A Cure for Blackmail?

A Cure for Blackmail?

By Don Rosenberg – 1/5/2021

We have seen extremely strange behavior from judicial and elected officials relating to the November election – judges dismissing cases because of “lack of standing,” or because lawsuits were filed too late, or too early. We have seen a Republican governor and his Secretary of State denying voter fraud in Georgia, when we have video evidence of ballots being pulled from suitcases and counted in secret multiple times. We have seen obvious violations of state constitutions that require legislatures to make all decisions about voting procedures, by judges, governors and local officials.

Obviously there is partisan politics involved when a Democrat judge rules against a Republican case, but how can you explain when “neutral” Supreme Court justices, or Republicans, who seem to have conservative credentials, act against what’s obviously the right thing to do?

There have been multiple allegations of organized blackmail schemes to compromise our judicial, investigative and political offices. The Swalwell affair, as well as the other well-known example of a driver working for Dianne Feinstein for twenty years, are just the tip of the iceberg. We have learned that the Chinese Communist Party has been executing a well-planned campaign to use sex and money to bore into the highest corporate, political and educational levels with thousands of operatives planted inside the U.S.

There are certainly other bad actors who are using similar techniques to try to control our country. When you are a small nation, the only way to oppose the United States is through hacking and spying. And we all see the extreme measures that Globalists and Soros-backed groups are using.

This espionage-related blackmail can take many forms. The target may suffer from financial problems, be having an affair, or they may have a gambling addiction and owe large sums of money. If they lead a moral life they can still be enticed by a beautiful woman at a vulnerable time, or their families may be threatened.

Once the target is acquired, every act they take for their new masters gets them deeper into the hole, and they feel they can never climb out. Even though they are victims, they don’t think their friends, families or constituents will understand. They become willing to take more and more drastic actions even to the point where they may put their nation at risk.

Is there a way out of the trap? Can they go to the FBI or Department of Justice? Those agencies may be compromised as well. The tentacles run deep and wide.

President Trump may be the only person who can turn the tide. He can create a small department of regularly screened agents (perhaps inside the Secret Service) and provide secure ways for VICTIMS of espionage and blackmail to get in touch. His new department could provide security for the families, and offer full pardons for those willing to cooperate in dismantling the spy rings. Knowing Trump, this may already be happening, but opening more channels of communication could encourage more to come forward.

Unless we can cure the corruption inside all levels of our nation, we will never truly be a free people.

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