A Kamala Harris Presidency?

A Kamala Harris Presidency?

By Jack Meyer – 10/12/2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden, in an April 30 interview with Bob Costa of the Washington Post, said, “I view myself as a transition candidate making way for the Mayor Pete’s of the world to come into my administration.”

What does that mean?  Transition to what?  Is that why he is running?  Biden’s greatest policy platform is simply that he is against anything Trump has ever done. He doesn’t seem to be passionate about much beyond that. When asked to describe what he would do relating to the Coronavirus, he talks about expanding free testing and taking emergency action to help individuals and small businesses who are being devastated by the crisis. Trump is doing that – although the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi – is blocking efforts to develop a bill to accomplish the latter. Oh yes, Biden does promise the nationwide mask mandate and to close down the economy again if virologists tell him to do so.

Biden has wanted to be president since his first run in 1988. He has run three times. This year, during a time when many in his party have lurched to the far left, he was successful at receiving his party’s nomination because he is viewed as a centrist by voters who aren’t ready for Bernie Sander’s socialist agenda.  Yet the only way he can succeed at being elected is to cater to the socialist extreme of his party. The old school Democrats can’t take him across the finish line alone.

Nothing reflects his balancing act more clearly than his refusal to answer the question as to whether, as president, he will expand the Supreme Court (“packing the court”).  Many on the left are calling for that so that a Democratic president can load it up with people who view the Court as a second legislative body, establishing Constitutional authorizations where none exist. If he answers that question by saying he would not pack the court, he could lose many in the socialist wing of the party. If he responds that he will pack the court, he will lose traditional Democrats who view that as a road too far. Instead, he says he will not answer that question until after the election.

Of all the Democrat candidates who ran for president, he does indeed seem like the only one who could manage that balancing act. Historically he has been a traditional Democrat. Of course he had to make promises to the socialists in order to keep their support. He selected Kamala Harris as his running mate. Harris is in that socialist wing. Her voting record is even farther left than that of Bernie Sanders. Also, in September, the socialist’s darling, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez expressed confidence that they will be able to pull Biden farther to the left when elected. What other promises might Biden have made in order to achieve his lifelong dream of being elected president?

Let’s return to the question, a transition candidate and transition to what?  It has been reported that Biden has signaled to his key advisors that he would not run for a second term. He will be 78 on November 20. In 2024 he will be 82. If he has already determined, in his own mind, that he would not run again and his goal is to set up a transition, what would he be willing to do in order to keep his party in power? Biden, if elected, would have succeeded in his life-long dream of being president. He is already displaying memory lapses and occasional confusion at his limited campaign events. Might he throw in the towel and resign two or three years into his presidency? If signs of senility increase, he would be viewed as courageous for making such a decision for the good of the country. The result, of course, would be a socialist Democrat in the White House, with a year or two to establish herself as an incumbent, locking her in as the 2024 nominee and making her harder to defeat in the general election.

Last week, Nancy Pelosi began an effort to give the Congress the power to declare a President as mentally unable to complete his/her term. We have seen what Pelosi has been willing to do in an effort to remove Trump from Office. Does anyone think she wouldn’t work to get the ‘old guy’ out of office in order to make way for the socialists to take control?

The bottom line is: Joe Biden has the lowest odds of completing his first term than any president in history. Therefore, we must ask  “Is America ready for a Kamala Harris presidency?”



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