A Progressive Culture

A Progressive Culture

By Michael J. Lewinski  04/25/19

In his most recent book, “White,” Bret Easton Ellis had his book reviewed by an individual who says he describes millennials as “childish Liberals for ‘demented narcissism.’”

“…White is an all-out assault on American political correctness, the ‘demented narcissism’ of the left, and the ‘childlike fascism’ of today’s millennials who can’t cope with life unless they are embedded in safe spaces and surrounded by a like-minded echo chamber.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. Of course, not all millennials fit this description, but sadly, the vast majority do.    

The reviewer continued, “Ellis labels these weak-armed keyboard warriors ‘Generation Wuss,’ characterized by ‘oversensitivity, their sense of entitlement, their insistence they were always right despite sometimes overwhelming proof to the contrary, their joint tendencies of overreaction and passive-aggressive possibility.’”  

The reviewer further noted, “This is an age that judges everybody so harshly through the lens of identity politics that if you resist the threatening groupthink of ‘progressive ideology….’ If you don’t go along with the Progressives, you will be tagged a racist or a misogynist.”

These are the kinds of problems Progressives bring to us. They not only try to destroy our economy and our system of governance; they attack our culture and produce people like themselves. They promote a culture of death that kills babies in the wombs of their mothers by poisoning or dismembering them, while failed efforts to kill those innocent human beings are left on a table to die. That’s called infanticide.

Look at the movies from Hollywood and the music that is poisoning the minds of today’s youth. You have to look no further to understand why this generation is so messed-up.

We will not undo this mess until the poisonous ideology is excised from our systems. To do that you must engage in the political process to help President Trump drain the swamp. To do that you’ll have to vote for Conservative candidates like Senators Mike Braun, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz, and Representatives like Jim Jordan and Jim Banks. 

Michael Lewinski holds a masters degree in special education. He taught special education classes at the junior and senior high school levels in Ohio and Indiana until his retirement in 2010.

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