100 years later: Weimar Republic redux in USA 

100 years later: Weimar Republic redux in USA

by A. Dru Kristenev – 8/4/2020

New research has focused on the rise of the Nazis in Germany and how it may have occurred in response to the ravages of the Spanish Flu of 1918-1920. A recent papera delved into the effects the pandemic had upon Germans entering the voting booth after the institution of the Weimar Republic following that nation’s capitulation to the Allies that ended the Great War (World War I) and culminated in the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.

But that’s just part of the story.

Resentment was high among German citizens when rumors continued to spread that their army had been “undefeated in the field” and they blamed a conspiracy of politicians and Jews (anti-Semitism was already widespread), calling them the “November Criminals,” for signing a ruinous agreement. Accepting responsibility for starting the war, the new German Reich established at Weimar in 1919 was immediately inundated with reparation payments that were impossible to meet, which purpose was to hinder the rebuilding of armed forces that could again threaten neighboring countries.

Mired by unsustainable debt, a diminished generation of young workers lost to war and influenza, occupation of its richest industrial region by France and Belgium, civil unrest in some Landers (states) among other factors, the economy plummeted with the value of the German mark. At the lowest point of the freefall, the mark depreciated to 4,200,000,000,000 to one dollar in November 1923.

Points of correlation between the tale of a failed republic and what we’re experiencing on the other side of the Atlantic a hundred years later are many. As they are enumerated it should become apparent just how vital it has been to withhold factual history from the last two to three generations.

Regarding the Spanish Flu, in 1918 in the United States, regional governing bodies shutdown theaters and saloons, restricted public gatherings, encouraged masks and instituted quarantines. Panic kept individuals from offering assistance other than peeking in a window or dropping food on the doorstep for their neighbors, whose whole family might be stricken leaving no one to care for the sick. Such neglect sometimes ended in the tragic loss of everyone in the household.

Most Christian churches shuttered their doors, complying with advisories mandated by state boards of health, though some congregations ministered to the ill, denying the “spirit of fear,” 2 Timothy 1:7. Yet the response that is reminiscent of our current lockdown strategy did nothing to limit the mortality rate where approximately 670,000 Americans died and 50 to 100 million people were killed worldwide.

That flu strain resurged two more times but by its third visitation upon the world populace it had lost its deadliness, people having developed a natural immunity to the virus. John M. Barry put it this way: “After that third wave, the 1918 virus did not go away, but it did lose its extraordinary lethality, partly because many human immune systems now recognized it and partly because it lost the ability to easily invade the lungs. No longer a bloodthirsty murderer, it evolved into a seasonal influenza.”

There were no vaccines. This is the course that the current Covid-19 is following but without anywhere near the mortal cost, especially taking into account the fraudulent numbers states are submitting in order to receive federal compensation.

By the way, there was no such government program to pay out for each Spanish Flu death. Those numbers were more verifiable and reliable 100 years ago, when statistics were harder to collect, than the manufactured positive cases of Covid-19 being submitted currently.

As stated earlier, the links between the Spanish Flu and the SARS-Coronavirus infections are only one component that ties the events together across a century-wide gap.

Communism, anti-Semitism and radical nationalism had been brewing in Europe for some time before the outbreak of WWI. As the Great War was raging in 1917, Vladimir Lenin’s Bolsheviks toppled the Romanov dynasty in a bloody revolution that overhauled Russian society, including the Russian language that was revamped to reflect a collectivist social order. Likewise, English has been slowly transformed following a similar road to political correctness and, no, it’s not a new tactic.

It is of interest how closely aligned the “left” communists and the “right” national socialists became during the span of the Weimar. From the beginning, as the republic was in its infancy, the National Socialists worked to create their own state in Bavaria centered around anti-Semitism and nationalism, relying on propaganda promoting retaliation for the defeat of 1918 to muster recruits for the seditious political sect.

This should sound familiar as the Democrats and radical left have refused to accept defeat in the 2016 election, resorting to a political coup (of which one was attempted in 1920 against the newly formed Weimar Republic) and militaristic mobs rioting and attempting to build their own “autonomous zones” in U.S cities.

Another parallel is how the leftist Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists haven’t suffered judicial retribution for these violent, illegal acts. In 1921 and 1922, after Nazi co-conspirators had assassinated a leader in the Roman Catholic party, a Jewish industrialist and others they deemed offensive to their cause, the German courts treated the murderers with leniency. In 1923, when Adolf Hitler’s National Socialists attempted a coup in Bavaria, the Beer Hall Putsch, he received nothing more than a slap on the wrist for treason – nine months in jail, the courts releasing him to plot revenge.

