A Future You Didn’t Vote For

A Future You Didn’t Vote For

 By Michael J. Lewinski – 01/25/21

Brian Maher recently wrote, “A Government That Can Get Things Done Is a General Menace.” His fear is being manifested in real time. A government that can get things done is a general menace. And Democrats plan to get many things done. We have a false President in Joe Biden.

He is a puppet handled by his Progressive masters. How do we know this? We heard it from Biden during an Executive Orders event that was being televised. “I don’t know what I’m signing,” Mr. Biden was recorded mumbling as he prepared to sign one order? “Sign it anyway,” a minion instructed him. He signed the order.

Progressive are bringing back old, failed policies, and doing it on steroids. They are going to drive gun manufacturers out of business and excessively tax gun owners when purchasing ammo and guns. Semiautomatic rifles will be illegal.

The religious will be persecuted. Businessmen will lose their businesses. Religious hospitals will be closed. Children will no longer be adopted through religious agencies. Millions more babies will be murdered in the womb.

We will no longer feel so secure under Biden’s military. The Secretary of Defense is going to get rid of burly Patriots who now serve, to be replaced with transgender Democrat-voting people.

Biden reversed the ban on China supplying equipment for our electric grid. He plans on lifting bans on Iran.

Our economy will be destroyed through tax hikes and the re-regulation of the economy. We will have more expensive fossil fuels from foreign nations, some of them hostile to American interests. Tens of thousands of high-paying American jobs will be gone. With the government’s spending plans we will eventually experience unwelcome inflation. We will get less and pay more! Is that the future you voted for last year?

These Progressives dictating to Joe are going to wreck our country. We had better get down on our knees and beg God for His mercy. We need to repent of our sins, to begin following His laws again, and to behave in the ways Jesus taught us to behave.



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