A Creative Nation

A Creative Nation

By Michael J. Lewinski   03/06/19

I have not written on China’s social credit score system before. This a totalitarian effort to implement the kind of total control of its population described in the dystopian novel “1984.” In an article written by the author and hedge fund manager Martin Katusa, he pointed out that America has the same infrastructure in place as the systems China has in order to accomplish their tyrannical intentions. This is something we all need to be concerned about.

This system of rewards and punishment has the possibility to be implemented by American Progressive bureaucrats and politicians. If you don’t have a good social credit score by toeing the line, you may find your ability to travel may be restricted. With a low social credit score, you might not be able to get a loan or have your children enrolled in good schools.

If you hang out with people classified as untrustworthy, you lower your own score. You get a speeding ticket or violate other laws, you lower your score. You buy the wrong products like tobacco and alcohol or fattening foods, you can lower your score enough to be classified as untrustworthy. The same is true if you play too many video games or speak ill of the government — your social credit score will go down.

However, if you do what your government masters demand, you can go the other way and be rewarded with better jobs, more leisure time, a higher status. This is a carrot and stick system we never want to be implemented in America.

We must mobilize Conservatives and Moderates to find ways to prevent this from happening in the USA. President Trump, Senators Mike Braun, Mike Lee, and Ted Kruse, and Representatives like Jim Jordan and Jim Banks can be mobilized to come up with a way to stop this from happening.

We have to put a muzzle on Facebook, Twitter and other social media companies, just as we have to control the out of control intelligence agencies that spy on the American people. As a nation, we’re going to have to get very creative soon if we are to prevent this from happening.

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