10 Reasons Why The 2020 Election Results Are Fake

10 Reasons Why The 2020 Election Results Are Fake

By Def-Con News – 11/22/20

The liberal media was quick to declare Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 election, and that alone is enough to distrust the results. This election was stolen by the Democrats, and there’s a ton of evidence of voter fraud and reality-defying inconsistencies to prove it. There are, however, other tends that indicate something is fishy about the 2020 results. So much about this election doesn’t feel right or make any sense at all and that adds up to election theft.

1 – Joe Biden has never been good enough to win: Biden ran for president in 1988 but had to drop out of the Democratic primaries after getting busted for plagiarizing his speeches. He ran again in 2008 but dropped out again because of lack of support. He never even got his party’s nomination before, but now we’re supposed to believe he won the presidency in a landslide? How did Biden, who has been terrible for so long, suddenly become a viable candidate?

2 – The Enthusiasm Gap: Before the pandemic, Joe Biden couldn’t fill a middle school gymnasium with supporters. After the lockdowns, a Biden campaign stop involved him butchering the English language in front of a half-dozen reporters. Meanwhile, President Trump was filling stadiums with rabid supporters, despite the lockdown orders. Across the country, thousands of people took to the streets to support the President. How did Joe win when nobody was excited to see him win? Also, post-election, hardly anyone who voted for Joe was actually happy that he won.

3 – Biden ran a terrible campaign: Once he secured the Democratic party nomination, Joe locked himself in the basement to do Zoom interviews with friendly liberal media outlets. He didn’t hold rallies, and he barely visited any of the battleground states the liberal media tells us he won handily. Hillary Clinton lost the “Blue Wall” states of Wisconsin and Michigan because she completely ignored them, yet Joe “won” them by ignoring them. Does this make any sense at all? Trump was all over those states holding massive rallies.

4. The polls were so very wrong: In 2016, the polls were off because they predicted Hillary would win and obviously she lost, but they were only wrong by a few percentage points. In the 2020 pre-election polls, Joe Biden was ahead by double-digits nationally and was predicted to win red states like Florida and Texas, which went to Trump. In the battleground states, the polls gave Biden double-digit leads, and in Wisconsin they had him taking the state by 18 points. Biden only squeaked by in the battleground states by 1 or 2 points, which indicates there was an effort by liberal media pollsters to influence the election and suppress the Trump vote.

5. There were only problems in certain states: The whole rest of the country managed to pull off the 2020 election without a hitch but Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Arizona all had serious problems. Not coincidentally enough, Biden needed to win those states. and eventually he was declared the winner in each of them. Those states couldn’t get their vote counts straight and took days or even weeks to announce the totals. Legitimate results only require hours while it takes some time to properly steal an election.

6. The 2020 results were only different in certain states: In 2020, President Trump did about the same or better in most states, with the exception of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Arizona. What are the chances that the entire rest of the country would vote about the same as they did in 2016 for Trump but the key battleground states that Biden needed to win would be radically different?

7. Trump’s leads mysteriously disappeared: Anyone who has ever watched election night coverage of a presidential election knows that once 40 to 50% of a state’s vote is in, the networks can call the state. Additionally, when a candidate has a lead at that point, they almost never lose it. In 2020, President Trump had sizable leads in Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, and Nevada with 80-90% of the vote in, and then all of a sudden he lost those states. In Pennsylvania and Georgia, Trump led by several points with 95%-plus of the vote in and then a week later they went to Biden. Things like this have never happened in a presidential election before.

8. Down-ballot Republicans did better than the Republican President: Generally speaking, people are either a Republican or a Democrat and vote a straight-party ballot. Republicans running for the House and Senate did incredibly well, defending and even picking up seats. In the same states where down-ballot Republicans did better than Democrats, the Democratic presidential candidate did better than the Republican candidate. In many cases, more people only voted for president and left the rest of the ballot blank. The only thing that explains this is massive voter fraud.

9. 11 million more Americans voted for Trump this time around: In 2016 around 63 million people voted for Trump, and he won in an electoral landslide. In 2020, around 74 million people voted for Trump, which is 11 million more than 4 years ago, and he lost in an electoral landslide. That makes as little sense as the fact that in 2020, Trump also picked up support with Black and Hispanic voters. According to the liberal media, Trump was supposed to lose support with his base as well as the minority communities, but the opposite was true and he still lost.

10. Democrats have been trying to steal the White House since 2016: Democrats tried to steal the election in 2016 with disinformation, fraud, and espionage but they failed. They then tried to steal the White House from President Trump with Electoral College revolts, fruitless recounts, and 25th Amendment-based coup attempts, After that, it was the fake Russian collusion stories and a bogus impeachment trial. Since they’ve been trying to steal the White House for over four years, does anyone believe that they didn’t steal the 2020 election? Especially considering all of the above coincidences and anomalies?

Bonus coincidence: In 2016, Trump won the Electoral College vote 306-232. If the 2020 election theft is allowed to stand, Biden will will the Electoral College vote count 306-232. Those particular numbers have only happened twice out of the 59 times we’ve held a Presidential election. Again, what are the chances?

None of this stuff is evidence that could be taken into a court of law and have the results of the 2020 election overturned, but it is proof that there was a substantial effort to steal the White House. When something seems fishy, that’s because it is.


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