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Def-Con News is conservative news, definitely. It’s also conservative news defiantly, because we’re out to counter the liberal media push to demonize conservatives and silence conservative points of view.

If Hillary Clinton comes up with a new excuse (besides herself) as to why she tanked the 2016 presidential election, DCN will tell you about it. If a domestic abusing democrat accuses a Republican of mistreating women, we’ll point that hypocrisy out. When a Hollywood celebrity issues a death threat to President Trump and his supports, you’ll find that here. Every single time the left tries to curb-stomp our 2nd Amendment rights, DCN will sound the alarm.

The information and breaking news on Def-Con News is 100% true and properly sourced. There are no conspiracy theories and wild speculation here; the left is crazy enough that we don’t need to make things up. Fake news is for the mainstream liberal media; DFC is real news for real conservatives.

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