A Crisis of Fear and Faith at the Crossroads

A Crisis of Fear and Faith at the Crossroads

by Dennis Jamison – 11/5/2020

Following the rule of law should have proceeded hand in hand with casting one’s ballot in the several states across the United States on Election Day. Yet, despite a previous Supreme Court ruling that election rules or procedures cannot be abruptly altered or changed so late in election campaigns, it is exactly what some Democrat-controlled states decided to do. No doubt, such moves were deemed bold by the Democrats, yet they pushed their agendas, Additionally, in spite of the wisdom of settling election law cases before the unravelling of election law, the Supreme Court remained silent. Now, the Justices will be forced into taking action regarding the mess that exists right now.

For those who have been paying attention, the sheer uncertainty and the eroding trust within the electoral process, America is in a state of crisis. The scenario is a variation on a theme that runs parallel to hanging the outcome of the election up the court system, which happened in the 2000 election and eventual debacle in the presidential contest between Al Gore and George W. Bush.

That presidential contest between Al Gore and George W. Bush came down to the confusion in the election processing of the ballots in the state of Florida. This scenario was repeated to some degree on November 3rd in the Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump presidential race, only it was worse because of the dangling legal issues that left the door open for confusion and chaos.

However, this election has been billed as one of the most contentious and divisive elections in our nation’s history. Threats of outright violence had been made against the public, if Donald Trump won the election. Lawyers on both sides were ready for such legal disputes that are unfolding still. The 2020 election was more divisive than the Bush vs. Gore battle, yet in 20 years the Democrat Party has been radicalized to the extreme in that the Democrat Party is no longer the Democrat Party of Harry Truman or John F. Kennedy. It would be unrecognizable to these two former Democrat presidents. Truman and Kennedy would be turning in their graves because they were both ardent anti-communists — their actions showed it.

So, now the political party known as the Democrats, is absolutely the party of a Socialist agenda and it is all about absolute control over the people of the United States. This scenario of control emerged in a very real way this year in the lockdown mandates in several Democrat-controlled states. These mandates were not just aimed at public safety, the lockdowns destroyed a once strong economy across the United States. Some mandates were outright insane such as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s condemnation of elderly patients to die in the nursing homes in his state. By the way, his March 25th order that mandated nursing homes to admit COVID-19 diagnosed patients had been deleted from the state of New York’s website. It is no longer a transparent record.

In fact, several states right now are not being transparent with regard to their election process of counting mail-in ballots for this election. So, this brings us back to Florida 2000 only multiplied by five times. That election day was on November 7th, and it was not until November 26th that the officials in the state of Florida finally declared George   Bush the winner of the 25 electoral votes in the race for POTUS. In 2000, similar type scenarios that unfolded this year, as the networks calling Florida for Gore, and then for Bush, and then Gore made a concession, but it was quickly rescinded, as the election in Florida could not be clearly decided – until three weeks after the votes were cast on Election Day. Only, this year it is happening in multiple states. The real question is whether justice can be expected to prevail in such states?

For many Americans, it looks hopeless at this point for Trump to pull this out, and it looks as if patriots, conservatives, and Christians who were supportive of Trump, will have no one to defend them in the coming years. At this point, it looks like a very dark future for America and Americans. And while most people want to live in freedom – if  not directly, they desire the fruits that freedom provides. However, most people have   an intense desire to preserve their lives; while a certain number would seek to preserve others lives. However, it is when freedom and one’s life is weighed, most people down through history, chose to live in slavery. That is why Patrick Henry’s statement: “Give me Liberty, or give me death” is so truly dramatic.

If Liberty is on the line, and someone truly has a chance of securing freedom, and they realize it, the desire for freedom becomes intense – just as intense as the desire to hold on to it if there is a fear of losing freedom. For Americans once again, the moment had arrived in which they needed to reaffirm their desire to live in freedom. However, in this election, mail-in voting became the easy thing to do. It was a powerful temptation to just accept the mail-it-in mentality amidst the fears of infection from COVID. It seemed very simple. Yet, this is the very simple thing that will become an obstacle for the sake of the future freedoms of the American citizens.

