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This coming Monday we will continue with “True U.S. History” and our focus next Monday will deal with the introduction of the slaves in the Jamestown Colony. The time frame will focus on the crux of the 1619 Project claims. Hopefully, citizens can tune into this program.

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In our Citizen Voice Bulletin today, I offer an article to put Patriot Day in proper perspective. On April 19, 1775, there was no U.S. flag flying over Lexington Common, there was no Washington as a commanding general of the rag-tag band of men and boys who opened fire on the British Redcoats, there was no government of the United States of America. They had been convicted to do the brave work of patriots — without a nation because they were fighting for the precious commodity of Freedom that is far greater than a flag, any one man, or any government — one which may be organized or disorganized. Because I still teach history, the true story of America is far more compelling than the “progressive” – revisionist historians.

The challenges we face as Americans today are not unlike many of the pressing issues of their day; they are similar to the controversial issues of our present time. The nation initially formed around the core Judeo-Christian values that Thomas Jefferson entwined into the Declaration    of Independence and the foundational principles embedded in the U.S. Constitution. Because President Trump had a way of acting as a lightning rod to attract those who do not truly support the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, many people became confused. Saving  the Republic, a Democratic-Republic, supposedly based upon the Constitution, has now arisen as one of the seminal issues of our time. However, those within the federal government, elected officials and the unelected bureaucrats, no longer actively support the practice of the ideals, principles, and values in the original blueprints of this nation. The people must once again wake up and stand up in a pro-active way to tyranny — no matter how much makeup Leftists put on it.

The Bulletin provides an announcement, or request for prayers for the young people we can be proud of, who are working with the Students for Life. I met a small energetic and fearless band at a rally in front of the Supreme Court last October, and publicly thanked them for their brave and steadfast efforts to turn the hearts and minds of other young people away from the culture of death that is not just cancelling people’s words and reputations, it is cancelling baby’s lives.

We offer nine videos today in addition to a previous Citizen Voice episode. Two recommended videos are the Hannity interview with President Trump and the Jim Caviezel interview in which he talks about “Adrenochrome” in the Health and Freedom Conference over the weekend. We will post videos of other speakers from this conference as they are made available because the event was absolutely amazing — well beyond a “rah-rah” bookselling event.

We also call attention to a couple of articles in our “Recommended Reading” section today, one them is a serious adult rant from Victor Davis Hanson with his question about the “Great Awokening.” The other recommended article is the “18 reasons I won’t be getting a COVID vaccine.” Enjoy the Bulletin today! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Founders realized that people’s freedom had never been free. It was much more black and white in their day.

A Single Shot Sparked the Revolution; Yet, Many Patriots Were Prepared to Fight

  By Dennis Jamison ——Bio and Archives–April 19, 2021

A Single Shot Sparked the Revolution

American history reveals that a single shot ignited the American War for Independence, in 1775. In the Spring of that year, between the very late hours of April 18th and the wee morning hours of the 19th, Massachusetts men and boys got out of their beds with an intent to stand up to a formidable enemy. They gathered their powder horns, muskets, and shot and went out to Lexington Green. There they waited in the dark morning chill for the dreaded British troops who marched rapidly toward Lexington. Earlier, in the middle of the night, the cries of danger had swept through the Massachusetts countryside to warn citizens that the British troops were on the march.

On April 18th after dark, around 9pm, British General Thomas Gage dispatched a contingent of approximately 700 regulars to arrest Sam Adams and John Hancock in Lexington, and to seize a cache of gunpowder, ammunition, and weapons reportedly stored near Concord. Gen. Thomas Gage, the new military governor of the Massachusetts colony had dispatched the 700 British regulars to arrest two men: Adams and Hancock. Both men were wanted by the British government for their rebellious activities in and around the Boston area, and Adams was known to have organized the Boston Tea Party.

