Witless in America moving past disturbed to angry over fundamental change

Witless in America moving past disturbed to angry over fundamental change

by Karen Hagestad Cacy  Jun 10, 2019
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO: For those Americans who were young during the Cold War with Russia, and who recall Nikita Khrushchev’s “We will bury you!” threat, America today feels increasingly like a foreign country. Many of us are approaching or have passed our sell-by dates. As Obama acolytes work to “fundamentally change America,” during and after his presidency, many of us feel ourselves growing more witless by the day.

We don’t “get” those who insist on change from America’s founding principles.

Traditional American justice is being turned on its head. Our current president is asked to prove his own innocence in the absence of any crime. Not, not guilty? What?

After the Mueller investigation, partisans, including Mueller himself, wish to keep ‘the matter’ going.

It seems a converse of the old Ronald Reagan joke about the optimist – a man was searching through manure and was asked why.

He responded, “With all of this manure, there’s bound to be a pony in here somewhere.”

Democrats might be asked the same as they continue to search for a presidential crime.

Their response no doubt would be, “With all these investigations, there has to be a Trump crime somewhere.”

Democrats never-ending hearings

Lacking evidence, Democrats are holding hearings anyway to keep their fiction going. Today, they roll out the red carpet to former counsel to John W. Dean 3d, former special counsel to President Nixon. As a poster boy for failed presidencies, Democrats wish to hear Dean dish the mud from a former president onto the back of our current president.

Dean, some may recall, pleaded guilty to plotting to cover up the truth about the Watergate break-in. He made his plea as part of a bargain with the special Watergate prosecutor, Archibald Cox, under which Dean agreed to be a prosecution witness in future proceedings against alleged participants in the cover‐up — including, potentially, against President Nixon.

The Nadler Democrat clown show invites John Dean to the hanging…

Mr. Cox allowed Dean to plead guilty to a single felony count of conspiracy to obstruct justice and defraud the United States, punishable by a maximum five‐year prison term and a $10,000 fine, with sentencing deferred until the bargain is kept. Mr. Cox also promised not to prosecute Dean for any other Watergate‐related crime, reserving only the right to prosecute the lawyer for perjury.

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House Democrats apparently are hopeful that a witless electorate will ignore the intervening 46 years between Presidents Nixon and Trump and allow the felon Dean to link the earlier era with the current one.

Attorney General William Barr Investigates

Countering these House efforts to smear all things “Trump,” is Attorney General William Barr’s investigation into the origins of democrat bloodletting onto Trump.

Barr is working to uncover the politicization and actual collusion between Obama Administration security services designed to bring down partisan opponents.

Recall that Senate Minority Leader, Charles Schumer, D-NY, warned the president about fighting back and declaring his innocence.   He offered that Donald Trump was being “really dumb” for picking a fight with intelligence officials.

“Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.” – Charles Schumer

The current and expected revelations of telephone and email documents are showing a weaponization of certain federal agencies against partisan “enemies.” Early on in the Obama presidency, Lois Lerner of the IRS was caught harassing members of the Tea Party for their views.

The bullying took the form of night raids on innocent American citizens by armed officers.

The FBI more recently treated political strategist, Roger Stone, to a similar early morning raid, complete with dogs, big guns, and CNN photographers. Stone is a long-time ally of President Trump. During the Mueller inquiry, he was charged with seven counts allegedly linked to an alleged Russian-led hack into the emails of Democratic Party officials.

When our FBI treats white-collar criminals as though they are members of the Mafiosi or ISIS, and when they override their long-standing secrecy policy to leak confidential information to friendly news sources, the witless in America among us pass disturbed and proceed straight to angry.

Parenthetically, Stone’s partner sleeping upstairs at the time of the raid is deaf. What if an officer had stormed her room, barked orders at her, and mistaken her deafness for intransigence?” What if a rattled FBI agent had inadvertently shot her?

When did our government turn against its citizens?

How and when did our security services, meant to protect Americans, make us the target? The cooperation between agencies like the FBI, CIA, NSA, and British MI5 was mandated following the 9-11 terrorism tragedy. At that time, we wanted our security agencies to be better able to share information against terrorist targets. But when did that policy morph into the agencies ganging up on political Americans? When did the weaponized Federal agencies become acceptable?

In July 2018, Thomas J. Baker wrote an opinion article titled “What are the FBI and CIA Hiding?” Baker asks,

“Did the Central Intelligence Agency lead the Federal Bureau of Investigation down a rabbit hole in the counterintelligence investigation of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign?”

Baker further explains,

“Although the FBI’s case officially began July 31, 2016, there had been investigative activity before that date. John Brennan’s CIA might have directed activity in Britain, which could be a problem because of longstanding agreements that the U.S. will not conduct intelligence operations there. It would explain why the FBI continues to stonewall Congress as to the inquiry’s origin.”

Thus, all the way back in 2018, a Wall Street Journal opinion writer nailed the same issues that currently are under investigation by Attorney General William Barr. Baker finishes, “Further, what we know about the case’s origin does not meet the threshold required by the attorney general guidelines for opening a counterintelligence case. That standard requires ‘predicate information,’ or ‘articulable facts.’”

The assumption that our government agencies operate under traditional rules and regulations has been revealed to be untrue. The new “Hate Trump,” “Hate America” political coalition (many of whom regularly peddle agenda-driven lies instead of the truth over the airwaves,) have done everything in their power to nail their political opponents.

Speaking on behalf of the Witless in America everywhere, it is essential that this country return to its roots of law, order, and fair and equal treatment under the law. When the FBI and others begin resembling the old Soviet Union, it’s time to clean house.

For those capable of bypassing the mainstream media over the summer, a number of reports and investigations should open their eyes to the soft coup that has taken place over the past three years. As the facts are laid bare, there may be many more joining the corps of “The Witless.”

It is time to take our government back, to insist that they work for us, and to vote the corrupt out of office. If personal profits were made as offshoots of insider government knowledge, that too must be halted.

As Harry S. Truman once said, “You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.”

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