For Americans once again, this moment is critical. It is a moment in time when another opportunity exists — yet it hinges on faith. People allowed the mail-in ballot debacle to occur in their individual states and despite ignoring the government officials and going to vote in person, they did not, as can be seen in several of the battleground states. Yet, there is a possibility in this time for people of faith to demonstrate it. In this moment of time, there is a great opportunity for people of faith to demonstrate their faith — to display their genuine faith in God, or a “higher power.” When people are confused or fearful of what the future may hold, it is in such uncertain times that wiser souls seek wisdom from higher sources.

Faith is a funny thing, and for those who possess faith, it is the assurance of “things unseen.” Within the secular world, for those who paid attention in psychology classes in college understand the basic dichotomy of the “fight” or “flight” instincts in human beings to preserve their lives. The two primary reactions that imminent danger imposes are fear or courage to stand against the threat or to move forward in faith with an assurance of things that will be. Fear breeds the flight instinct, while fighting to preserve one’s life is inherent. Americans who want to hold onto their freedoms cannot run away — even if it runs counterintuitive to self-preservation. “Give me Liberty, or give me death.” This was not only the mindset of Patrick Henry and many of the core leaders of the American War for Independence, it was in the hearts of the Pilgrims as they braved the unknown of the Atlantic to seek religious freedom in the “New World.”

Faith also was inside the Hebrew people at the time of the Exodus as they left their “comfort zones” under the slavery they knew in Egypt for the great unknowns that they would eventually face as they left the only land they were familiar with. For the Hebrew people, at the time of the spiritual battles between Moses and the Pharaoh, the people were observers, but there came a time when they had to demonstrate their faith and their trust in a man who claimed he would lead them to freedom. The Hebrews did not even trust Moses completely, and they had to follow the directions from his brother, Aaron, who was the primary spokesperson. And, although these people did not totally see God behind what Moses was doing, they needed to trust in the basic guidance at the time. Even if they did not completely understand it, based on their respectful trust at that point in time, they eventually obtained their freedom.

Yet, there came a point in the Exodus where the Hebrew people were tested greatly in their faith. The biblical account of the crisis at the Red Sea is extremely dramatic. There seemed to be no way out of the seeming trap that they were in: the Pharaoh’s Army on the way to annihilate them and their backs against sure drowning in the Red Sea. It not only depended on Moses at that point, it depended on whether the people would trust him and follow his direction. They had to demonstrate their faith in that time — it is the stuff of legends. Is this relevant to here and now in America’s history? It seems so – symbolic – but more could be in play than meets the eye.

In April of this year, around the time of Passover, I wrote an article making a comparison between President Donald Trump and Moses. The comparison is just as legitimate as the ones of Christian Evangelicals claiming a comparison between Trump and Cyrus the Great of Persia. The analogy holds some weight, but looking at the role Trump is now playing in this nation, it is more fitting that he can be seen as a historical figure that is leading the American faithful away from the secular realm that currently controls this nation. It is this election, then, in which the attempt will be made by the “powers that be” to end the modern day Exodus. For people of faith who love the Land of the Free, this is their moment to show their faith. This can very well be symbolically a time similar to the precipice of the Red Sea. The Hebrew people needed great faith in Moses – great trust in Moses, to follow his lead and work together with him to fulfill God’s plan to allow them to eventually secure the fruits of freedom.

Americans who seek to reaffirm their love for freedom must take this moment seriously — perhaps as the greatest test of faith they will ever demonstrate in their lives. Fear can be manipulated, and when the flames of fear are fanned, they can erupt into outright panic within the minds and hearts of innocent people. In such a case, it is important to realize a fundamental reality: we are all in this together, and we still live in a somewhat “civil society” within the Land of the Free. It means that as social beings, we are interdependent upon one another for a healthy society, for the public welfare. It means we all need to pray and act to demonstrate our faith in President Trump in this time. He has been there for us, and he had led us this far; it need not stop as faith can procure the re-election of Donald J. Trump.

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