A Citizen’s Advice for President Trump

A Citizen’s Advice for President Trump

By Michael J. Lewinski – 8/24/2020

When addressing voters during the last month of the campaign, President Trump should tell the American people the following things…

We are a blessed people and a cursed nation. We’re going after one another like the other side is the devil from hell. Yet, we see people who are caring for others and behaving as Jesus requires us to love one another.

I suggest the American people choose those who are doing the good deeds and reject those who, while professing to lift people up, but rather are acting to keep people down. It is mostly Democrats who are keeping people down. Rather than giving parents the right to educate their children as they choose, they only want to give your children a government-sponsored education. This type of education fails so many our children, denying them many more economic opportunities than a more efficient educational system could provide.

What choices do they provide? It is the right to kill or not kill their unborn children who would become a burden on the government. The Conservative, caring candidates, desire to provide a good education that will provide the skills for good jobs in a competitive free-market economy. Democrats want to stifle the private economy and would rather rely upon a government-directed economy, a top-down socialist economy. This is an economy that distrusts people and relies on the so-called elite experts.

State, local, and national democrats have hindered the recovery of the economy and made the American people suffer for what they think is an advantage in the election if the economy is doing well.

This is not what a caring, good people do. It is what bad people do who lust for power. I made a lot of promises in the 2016 campaign which I kept. You can trust me to do that again. Over the next four years I promise I will continue to protect your 2nd amendment rights. I promise to continue to appoint Constitutional Conservative judges. I promise to continue cutting unnecessary regulations and also to continue to drain the swamp.

If you will elect good, caring, conservative councilmen, mayors, governors, attorney generals, legislators in the state houses and senators and representatives in the House of Representatives, we will restore law and order. The rule of law will be restored for everyone. With both the Senate and the House, and if the people are behind us, we will try to stop the deficit spending and balance the budget. It may be a long shot, but we will propose a Constitutional amendment to stop the killing of unborn babies. That’s why you have to vote for state officials who will ratify the Constitutional amendment to stop killing babies in all cases, except where the mother’s life is on the line.

Rather than burden the economy and punish entrepreneurs, we will free the economy and reward the entrepreneurs who create stuff and provide services that employ people. I promise we will do this. We will re-establish the competitive, free-market capitalism our founding generation envisioned.

You have a choice in this critical election. You can vote for good Conservative Christian Republicans who are going to do the right things to restore our constitutional Republic or choose to vote for people who are bringing us all this chaos and are holding down people who only want a fair shot.

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