A Domestic Enemy Aiding and Abetting the Destruction of America!

A Domestic Enemy Aiding and Abetting the Destruction of America!

by Dennis Jamison 2/26/19

As the nation is in the midst of sorting out the “National Emergency” that President Donald Trump declared recently, a myriad of reactions have flooded into the public   eye. Lawsuits, and legal barriers, and clever commentators galore have been directed against the president’s declaration. Yet, one thing seems to be quite clear – all the ones fighting the president are the ones who are denying there is any emergency. Yet, those denying that there is a national emergency, are the ones who are fomenting it.

The national emergency in the United States in 2019 is the cancer of division within the nation, and it has been growing inside the nation from the time of the American Civil War. The national emergency that exists today must not be limited to the Border Wall that has become more than a dividing barrier between nations – it has divided American citizens amongst themselves. The national emergency is not only a foreign enemy that would like to breach the nation’s borders. But, the broader national emergency is the domestic enemy within the U.S. that is also adept at aiding and abetting the enemies of the nation. Rush Limbaugh recently made public his assertion that the real national emergency is the covert coup attempt at taking over the presidency.

The coup attempt, however, is just the most brazen of the multitude of criminal activities the “Democratic” Party leaders have proven themselves capable of perpetrating. There should be no question whether the current Democrat leadership has fomented a national emergency in America – it is unclear just how extensive the damage may be. Many Americans can trace the origins back to a number of possible starting points. Yet, the “Democratic” Party has consistently demonstrated that the Party values do not align with the founding principles of the U.S.A.

The “Democratic” Party was founded by Andrew Jackson, who promptly violated the U.S. Constitution in his invasion and illegal confiscation of the Native American lands. The Party of Jackson, who was a substantial slave owner, institutionalized slavery under the laws of the Old Southern Establishment Aristocracy. The leaders of the Party that created the Confederate States of America actively committed treason in violating the U.S. Constitution.

It was the “Democratic” Party that slyly organized an alternative government that altered the U.S. Constitution, but more insidiously, the Party abandoned the “self evident truths” of the Declaration of Independence because the alternative government would permit the unlimited expansion of slavery throughout the United States. It was the Party that instituted the Black Codes and the Jim Crow laws that established the legalization of racism in the Deep South after Democrats/Confederates were defeated in the American Civil War. But the leaders of the Party had to reinvent the focus of the Party after such a defeat. But, in the seeds of defeat, the new direction originated.

It is the “Democratic” Party that permitted and cultivated the Party Boss system of big city politics that entrapped and enslaved (economically and socially) thousands of inner city inhabitants as they flooded into and overfilled America’s cities in the aftermath of the Civil War. It is the Party of Big Labor that further controlled millions of American citizens who became blue-collar workers through the unions. Sometimes benefits came to the “little guy,” but usually the power of the Party increased – even through civil unrest and violent riots. It is the Party that ultimately embraced Socialism in a symbiotic political support relationship.

Now however, the Socialists have reached their maturity, and are currently dividing and devouring the “Democratic” Party, whether the rank and file are aware of it, or are concerned over it, or dismayed by it. In this time, the Socialist/Communist theories have enticed masses of American young people, whether via Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Indivisible, New Black Panthers, or the other myriad of front groups that attract unsuspecting useful idiots. In this time, the Socialist/Communist advocates believe that the time is near for the final toppling of the bastion of freedom – the U.S.A.

Americans must realize that the Party is no longer the political party of Harry Truman or John F. Kennedy, who hated Communism. Yet, the “Democratic” Party has always been quite willing to use violence, whether through the Confederate Army, the Ku Klux Klan, Union thugs and mercenaries, or now student terrorist cells – whether they are paid or simply work as useful idiot volunteers.

The “Democratic” Party has seldom respected the U.S. Constitution, and often elevated the value of lawbreakers above that of law-abiding citizens because law and order is for the purpose of manifesting and maintaining a civil society. It is evident that the Republican Party, is also different—It is no longer the party of Lincoln. However, in comparison, the leaders of the “Democratic” Party have proven via consistent actions throughout U.S. history that lawbreakers and criminals were valued above the existing population so the Party could gain power. Democrat Party leaders understand that control of the people, and victory for the Party, ensures survival. Victory for the Party is absolutely everything – even to the detriment of the people and nation. The Party is always first and foremost – “uber alles” or above everything.

When Donald Trump ran his campaign for America First, it was a direct affront to the “Democratic” Party, which has always sought to be First – “over all” regardless of the cost to the rest of the country. It was also an affront to the political establishment that has been entrenched in the U.S. for a long, long time. These political elitists have the name of being American, yet they are not.

Do they believe in the Declaration of Independence? If they do not have a real relationship with God, or do not even believe in God, how is it they can believe in the Declaration, which gives testimony to the power of God? Why is believing in the cornerstone document of our nation important? Because this document proclaims that human rights are a gift from God – not derived from the whims of government elites. Believing in God is an affirmation of the value of life itself, an affirmation of the value of Liberty, and an affirmation of the value of values and virtues worthy of pursuit for the sake of the whole – not just a few elites ,or their minions.

Democrat leaders have the appearance of supporting the people in the caravans at the southern border, which usually conveys the idea that Democrats support all people deserving of life and liberty. The caravans are a manufactured “emergency.” These people can come to America legally to have the benefits of living here. But, at the heart of the issue is Illegal entry into the U.S. It is the Illegal procedures that are encouraged and supported by the Democrat leaders – they are aiding and abetting people who, like their Party, do not value American ideals. The leaders support breaking the law. What about all the American citizens who pay their taxes to support of the laws and those men and women in uniforms employed to protect them? Are they of secondary importance to criminals?

Democrat leaders have the appearance of supporting the women who are demanding the right to have an abortion. This is a manufactured “right.” It is not a God-given right, nor even a right protecting life. These women are given the artificial “right” to create a life they knowingly and purposely will kill after the period of growth of that life within the mother’s womb. This is killing a life form. This living creature is on its way to becoming a true human being, so killing the life entails murder. All Democrats are responsible for aiding and abetting those who murder unborn children – and now, even children from botched abortions!

Democrat leaders have become an organized domestic enemy that is like a political cancer within the nation. The mainstream media moguls and their many minions on the airwaves are also complicit in aiding and abetting efforts to promote or protect the Party’s criminal activities. The American people need to awaken, to organize, and begin to work together to reveal the crimes and reverse their effects, and to help drain all the domestic swamps at whatever level they exist. It’s time to confront the cancer!

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