So, after nightfall, Gage dispatched his contingent of troops to arrest Adams and Hancock in Lexington, and to seize the reported cache of guns, gunpowder, ammunition stored near Concord. American spies had already learned of the “secret plan” of the British overlords. The British had previously seized 250 half barrels of gunpowder. So, the confiscation of ammunition, guns, and powder was a primary objective. This oppressive endeavor failed in a most disastrous way for the British.

The unique American response to the British military’s harassment of the people had been organized as the Americans had implemented contingency plans that succeeded. On the weekend prior to April 18th, Paul Revere had organized a plan to use lit lanterns hung in the tower of the Old North Church as critical signals. And, it was more than just Revere that had been organized into a contingent of riders with the purpose of warning the colonists that British troops would be marching and taking a land route or one by water. On that April evening, Paul Revere and William Dawes had been dispatched by Dr. Joseph Warren to warn Adams and Hancock they were targets.

A whole cadre of volunteers were utilized to warn the rural people, and call the able-bodied to arms

A little after midnight, in the wee hours of April 19, 1775, Paul Revere reached the home of Rev. Jonas Clarke in Lexington where Hancock and Adams had been meeting with the famous patriot pastor. Dawes arrived at the home around 1 a.m. They both left rather quickly to set off to Concord to extend the warning to the patriot leaders there. By that time, however, the Americans had already moved most of the small arms and their ammunition to another area. And, though Revere and Dawes successfully made it to Lexington, neither of them made it to Concord. They met young Dr. Samuel Prescott who was to guide them to Concord not long after they left the Clarke home. However, within approximately 15 minutes of riding, all three were captured by a British patrol along the road. Dawes and Prescott got away, but Dawes was thrown by his horse, and eventually only Prescott made it to Concord. The contingency plans proved valuable.

All of this was the prelude to the showdown at Lexington Common where the British would prevail in the skirmish with not quite 80 local militia men. There had been a race to alarm the people that their government had taken up arms against them. Although the history of “Paul Revere’s Ride” has been skewered a bit—in part by the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who took liberties in bypassing some important details of the calls of alarm throughout Massachusetts on April 18, 1775. Ironically, poets tend to get away with historical inaccuracies if their words stir passion or will, and Longfellow had a gift. Nevertheless, the ride of Paul Revere was more than he made of it, and he made it memorable.

In fact, a whole cadre of volunteers were utilized to warn the rural people, and call the able-bodied to arms. The stories of some other riders that alerted fellow citizens the British regulars were marching on are also significant. As the cries of alarm spread “through every Middlesex village and farm, for the country folk to be up in arms,” as Longfellow reminded Americans in 1860, ordinary people responded. They rose out of their beds and braced themselves to face a formidable foe.

America was born when good, common people were willing to lay down their lives for the freedom of their children and the future generations

The primary plans, directives from the primitive Continental Congress to prepare local militias to meet the British threat, also worked. But, the shot heard ’round the world sparked warfare. A rag-tag band of men and boys made their way to Lexington Green to wait in the dark of a cool April morning. They would have been uncertain of what would happen next because it had never happened before. Certainly, these brave souls had not read a British military manual instructing them that it was futile to resist. They stood their ground, waiting. Some may have been wondering if they would get back home to their beds that day. Approximately, 38 – 77 citizens (accounts vary) stood their ground — against 700 feared Redcoats.

America was born when good, common people were willing to lay down their lives for the freedom of their children and the future generations. Good, common people were willing to lay down their lives for the freedom of people whom they would never know. This is truly the deep and bloodstained reality of the birth of the Land of the Free. And, it is good and helpful to sort out the particulars of what led up to the “shot heard round the world” because a majority of Americans seem to have lost connection with that historic moment. The ensuing conflict was a long and hard fought war and many people lost their lives. Yet, the founding generation understood that freedom came at great cost.

Those who embrace the value of Freedom must again be prepared to lay down their lives for the freedom of their children and future generations. Good, common people need to be willing to lay down their lives for the freedom of people whom they might never know. The Founders realized that people’s freedom had never been free. It was much more black and white in their day.



