A Plague, a Pandemic and a Pestilence

A Plague, a Pandemic and a Pestilence

By Yaacov Ben Moshe 3/10/2020

“…on this earth there are pestilences and there are victims, and it’s up to us, so far as possible, not to join forces with the pestilences.” Albert Camus, The Plague 

Camus wrote The Plague as an allegory, Oran the city and her inhabitants suffering and dying reflected the human condition. The Corona virus panic is in full cry at the moment. There are grave concerns about what may happen and nobody truly knows. There is one thing I can tell you for an absolute certainty, though, the situation is a perfect reflection and microcosm- not just an allegory of the abject betrayal of America and Americans by our ruling elite.

I’m a simple traveling salesman. Yesterday I walked into the store of one of my best customers and didn’t see the showroom manager who I liked and had always had very nice conversations with in the past. When I asked where Alice was, the lady behind the desk got that stricken look on her face. You know that look. It says the question you asked opened a doorway you might not want to look through. She tried to be pleasant and professional. “She’s not in…. She’s out indefinitely.” ‘Is everything ok?” I asked, knowing it wasn’t and not knowing how or against what to brace myself. “Well… no, (long pause) her son died of a drug overdose and she’s had to take some time…”

The opioid epidemic- it’s a much worse thing than this virus. It’s been killing tens of thousands of Americans every year for the past twenty years. Not to minimize the Corona virus, I wouldn’t. But as I understand it, the people being trapped in that cruel addiction and dying pathetic and futile deaths are mostly younger people from the heartland of America. The people who seem to die   of the virus are, like me, older. You see, I’m seventy-one years old and even though I’m pretty physically fit, I’ve had pneumonia four times and my lungs have a tendency to fill with fluid when under stress from colds and flu. So I’m imagining that this puts me in a pretty high risk category in the current pandemic. I’m not afraid though, I’m furious.

I get madder every day because the same heartless power brokers (The Biden family, Clintons and the MacConnells chief among them), the same business people (Bloomberg, and all the CEOs of companies manufacturing in China) and the very same pseudo intellectual pundits (pick any of them (MSNBC, CNN- the whole sorry mob of shills, Cassandras and charlatans) that sold American jobs, technology, manufacturing licenses and trade advantages are in aggressive CYA mode. They and their families became rich beyond obscenity while bleeding away the jobs, dignity and self-reliance of those young people making them vulnerable to despair and drugs. Adding the ultimate insults to the grievous injury, that very China, that communist pest-hole of greed and deviousness not only paid our traitorous elites their pittance, they also bred the present disease pandemic in their dismal meat markets even as they ship the synthetic opioids into our country illegally to finish the job of killing off what should have been our next generation of trades people, factory workers and entrepreneurs.

If you too are not furious yet, look at how they have added one last mockingly surreal final touch Now we are being told that it is racist to call the pandemic, “Wuhan Virus”! It is as if the gang that broke into your house, stole your property, tortured and raped you was now looking you right in the eye and wiping their fingerprints off of everything and telling you that you are a bad person if you call the police or mention their names.

And not a single one of them has the least pang of conscience either. When enough of us woke up (at least partially) to the mean trick they have played on us, we elected Donald Trump as our last trench attempt to stave off the devastation their greed and ignorance has wrought, they became alarmed and defensive. All they have wanted to do since election day 2016 was to get rid of Trump. Nothing has been more important to them than this. Why? because he has begun to expose them- their betrayals and theft. Since the election they have done nothing but howl that the president is treasonous and antidemocratic when it is they who embody those very things.

So, they are now reveling in the new plague that their Chinese masters have set loose. The panic, predictably, has tainted the stock market. They are crowing that THIS will be the downfall of Trump. If America falls for this ploy, the pity will be greater still. Then we will be headed for a truly dark age. They will still have their gated walls, their armed security details and their smug insufferable public relations toadies in the media; but America as founded     will be subjugated and lobotomized. Everyone else will live in an economic stagnation that will make the Obama years seem like a boom. Our elites have not just joined forces with The Pestilence, they ARE The Pestilence.

The stock market is not the deadly plague. It goes up and down and will rise again. The virus will pass too, even if it takes some number of old people like me with it. The real threat is the globalist, socialist control freaks whose idea of “hope and change” is the “transformation of America”. Where do we stand in that fight? The chart below says it all. 2018 is the latest year for which the statistics are available but just look. Only two years into the Trump administration, the opioid death rate has begun to fall for the first time in 20 years. It is the glimmer of hope, not the fraudulent, insipid hope of the Obama slogan- real hope- the return of enterprise and pride.

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