4/15/21 – The Derek Chauvin trial and the recent verdict serves as an intelligent litmus test for American justice. Intelligent people should ask the question whether or not the United States is a place where someone charged with a crime can still obtain a fair trial. Regardless of Party politics, one needs to seriously re-examine our system of Justice in all honesty and sincerity. That is “Justice” with a capital “J.” Does it still exist? One must ask: How much interference with the jury trial was there with the demonstrators in the streets, the mainstream media extravaganza (which essentially put the officer on trial   in the public arena), or the public officials providing their self-serving, or Party-serving, rants on social media platforms that pander to only one political perspective of reality or one political ideology?

What if another private citizen were on trial, for a crime, maybe one they did not commit, and there was all of this additional “noise” surrounding the trial, can an intelligent person  still believe that there is genuine Justice still in the Land of the Free? Are the days of the fair trials over, just like the days of fair and honest elections? I have stated clearly in the past that if the organized Left (Anarchists, Communists, Democrats, Progressives, and Socialists) can get away with putting President Donald Trump on trial through the bogus impeachment debacle, then they can do that to any single American citizen. Is Justice today a trial by media rather than trial by jury?

Much, if not most, of the responsibility for massive mob action, and unintelligent and hollow words of commentary from useful idiots, is sourced from the mainstream media in our nation. Much of the misinformation and outright purposeful disinformation that is spread throughout our nation originates from the mainstream media. So, if intelligent people cannot expect that someone charged with a crime can still obtain a fair trial due to media hyperbole based upon an ideological foundation that is antithetical to the very existence of the United States, where does that leave us? The mainstream media are the enemy of the people; they represent agents of destruction of our nation as we know it: the sacred family structure, the culture derived from a morally abiding citizenry, the the system of a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Again, the question must be asked: Where does that leave us? This essentially means what are “We the People” going to do about it? Is this just a speed bump that we can simply deal with as we move down the road of life? Or, is this a serious obstacle to true freedom that must be carefully and consistently dealt with? Is this just an inconvenience

To our way of life that will dissipate with the next major holiday? Or the next election that will get us back on track once again? What if there are no more fair, unbiased trials, or what if there are no more fair and honest elections? If thinking people are following the line of thinking, what must be done? Continuing to ignore the present reality will not be a proper solution. It will not go away. Pretending that it is not as bad as it looks, is another excuse for not taking responsibility for the mess that has been created.

In my humble opinion, America has come full circle from the causes that impelled the Declaration of Independence to once again facing those same or similar problems. It is truly time in our nation’s history for each individual to do a self-examination, or more appropriately, a self-evaluation — not just of our nation, but of each component of our nation, of ourselves, our families, our society, our institutions, all down the line. In my humble opinion, we have reached the stage at which the founding generation awoke and realized they were not living in freedom, and yet they longed with all their souls to live in freedom — their spirits cried out for freedom. In my humble opinion, we have got to the same point in their appraisal of reality that Patrick Henry so eloquently put into words: “Give me Liberty, or give me death!” There cannot be true Justice without the foundation of Liberty.

Please let us allow the Citizen Sentinels Network to give you a better or more stable foundation of Liberty through the education and evaluations our writers provide! Today, CSN offers a great lineup of articles.

Dr. Richard Moss has been featured more regularly as he has a great deal to say about the mess that has been created by our so-called “leaders” of the Free Republic. He has a very bold “…Manifesto to Defend the Nation – And Our Rights.” The article he has put together is lengthy and requires a mature patriot to consider carefully what he is laying out in his manifesto. It is fairly comprehensive, and it covers much territory in its scope.

It is becoming more and more clear that our nation must be recovered from the enemies that are both foreign and domestic; however, it may require a re-unifying of all the states that still hold to the sacred truths, the self evident truths. If you too are concerned about the survival of the Republic, consider Dr. Moss’ manifesto.

My article deals with exactly what I am getting at in my previous remarks. I use the trial and recent verdict of Derek Chauvin as a foundation to call for Justice for all – especially all of those individuals and organizations who are responsible for harming the common people – especially those who have demonstrated faith in the “system.” Has their faith in the “system” been betrayed by those who care nothing for the foundation and traditions that have established such a system?

A. Dru Kristenev examines the attempt at stealing the Republic by the Democrat Party and any useful idiot who can be engaged to undermine the Constitution one way or another. She provides a serious run-down of all of the efforts that are being instigated legally and illegally by the anti-Constitution Party. If people have been hiding under their beds for a few weeks (months?) this article provides a comprehensive perspective in a nutshell of the dangers to our Free Republic.

A DefCon contribution this week examines the question that Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) had the audacity to ask last week as to whether Biden was ‘really in charge?’ It is a question that more than a few may have asked in light of Biden’s performance, or lack of performance in key areas in the first 100 days of his Administration. It is also a legitimate question that citizens should be concerned about. If any elected “leader” in government is not leading, but simply following a “shadow controller,” what does that say about our elections? Not only was there a theft, but the guy who was supposedly elected, is not the guy who is in charge of the Executive Branch.

Jim Bratten’s post today deals with the redefinition of “Infrastructure” by the Democrats who have thrown so much into the stimulus bill that it has become overly obvious that it was packed with politically self-serving measures that were not designed to help the nation but to help their Party and their cronies.

With regard to our video selections today, there are many focused upon the outcome of the Derek Chauvin trial. There are many perspectives, but this trial is, as I have alluded to in my article a turning point in which we need to seriously ask questions about Justice and its well-being in America in 2021. Educate yourself, if you have not already had enough of the media hype surrounding this trial. There is also a Project Veritas video; it reveals the nature of the media that is poisoning our nation. James O’Keefe is patriot and citizens owe him a debt of gratitude for his fearless efforts to expose evil.

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