Don Rosenberg

Don Rosenberg

On his 22nd birthday and the day of his graduation from the University of Virginia, Don Rosenberg started his business career with his first record store in his home town of Roanoke, Virginia. He went on to build a chain of 15 record, tape, CD and DVD stores in North Carolina and Virginia called The Record Exchange. Total sales over 27 years exceeded $100 million. During that time he honed his skills in management, public relations, marketing, graphic design, social media, and public speaking. His third book, Sixty Seconds to an UNFORGETTABLE Elevator Speech” came from his networking experience in the music business and beyond.

When Obamacare was first proposed he got involved in the Tea Party movement in his new home town of Charlotte, NC and became active, first with local politics and then on national projects. They include…

Founder and President, Red America Consulting
Eastern U.S. Volunteer Coordinator, CarsonAmerica
Campaign Manager, Frank DeCarlo for U.S. Senate
Southern Region Technology Director, Draft Ben Carson for President
National Media Coordinator – ”Buddy Roemer for President 2012”
National Leadership Team – “GOOOH –Get Out of Our House”

Don reached out to similar-minded Conservative politicos and founded Red America Consulting as a way to encourage exceptional candidates like Dr. Carson to run for public office without having to be a captive of the Establishment or be independently wealthy. He says, “You shouldn’t have to be rich to run for office and serve your country.”

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