As referenced earlier, the economic collapse was exacerbated by ceding land and raw materials to Poland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg; but, like in today’s restricted business atmosphere, commercial giants hauled in huge profits at the expense of the out-of-work laborer and shuttered small business.

The Weimar was exporting its lifeblood – natural resources – and borrowing to pay off the debt, exchanging self-reliance for credit. The USA has been outsourcing its substance for decades – intellectual property, manufacturing – to “frenemies,” handing industry to the Pacific Rim and Mexico, importing cheap (and poisonous) goods from China while borrowing billions from countries out to destroy us. Both signed away their future to hostile entities, the first forced into an agreement while the second freely gave away America’s soul.

Debt breeds hostility…

In the case of post-WWI Europe, national divisions ran deep as highly valued regions such as Alsace-Lorraine and Silesia bounced back and forth between Germany and its neighbors related to the war reparations strangling the young republic. In America, increasingly ignorant and spoiled youth has led to a credit-based economy, both societies separated by a century devolving into moral decay, leaving an open door for fairy tales about utopia to capture gullible minds.

Lack breeds hate…

In the case of Weimar, lack meant no finances, no shelter, no food. Even with barter replacing the valueless mark, riots over foodstuffs ensued. The worker was being pitted against the wealthy by circumstances, creating animosity between the classes, exactly the fertile circumstances for planting collectivism backed by militarism.

The American scenario of engineered destitution – initiated by government forcing business and school closures, suspension of social and religious gatherings, travel and healthcare limitations, as well as mandating apparel and contact restrictions – has enhanced an already frustrated political atmosphere. Youth that has been steadily indoctrinated to hate current culture enough to demand change, any change, (as was the youth in Germany and the following Weimar) are rioting in the streets for undefined reasons. Accusing anyone who disagrees with their stilted, officious and nebulous opinion, they blame racism, conservatives, law enforcement and Jews (in the Weimar it was politicians, industrialists and Jews) for their own vile behavior.

Making excuses for violent rampaging, arson and murder, the headless mobs seek retribution for imagined abuse. Increasingly, they follow irrational ideologies expecting a free social order to emerge from uncontrolled aggression. In both instances, heedless anger was and is the invitation to establish an authoritarian dictatorship, irrespective of the initiation being from the right or left. It all leads to totalitarianism and painting it in khaki or rainbow colors won’t change the final picture.

Parallels are obvious when hidden or rewritten history is revealed to the unbiased eye. The road America is traveling has already been trekked by a disorganized and devastated European country 100 years prior. Signposts are evident all along the route, but a generation groomed to ignore impediments to personal gratification will barrel down the highway to hell, just as the crumbling Weimar ended at the River Styx, marking the entrance to the Third Reich.

Finally, the destructive influence comes from the partnership of the extreme right and extreme left, which, having circled around the sphere of political philosophy to meet, are essentially the same. Witness the anti-Semitic communists and shariah-advocating muslims being elected to office who join forces to end our constitutional republic. The alignment reflects the communists and anti-Semitic Nazis who took office to elect a Hitler and demolish the democracy that was Weimar.

The result was a totalitarian dictatorship bent on remaking the world into its own image, serving one maniacal overlord. And it didn’t happen only once in the last century but over and over again. Immoral ideological upheaval gave the 20th Century Josef Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, to name a few – all who reveled in pillaging their own nation and people.

Unaltered history is the teacher. The lessons of Weimar are that not one element of division that caused the republic’s downfall has been overlooked by the left as they deepen the chasm between builders and destroyers. They are fear, which is foremost and provokes hate, self-interest, self-indulgence, engineered poverty, revolt against law (social order), reparations, tantrums, etc. All the turmoil is possible by convincing minds, eyes and ears to be closed, encouraging violent anger to run rampant.

The other side, the correct side of the coin is to look to the faith that the Founders relied upon, not the fear sown by power-driven manipulators. Fear is slavery and the left’s leadership knows that… they live for it.

Faith is freedom. That’s the foundation this nation’s builders trusted. We must also.

a. I came across Economist Kristian Blickle’s paper after penning the majority of this article and found it interesting how his research corroborated some of its premise.

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  1. Judith La Montagne -

    A. Dru Kristenev’s article of comparison between the current U. S. situation and that of Hitler’s Germany is spot on. I wish it were required reading in America. It should definitely be required reading for all those who would bring vioence and tyranny into our beloved country.

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