A Dark Pall Abounds in These Times

A Dark Pall Abounds in These Times

By Michael J. Lewinski  04/12/2020

America will experience sweet, strong, glorious times, which will be absent fear and dread. First, however, we will have to experience dark and ominous times. Times of danger and times of loneliness. They will be times of opportunity and times of risk.

This is the story about a virus that took down the most prosperous economy Americans have ever experienced. This is about the lives of the people who have been upended by the CCPvirus. This is also a story about the renewal of American society. It will be a story admired by the world 200 years from now, just as the American Revolution is admired today.

It is a story about how America lost its soul. It is about families that are broken and broken up from sickness, drug abuse and murder. This story is about political and corporate corruption that harms the American public. This is about the abuse of Americans’ civil liberties. It is about religious liberty, the right of assembly, gun rights and their abuse.

This is about the struggle between the Left and the Right, Conservatives and Progressives. A story about the choice between a competitive free-market economy and a Socialist, big government economy. A story about freedom or slavery.

This is about a choice we are going to make on November 3, 2020. It will be made in the election this year. It will be for either freedom-bearing small government or a restrictive large government model.

We will find out if American citizens want to rule or be ruled. This pandemic will permanently change our nations’ soul. In one case it will be for the better, in the other, it will be for the worse.

Conservative, Libertarian and Moderate voters must line up to support and vote for President Trump and other Republican Conservative Congressional, Candidates to defeat the Democratic Socialists and Progressive candidates. The future of our country hangs in the balance. We cannot allow the godless, power-hungry to succeed and destroy our precious country. We must not pass this tragedy to our posterity. They will despise us.

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