

You see, when your liberties as a Christian American are threatened like this, here at IFA we GO TO WORK.

Recently, I was in Florida speaking with Governor Ron DeSantis about issues just like this.

He told me he REJECTS government overreach – like enforcing a Vaccine Passport requirement in his state.

And as we talked, I told him that hundreds of thousands of prayer warriors – folks like you – are praying for him.

Governor DeSantis wanted me to tell you he is grateful for your prayers!

So, I wanted to pass that message along to you. Please be encouraged, Dennis. Your prayers for leaders all across the country are working.

And because of your generous support, we’re able to pass along your prayers directly to those who need them most.

It takes a lot of resources to make this happen, Dennis.

But like I’ve said before, when God puts a mission on your heart, he also provides a way to make it happen.

You are a daily testimony to me that He is faithful.

So, if you’re able, I pray you’ll make a $25 contribution to IFA today so we can keep blanketing our nation and our leaders in the powerful word of God.

Intercessors for America will NOT sit back and let this vaccine passport threaten your personal freedom without pushing back.

If the White House, or anyone else for that matter, tries to mandate vaccine passports, IFA will intercede in prayer and work with you to contact as many of your legislators as possible telling them this legislation is absolutely unacceptable, unconstitutional and un-American.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Dennis, this isn’t even about whether or not you’ve had (or plan to have) the vaccine.

This is about the government treading on your personal freedoms and trying to isolate those Americans who dare question their radical agenda.

Biden and his allies are dangerously close to telling you that if you ever want to leave your home again you MUST do as they say and carry government papers with you wherever you go.

That’s why I’m hoping I can count on you to make a generous $25 donation to IFA so we can push back on this ungodly threat.

We must push back when our leaders threaten our individual liberties and Biblical values. I hope I can count on you today.

Thank you and may God Bless You,

Alternate text

 David Kubal

President & CEO Intercessors for America (IFA)


P.S. We need as many Americans as possible praying and standing against this attack on Christian Americans. So please, forward and share this email with your friends and family.


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