The Democrat assault against Trump is not about Trump, but you

The Democrat assault against Trump is not about Trump, but you

by Karen Hagestad Cacy May 11, 2019

The once prosperous country of Venezuela has been reduced to a country of no medicines, family pets eaten for dinner, and a leader who doesn’t give a damn so long as he has his.

“You’re either with us or you’re against us,” seems to be the power-hungry chant of many of our fellow human beings.

Fortunately, America’s founders were familiar enough with the tyranny of the English Crown to draw up our country’s papers and by-laws equal to the task of marginalizing the evil among us.

Democratic petulant whining does not constitute a “constitutional crisis”

Under our constitution, those who would do others harm must first wade through a myriad of levels of government and laws.  In America, it takes time and the highest court in many cases, to preserve freedom.

Dictating new rules and regulations is an intentionally adversarial task.  The founders designed attempts at liberty-reduction to be so.

Some today ride rough-shod over America’s laws and standards of behavior.

As a parent famously said of his children, “The trouble with you kids is if I give you an inch, you take a mile.”  It is in our nature to want more.  Few among us are truly charitable.  We all want more.

If you do not fear the erosion of American laws, or if you refuse to see evil as it gains more ground here, take a listen to a trajectory of others who failed to stop evil early on.

“The fate of the Jews of the small town in Transylvania called Sighet; their blindness as they confronted a destiny from which they would have still had time to flee; the inconceivable passivity with which they surrendered to it, deaf to the warnings and pleas of a witness who, having escaped the massacre, relates to them what he has seen with his own eyes, but they refuse to believe him and call him a madman . . .”  – Night, by Elie Wiesel.

Blessed by lifetimes free of the real stress of war at home, most Americans have little association with evil.  We have an adult generation that has no memory of America before the terrorist attacks of 9/11, much less the terror we experienced that fateful day..

A generation raised in communities pushed by do-gooder communalistic teachers and professors promoting an anti-exceptional message.

And we are cocooned in a glass house, largely unaware of “evil.”

Awareness of our surroundings has been fostered by a glowing media that blankets us in animal stories, traffic accidents, and the local high school sports teams.

Many Americans see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.

The failed Coup d’état against America’s President

Having just come through a genuine attempt of a coup d’etat by which the United States Department of Justice and FBI became weaponized against Americans and their duly elected president. Their excuses justifying such evil have been abundant and fiendishly creative.

CDN Screen shot

Just last week, a congressional committee voted to hold Attorney General William Barr in Contempt of Congress for his refusal to break the law and reveal grand jury information.

Coup Leader Barack &”Milhous” Obama makes Nixon look like an amateur

One is reminded of Alice in Wonderland:

“When I say ‘yes,’ I mean ‘no,’ and when I say ‘no,’ I mean ‘yes.’”

Much like the villagers of Sighet in 1944, the six Democrats who have been provided access to the less-redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report have not bothered to read it.

“Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler were also granted access to the document. Despite being some of the most vocal critics of the way Barr handled the release of the report, none of them bothered to review the information that they claim is so critical. Not even the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Dianne Feinstein, deigned to read the less-redacted version of the report prior to the attorney general testifying in front of her own panel.”

It is not about the report, but politics

Republicans, the Justice Department, and many Americans criticize Democrats for not reading the less-redacted version of the report. It is important to remember that the less than 10%  of redacted material is Grand Jury information, and legally cannot be revealed.

Yet, Democrat lawmakers contLiberal Assault, Trump, Democrats, Democrat Assault, Muller Report, William Barr, Karen Hagestad Cacy, inue to quibble over access to the fully unredacted report and underlying materials.  They cry for the report, but what they want is the underlying materials.  To which they do not have legal access.

Democrats decry Mueller conclusions: Russia Collusion out, Trump cleared

The media, Democrats and some Americans have manned the ramparts these past three years in objection to the current president.

He’s simply not their ‘cup of tea.’ And it is the 50% of Americans that voted for him. Hillary Clinton’s Deplorables. Those that must be censored. The God-fearing, gun-toting Middle Class, fly over country American that the coastal liberals hate.

In their course of divisionary politics, seeking to remove President Trump from office, they are only too happy to trample the law.  The liberals battle cries include that America is not a great country, that our constitution is obsolete in this technical age, and that communalism (read, ‘Socialism,’) is the right and proper road to greatness.

The foundations of America are crumbling due to those who wish to “fundamentally change America.”

Virtue signaling is the order of the day.  One must speak only in sanctioned sentence patterns.  Frank speech, as spoken by President Trump and others, is no longer to be tolerated.  “Don’t give us the truth.  We can’t handle the truth.”

Rather, leave us to our safe rooms and our participation awards.

Grimy competition, with its winners and losers has been deemed inappropriate.

At the end of the day, America’s pains are not about President Trump.

They are part of a drive to pull citizens into line.  Obedience to “the norm” has become standard.  There was the quick headline about a six-year-old child who told her Grandmother that calling someone ridiculous was hateful.

One can only imagine what other controls are being brought to bear on her young mind.

Do we want to all be the same?

Who decides which words are naughty and which are not?  Will we all vote with our hard-earned paychecks so that others may profit?  Such as the leaders in Venezuela, Russia, China?  As the rest of us are kept low, regardless of individual effort?

Kirsten Gillibrand and ‘Democracy Dollars’ – Taxpayer Funded Political Campaigns

Will we refuse to see?  Accept all, question nothing, and, in the face of law-breaking, prefer to look the other way?  Will we continue to “watch the shining object” of Trump Derangement Syndrome even as our laws and country erode?

The Constitution, which no longer is taught in American schools, was created as a bulwark against the power hungry and the evil among us.

President Trump is but a pawn in others’ desire to bring America to its communal knees.  The failure by many to really see the true conspiracy behind the headlines will result in the abdication of our freedoms.

American liberty was forged on the battlefield.

Today’s snowflakes would not so dirty their hands or self-proclaimed virtues to continue the fight for individual freedoms.  To protect President Trump is not to like him.  To protect our current president is to stand by American freedoms, liberties, the presidency itself and our future.

The alternative, unfortunately, is to be collective ostriches and refuse to see.  We have that choice.

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