CPR Special Announcement —

Dear Citizen Sentinels Network news readers and CPR leaders,

I am forwarding a message from Kristan Hawkins, the President of Students for Life, a great pro-Life student organization. She is simply asking good people to pray for her team of young

People who are truly dedicated to helping save lives and to saving our Free Republic.


Thank you so much for your continued prayers, month after month. Our work would not be possible without your spiritual and faithful support, as it is God who brings us victory over death.

This month, I invite you to include the following intentions of our Students for Life team in your prayers.

God Bless,

Kristan Hawkins

President, Students for Life



“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might.”

Ephesians 6:10

For Our SFLA Team:

Please pray for the health and safety of our team members as COVID-19 restrictions continue to loosen and we return to traveling more regularly.

Please pray for our team members to persevere and find peace in the Lord during times when we may find ourselves feeling overwhelmed or emotionally drained due to the nature of our ministry.

Please pray for our student leaders as they prepare for graduation, accept leadership roles in their pro-life group, or look forward to another year fighting to abolish abortion in our nation.

Please pray for anyone welcoming a new member to their family through pregnancy, adoption, foster care, or other means.

Please pray for all the preborn lives lost and women harmed through Chemical Abortion.

From Our SFLA Regional Coordinators and Staff:

Lauren E., Deputy Media Strategist:

Please pray for employment security for several of my family members.

Please pray that our work combatting efforts to expand Chemical Abortion reaches the hearts and minds of powerful decisionmakers in Washington, D.C.

David, Director of Communications:

Please pray for the health of a family member as they undergo testing.

Please pray for my soon-to-be godson, William Lawrence, as he is welcomed into the Church on April 24th.

Abigail, Foundations Coordinator and Staff Writer:

Please pray for my father as he experiences side effects from his recent stem cell transplant, that God gives him the strength and hope to persevere through the pain and discomfort.

Dustin, Executive Advisor for Students for Life Action:

Please pray for the continual recovery of Titus and Kris Folks’ newborn baby, Jupiter.

Please pray for my father-in-law, Michael Harless, who continues to have dark spots on his lungs grow and make breathing difficult.

Please pray for my family as we continue to move through the adoption process.

Lori, Field Team Operations Coordinator:

Please pray for our graduating students and their new student leaders, that their involvement in the pro-life movement may boldly continue through the summer and into the next school year.

Please pray for two West Virginian families: a father of five with cancer and another who will be bringing home two adopted children from Eastern Europe.

Brei, Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator:

Please pray for me, my husband, and our pregnancy.

Nichole, West Coast Field Operations Coordinator:

Please pray for my friends, John and Alexis, as they continue to co-parent their one-year-old son, Evan, as well as pursue their career and personal goals.

Please pray for my sister and her fiancé as they prepare for their upcoming wedding in June.

Jordan B., Pacific Southwest Regional Coordinator:

Please pray for the physical and spiritual healing of my grandfather, Gil Waldon.

Please pray for my cousin, Jesse, as he experiences a crisis of faith.

Kristi, Chief Media and Policy Strategist:

Please pray for the members of my family as we await some pivotal transitions. We have a son graduating from high school, a son graduating from college, as well as a daughter (who wants to be a pro-life OB/GYN) and her boyfriend preparing for the MCAT in June.

Sarah Z, Texas and Southern Regional Manager:

Please pray for our five priority pieces of legislation to pass in Texas.

Please pray that there may be an abundance of students stepping up to lead pro-life groups in upcoming officer elections and that outgoing graduating officers will continue to find ways to stand for life in their future careers.

Victoria, Texas Regional Intern:

Please pray for my pro-life group at Texas A&M University, that we receive increased contributions as our fundraiser for a Pregnant and Parenting Student Scholarship comes to an end.

Stephanie, Capital Area Regional Manager:

Please pray for our students in Richmond, that the Pro-Life Future Campaign will continue to grow and change hearts & minds.

                                                              Students for Life of America

                                                            1000 Winchester St., Suite 301

                                                                 Fredericksburg, VA 22401

                                                                      Office: 540.834.4600



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